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It doesn't matter where you live in the world, you can attend the West Virginia Cannabis College in collaboration with the Cannabis University since everything is offered online and you can enroll in this program for a minimal fee.

Why should you enroll? Well, if you want to be a part of the cannabis industry and experience the profits and growth that it is set to produce, then you will be in one the ground floor into something that is going to take the world by storm. In fact, it is already doing so and that is why so many states across the United States are getting onboard by legalizing medical marijuana to help chronically ill patients who don't mind considering an alternative method of treatment.

The Law

In West Virginia, marijuana is being considered for legalization, but only to be used medically. However, since April 2017, the government of West Virginia was thinking about restricting some of the rules in comparison to what other states do. Marijuana is banned for use in its natural flowering state. A bill is waiting for full approval in West Virginia so that marijuana can be decriminalized. The Senate Bill 386 did pass in the State chambers. Governor Jim Justice, an advocate for marijuana decriminalization has to sign it into law before it becomes fully effective. The Bill will serve as welcoming news to people who suffer from chronic pain, PTSD and brain injury.

As time goes on, more states will jump onboard and that is why, you need to also jump onboard by enrolling in the West Virginia Cannabis College to learn about all the laws that govern cannabis and to take an in-depth look into the cannabis industry.

Interested Students

While, you may be a marijuana smoker, it is not a guarantee that you know everything there is to know about the cannabis industry. There is so much information to grasp and learn. And the West Virginia Cannabis College is equipped with the information to convey to students who want to embark in the cannabis industry. This could be a rewarding and fulfilling career for all interested students.


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When you become a student at CTU you take a huge step toward your future success in the cannabis industry. Completing the program will put you in a different category than other marijuana job candidates because you will be fully equipped to tackle any cannabis job. What you learn at West Virginia Cannabis College will propel you into a growing and profitable arena. You will be part of the puzzle to bring medical aid to people with chronic illness. It is time to get into something that is so helpful to others.

The Courses

Taking courses at West Virginia Cannabis College does not require any prerequisites. You don't need a degree or anything like that. The only requirements are paying the low fee, using your laptop, having online access and making time to complete the courses. You will get to go at your own pace and within your own scheduled time frame. The courses are interactive and you will learn things like:

  • How to grow weed
  • Medical conditions that qualify for weed
  • Planting pot outdoors and indoors
  • The laws
  • Bud trimming
  • Benefits of weed
  • Medical marijuana
  • Recreational marijuana

You will learn enough to prepare you so you can land the right cannabis job. Get certified at the

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West Virginia Cannabis College today. It is easy to enroll and when you complete the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Cannabis Training University. Go directly to the Cannabis Training University now to start the process of enrolling in our marijuana certification classes.

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