Accelerate your cannabis career with trusted cannabis certifications from the only ANSI/IACET cannabis school worldwide!


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Accelerate your cannabis career with trusted cannabis certifications from the only ANSI/IACET cannabis school worldwide!

*Start today for as low as $74.75

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Get in the $50 billion cannabis industry today with our ©Master of Cannabis Program!

Get all 10 cannabis certifications for the price of one with the Master of Cannabis Program!

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The ONLY Internationally Accredited (ANSI/IACET) School in the World!

10 marijuana training certificates
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  • 10 certifications included in 1 program
  • 100% online
  • Earn 4.2 credits (ANSI/IACET)
  • Complete required content in as little as 7 days (42 hrs)
  • Take your time and explore optional 300+ hrs of content
  • Access for 12 weeks, and easily extend
  • 8 Ed Rosenthal  e-books included
  • 72 downloadable resources
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“Enrolling in Cannabis Training University proved to be a very important part of my future. I am now working in a lab and formulating my own product line.”

– Cricket Palmer

Owner, Local Relief

CTU User Testimonials: Cricket Palmer

©Master of Cannabis

Includes all of these Cannabis Certificates!


Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Gain the skills you need to grow outdoor marijuana or hemp! Professional growers will walk you through their outdoor farms, teaching you how to start an outdoor grow, plan your harvest, get the maximum yield on your cannabis crop, dry, cure, and trim marijuana. You will also learn the laws in your area, and how to legally get into the outdoor marijuana growing business!

Indoor Marijuana Growing

Certificate Artboard 19
Learn how to grow indoor marijuana from pro growers! Step-by-step instruction on how to grow from clones or seeds, how to harvest, trim, and cure. You will learn about the best seeds, lights, LED’s, nutrients & air flow. Discover marijuana growing laws in your area and how to start your own weed growing business!

Cannabis Cooking

certificate artboard 22
Gain the skills you need to make edibles at home or in a business. You will learn how to make cannabis oil, cannabutter, THC gummies, tinctures, cannabis juices, cannabis suppositories, cannabis capsules, cannabis drinks, pot brownies, and more tasty cannabis recipes. Make your own marijuana topicals, creams, lotions, and more!

How to Open a Cannabis Business

Certificate Artboard 20
How to start a legal weed business
Gain the skills you need to open a marijuana growing, cannabis cooking, cannabis concentrates, dispensary, CBD, hemp, or any other marijuana business! Learn how to write a marijuana business plan and pitch deck, how to get financing, and how to get any marijuana business off the ground!

Marijuana 101

Certificate Artboard 21
Marijuana 101 cannabis college
Learn the easiest way to grow a marijuana plant at home and set up a home grow. This course teaches you about LED’s, pest management, nutrients, how to make cannabis oil, tinctures, kief, bubble hash, rosin, edibles, medical marijuana, U.S & Canada marijuana laws, careers, and more!

How to Open a Dispensary

Learn how to open and manage a marijuana dispensary, CBD and hemp store! Get all the dispensary licensing requirements in both the U.S and Canada. Develop a plan for starting a cannabis medical or recreational dispensary, including business basics, location, setup, quality, customer service, security, legal considerations, sanitation and more!
Budtender Certification

Budtender Certification

Certificate Artboard 25
Learn the skills you need to land a budtender job in a dispensary. Discover the origins of the marijuana plant, indica, sativa, and hybrid strain effects. Learn how to read cannabis product labels and guide customers shopping for THC and CBD products to the right product for their needs. You will be able to land your dream budtending job with your Cannabis Budtender Certification on your resume!
Cannabis Extraction Certification

Cannabis Extraction Certification

Cannabis Extraction Pro Certification Badge
Learn how to make cannabis concentrates from fresh, frozen, and dried cannabis. Make solventless and solvent-based extractions at home or in a commercial setting, including shatter, wax, and dabs. You will learn everything about decarboxylation, winterization, how to make tinctures, how to estimate potency, how to strain, filter and purge!
Medical Marijuana Certification

Medical Marijuana Certification

Medical Marijuana Certification Icon
Learn everything about using marijuana as medicine. This includes how different strains can be used to help treat different diseases, administration, dosage, titration, side effects, drug interactions, the endocannabinoid system, and more. You will gain cannabis caregiver skills, as well as information on how to help guide cannabis patients.

Master of Cannabis includes
all 10 certifications!

Benefits of a certification program at CTU:

Benefits of
certifications from CTU:


Become certified for a cannabis job anywhere in the world


No experience or prerequisites required


Become a marijuana master grower


Learn how to open a dispensary


Up to 300 hrs of lessons and videos


100% legal in 50 states and worldwide


Learn from any device and at your own pace


Set your own schedule



Up to 300 hrs of lessons and videos


100% legal in 50 states and worldwide


Learn from any device and at your own pace


Set your own schedule

Master of Cannabis Program

Skills and job training in one place.


  • How to become a master grower
  • How to grow marijuana indoors
  • How to grow marijuana outdoors
  • How to make edibles
  • How to make pot brownies

Job Training:

  • How to get a cannabis job
  • How to get a bud trimmer job
  • How to get a budtender job
  • How to open a dispensary
  • How to get a dispensary job


The Master of Cannabis Certificate Program takes you inside the cannabis industry. You will learn directly from Master's of marijuana in their field.

Learn from Ed Rosenthal

Access Ed Rosenthal e-books free with every program!


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this school online or in person?

It is 100% online. You can make your own schedule, and work from any device!

Is this cannabis college accredited?

Yes! We are the only cannabis education school in the world that has an internationally recognized accreditation provided by ANSI/IACET.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a payment plan. You can start today for $74.75 with Sezzle, subject to approved credit.

How many credits will I earn in the Master of Cannabis Certificate Program?

You will earn 4.2 credits at the end of this cannabis certification program. In the ANSI/IACET standard, credits are also known as Continuing Education Units or CEUs.

What can I do with the credits earned in this program?

Credits prove to employers that you’ve received quality training. Credits can be transferred between cooperating organizations.

Add your credits to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social networks to help build your career opportunities. The credits, along with your cannabis professional certificates, will set you apart from your competition when you apply for a job. That’s better than any other cannabis certificate or cannabis training certification program on the market!

What is the Master of Cannabis Program?

It is an online training program that consists of 8 courses, 42 hours of required content, and when completed, you will earn 10 cannabis industry certifications. Read more about the 300+ hours of optional content, and all of the industry jobs you will be trained for here!

What are the admission requirements?

Anyone 18+ can enroll for cannabis training at CTU. No experience is needed, and no prerequisites or education requirements. The only requirement is an internet connection. You can view Cannabis Training University’s courses on any type of device, including a cell phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet.

How long does it take to complete the Master of Cannabis Program?

Complete the required work in as little as 7 days (42 hrs of required content), or take your time (12 weeks of access) and enjoy hundreds of hours of how-to tutorials, resources, and 8 Ed Rosenthal e-books. There are no set class times and no homework, and anyone 18+ can enroll. If you need more time in the program it is easy to extend your access!

Do you take financial aid, grants, or FAFSA?

Unfortunately, CTU is not able to accept financial aid or grants at this time. We do however offer a payment plan at checkout.

How long do I have access to the training?

You have 12 weeks to complete the Master of Cannabis Program at your own pace.
Discounted extensions are available if you need more time! And from the day you sign up until your access time ends, you have unlimited logins and access to the cannabis videos and e-books as often as you would like.

How long does it take to complete?

Most CTU students take a few weeks to finish our Master of Cannabis Certificate Program. Since it is self-paced, some students complete the program faster, and some complete the program slower. Ultimately, it's up to you. There are no set class times and no homework deadlines at CTU.

Is there homework and a schedule?

There is no homework! There are knowledge checks and exercises along the way you can use to test your understanding of the material. But you will not have to turn in any homework!

There is no schedule! During your access period, you can learn at the most convenient time, at your own pace, anywhere in the world that has internet access!

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