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10 marijuana training certificates

10 certifications / 8 career classes / 42 hrs
ANSI/IACET Accredited Cannabis School

$199 USD $999

  • Cannabis career and business training. Earn qualifications that will get you hired for any cannabis job.
  • 100% online
  • 10 cannabis industry certifications
  • 8 cannabis career courses
  • 42 hrs of required coursework
  • 4.2 credits (ANSI/IACET)
  • 8 Ed Rosenthal e-books included
  • 72 downloadable resources
  • 9 cannabis calculator tutorials
  • 300 + hours of bonus content
  • 12 weeks self-paced learning, extend easily
  • Finish in as little as 1 week, with 6 hrs/day
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Cannabis certification program benefits:

Cannabis Training University
Benefits For You:


Become certified for a cannabis job anywhere in the world


No experience or prerequisites required


Become a marijuana master grower


Learn how to open a dispensary


Up to 300 hrs of lessons and videos


100% legal in 50 states and worldwide


Learn from any device and at your own pace


Set your own schedule

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Up to 300 hrs of lessons and videos


100% legal in 50 states and worldwide


Learn from any device and at your own pace


Set your own schedule


The Master of Cannabis Certificate Program takes you inside the cannabis industry. You will learn directly from Master's of marijuana in their field.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this school online or in person?

It is 100% online. You can make your own schedule, and work from any device!

Is this cannabis college accredited?

Yes! We are the only cannabis education school in the world that has an internationally recognized accreditation provided by ANSI/IACET.

What are the admission requirements?

Anyone 18+ can enroll for cannabis training at CTU. No experience is needed and no prerequisites or education requirements. NO GED or High School Diploma needed.

The only requirement is an internet connection. You can view Cannabis Training University’s courses on any type of device, including a cell phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet.

Is there homework and a schedule?

There is no homework. There are knowledge checks and exercises along the way you can use to test your understanding of the material. But you will not have to turn in any homework.

There is no schedule. During your access period, you can learn at the most convenient time, at your own pace, anywhere in the world that has internet access!

Are there quizzes and tests?

Yes.  But don’t worry—our students have a 99% pass rate!

To pass, you will need to score an 70% or higher on the cannabis quizzes and tests. However, there is no limit on the number of times you can take the quizzes and test along the way. We actually hear from our students that the quizzes and tests help them understand the material even better!

Are these certifications valid where I live?

Yes! No matter where you live in the world, CTU certificates are legal and are valid. CTU’s certificate are widely accepted by thousands of cannabis businesses. Many businesses consider CTU to be the only legitimate provider of a complete cannabis education that prepares students for entry into the booming cannabis industry.

Do the certificates expire?

No, the certificates from CTU do not expire, although some alumni like to take a periodic refresher to stay up-to-date with the latest new content.

Do you take financial aid, grants, or FAFSA?

Unfortunately, CTU is not able to accept financial aid or grants at this time. We do however offer a payment plan at checkout.

Will the Master of Cannabis Program teach me how to grow marijuana at my house?

Master of Cannabis will teach you how to grow an entire room of plants, and how to grow marijuana plants in a commercial setting.

The Master of Cannabis Certification, includes certifications in Indoor Marijuana Growing and Outdoor Marijuana Growing.  You will have access to dozens of hours of required and optional cultivation training, the most offered anywhere online.

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