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Switzerland residents are known for their love of chocolate. In addition, the government has decriminalized marijuana possession as long as it is consumed in small doses.

The government still considers selling, using and cultivating a crime. But, there is one loophole that allows residents and visitors to consume “C Pure,” which has less than one percent level of THC.

If you want to learn more about the cannabis laws in Switzerland and other places around the world, then it is time to enroll in the Switzerland Cannabis College.

The Cannabis Training University has opened up its doors to Switzerland residents so they can understand the marijuana industry and to possibly start a 420 career. Enrollment is happening right now online. The process is fast, easy and simple. Complete the short online form with your personal information, choose a username and password, pay for the program, log in and you are all set, ready to take your courses.

The Online Program

There are students who have signed up, taken the course and completed it to get their marijuana certification and now are working in the cannabis industry in various capacities. Noreen Black is one of them.

She enrolled in the Switzerland Cannabis College five months ago and was determined to finish the program within three months. She didn't make the three month goal, but she did finish in five months. You choose your own schedule, your own pace and your own completion time. If something happens and you are unable to meet your goals, you can always make new goals. The objective is to complete the program and get certified. Another objective is to learn as much as you can about:

  • How to apply for a medical marijuana card
  • How to plant weed indoors and outdoors
  • Recreational marijuana
  • How to detect different marijuana strains
  • How to start a 420 career
  • The cannabis laws
  • How to make edibles and other cannabis products
  • How to become a budtender
  • The benefits of medical marijuana
  • How to trim weed
  • How to cure weed
  • The marijuana plant
  • How marijuana benefits specific illnesses

With a marijuana certificate from the Switzerland Cannabis College, you will be equipped with the expertise, knowledge and skill necessary to have a fulfilling and rewarding cannabis career. Prospective employers will take you more seriously when you know as much as you will learn from CTU and the Switzerland Cannabis College. It will open up many opportunities for you in the long run. So, it is a win-win situation when you enroll.

The Opportunity

Switzerland Cannabis College in partnership with the Cannabis Training University or CTU will provide you with a great opportunity for a secure future. The online program offers eight courses, all of which have a related quiz, which you have to pass so as to move on to the next course.

As soon as you finish the quizzes, you can review everything you learned and then take the final exam, which you have to pass with a score of at least 80%. When you pass the final examination, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you should be proud of. This is something that you can now put on your resume for employers to see.

Make the Decision

Certification puts you in a different category than the person that knows nothing about the cannabis industry. At the Switzerland Cannabis College, you will receive all you need for a bright future in the cannabis industry. Even if you don't use the information that you learned to land a cannabis job or begin a new career, you will still be more informed than you were before.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Now, the ball is in your court to take the next step, which is go to the Cannabis Training University and enroll in our marijuana education courses.

Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
Fred Hernandez

Fred Hernandez is a highly accomplished and versatile writer, boasting an extensive background in the cannabis industry. With an in-depth understanding of various sectors including cultivators, processors, retailers, and brands, Fred's expertise spans across the entire cannabis landscape. As a prominent contributor to CTU, he consistently delivers insightful articles exploring the latest developments, news, and regulations shaping the cannabis industry. Whether it's delving into the intricacies of cannabis products, cannabis strain reviews, or providing comprehensive analyses of cannabis laws, or sharing expert insights on cannabis cultivation techniques, Fred's wealth of knowledge positions him as an invaluable writer and educator for all cannabis-related subjects.

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