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Enroll in courses at the Tallahassee Cannabis College and begin a 420 career where you will advance in the cannabis industry and become a force to be reckoned with. The sign up process is so easy and all residents of Tallahassee are welcomed to enroll. You have nothing to lose and more to gain by doing so. The tools and resources you will need include a laptop or computer, internet access and flexible time to take the courses. You don't have to initially have any knowledge about the marijuana plant or the cannabis industry.

Tallahassee Cannabis College and the Cannabis Training University has qualified and expert instructors to guide you through this online program. And moreover, you don't have to reside in this region in order to sign up. You can live anywhere in the world since everything is done over the internet. You will have everything you need to help you to succeed as other students are doing. Let's take a look at the program.

The Program

The CTU program has been around since 2009 and run by Jeff Zorn, an authority in the marijuana industry. The program was designed to be convenient to students who may be working a full time job or those who want to embark on a new career or to change their existing careers. It is open to anyone with a zeal for improving their working lives. The program includes six comprehensive courses, each of which has a quiz at the end. Students cannot move on to the next course until they pass the quiz for the previous course. So, everything is in succession of the other, which makes learning easier and clearer.

At the Tallahassee Cannabis College, students are allowed to sign into the courses at any time, night or day. Once each course has been completed, then the student moves on to the next until all six are finished. After all six courses are successfully finished; the final exam is the next step. In the same way, students have to pass the final exam in order to receive certification. Everything is cohesive and with the step by step instructions given, all students should be successfully, especially since you get as many chances as it takes to pass the quizzes and the final exam.

The Opportunity

This online program at the Tallahassee Cannabis College helps students to take advantage of an opportunity to be part of the cannabis industry. It makes it easier for potential employers to seriously consider you as a viable candidate for a job such as budtender or bud trimmer or even manager of a marijuana dispensary.


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Larry Judo seized the opportunity and enrolled in the program. This is what he had to say, “I was tired of working as a bus boy in a restaurant. I was always on my feet and it got where I was always frustrated and just plain exhausted. I decided to switch careers when someone told me about the Tallahassee Cannabis College and I enrolled, only to graduate seven months later and landed a job as a budtender in a local cannabis dispensary. The courses were not that difficult. I took that long because of long hours at work, but at least, I graduated. I would encourage anyone who wants to change careers to think about the marijuana industry.”

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Just like Larry Judo, you can seize the opportunity and sign up for the online marijuana program at the Tallahassee Cannabis College where convenience, affordability and flexibility are the keys to passing the courses and becoming certified. The Tallahassee Cannabis College in affiliation with CTU has made it easy to enroll today. Visit Cannabis Training University to begin your cannabis career today!

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