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Washington Cannabis College is conducting open enrollment today and you can sign up at the Cannabis Training University to make sure that you get in at the most affordable cost than what other similar colleges are charging. If you are looking for the best online training when it comes to cannabis, you should look no further than CTU. The sky is the limit to what you can achieve when you get the right cannabis training.

CTU has been in the business of training students now since 2009. You can bet that you will receive good instructions and all that you need to successfully complete the courses and become CTU certified. This is a step forward in the right direction where students will get hands-on resources and interactive tools to work with. The cannabis courses have been well constructed and students will begin the basic instructors while advancing to more complex topics, which are necessary to become knowledgeable about the marijuana industry.

The Cannabis Courses in Washington                            

Many students go to this Washington Cannabis College (CTU) for a 420 education because of various reasons. For one, the weed courses can be taken from the comfort of your own home. All you need is reliable access to the Internet, a laptop and to register for the courses at a minimal cost. Once registered or enrolled, you can log in every day or for how often that you want and begin the online cannabis courses. You will be given instructions on what to do and when to do it.

The courses are varied. Some courses are longer than others. Some courses are simpler than others. Students have to learn about marijuana legalization for each state, which is a changing issue and so even after completing this part of the course, students have to stay abreast of the changing laws as long as the students have secured a cannabis job inside the industry. This is going to be the best decision for students to attend this Washington Cannabis College at CTU.

Getting CTU Certified

You can obtain CTU certification easily and as fast as you want since everything depends on you and your schedule and the pace at which you learn. Because everything is done online, logging on to the CTU system takes only seconds. You can take your courses from anywhere in the world. This is not just limited to residents of Washington. Everything is possible as long as Internet connection is available. When all courses are completed and the final exam is taken and successfully passed, the students receive a marijuana certificate, which can be printed from the laptop. Nothing has to be mailed unless the student expresses a desire to do so. 


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Additional Information

At this Washington Cannabis College, you can expect to learn and cover a wide range of topics that relate to the cannabis industry. You will learn things that are necessary to work in the cannabis industry. Some of these things include:

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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  • Curing weed
  • Making tincture and edibles
  • Qualifying conditions for medical patients
  • Getting a medical marijuana card
  • Difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana
  • Operating a marijuana dispensary
  • Becoming a budtender
  • Making other cannabis products
  • Finding a cannabis job
  • Identifying marijuana stains
  • Marijuana laws in each state
  • Cannabis benefits

Washington Cannabis College in collaboration with CTU has really done it this time – bringing marijuana education to a new level. This is the step you need to get to the next level. As student, George Coley who said, ” I couldn't wait to finish the course and become certified so that I could pursue a cannabis career right away. And then it happened. Now I am working as a manager in a local cannabis dispensary. Thanks to CTU, I am able to do a great job and even surprise myself sometimes at the level of professionalism and expertise. Thank you CTU!”

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