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Cannabis Training University has developed the Tampa cannabis college online program.

CTU's online cannabis institute has been the leading online cannabis college since 2009.

Students learn all facets of the cannabis business and are prepared for a cannabis career as a budtender, cannabis grower, cannabis trimmer, dispensary owner, or dispensary manager.

Tampa resident Kenneth Brooks, “I enrolled at CTU for the online cannabis program. I have been learning all the Florida cannabis laws and also how to grow cannabis and how to cook with cannabis. The program is affordable and easy to follow. I like how there are no schedules and I can learn on my own pace. I am trying to prepare for the eventual day when Florida has a lot of cannabis jobs.”

Being the Tampa cannabis college of choice is nothing new for CTU, having been the industry leading online cannabis college since 2009.

Students learn how to grow cannabis indoors, how to grow cannabis outdoors, how to be a budtender in a dispensary, cannabis laws and regulations, cannabis dispensary operations, cannabis as a medicine, how to get a cannabis job, how to write a cannabis resume, how to write a cannabis business plan, how to start a cannabis business, and how to setup a cannabis grow room.

The Master Certificate Program is 100% online. Students learn on any device with an internet connection.

The program can be completed in as little as 2 weeks for those in a hurry, although it comes with twelve weeks of time to access the content as often as needed.

Jeffrey Zorn, CTU's CEO, “We provide the most affordable cannabis college education there is. We give the most information and the most access time, all for the lowest price. We worked hard to be the leading cannabis college and have improved the program each year since we began back in 2009. Now we have the most graduates and have placed more students in cannabis jobs than all other cannabis colleges combined.”

CTU's master program consists of actual videos, over 200 of them, unlike other cannabis institutes that only provide cheap, boring, slideshows in powerpoint presentations.

Jeffrey Zorn, “Other cannabis institutes and cannabis training centers were produced for very little money with copied and pasted information from a book into click through slideshows and charge many hundreds or thousands of dollars for their cheaply produced and unrecognized certification programs. CTU is the only cannabis college with actual video production, and with cannabis certificates that are recognized within the cannabis business community.”

Students at CTU get cannabis ebooks as well, with over 1000 pages of content!

Cannabis Training University is the Tampa cannabis college of choice, with all the updated Florida cannabis laws and regulations.

CTU is always open for enrollment. There are no schedules. Students sign up and begin whenever they want.

Anyone can enroll at Cannabis Training University. No prior experience is needed.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Anyone looking to begin a marijuana business, land a mmj job, or start a cannabis career should look into the premier cannabis college.

Enroll at the leading cannabis industry training program and begin your cannabis career today.

Gavin Kushman. Cannabis strain writer in a cannabis garden
Gavin Kushman

Gavin is a worldly adventurer and cannabis connoisseur, embarking on journeys that take him to the far corners of the globe to explore and document the varied effects, flavors, and histories of both renowned and lesser-known strains. From the misty high-altitude farms of the Hindu Kush highlands to the vibrant cannabis cafes of Amsterdam, Gavin's quest for knowledge spans continents. A recognized authority in the cannabis industry, he frequently lends his expertise to leading publications such as Cannabis Training University, where his captivating blog articles chronicle his unique experiences with different cannabis strains.

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