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Hours of Video Training Courses taught by the top Medical Marijuana Industry Experts!

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  • Courses are 100% legal in all 50 states, Canada, and Worldwide!
Cannabis Training University - Marijuana Growing Certificate

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Access the $40 billion medical marijuana industry with CTU, the oldest, most comprehensive training program online.

"Greetings! CTU blew me away! I really didn't expect the value, quality, support, and learning materials I received from the Master Certificate program that I received. I am so happy that I enrolled. Last month, I had an interview at TGS Management Corp. They own 11 stores (The Green Solution) and 3 grow warehouses in Colorado. I'll be honest and tell you that I was a bit hesitant to tell the interviewer that I was taking CTU's online course. I thought she'd laugh. Instead, she said that many of TGS's employees have taken the course. Thank you. Special thanks for the 1 year access to the online materials, especially to Ed's book. "
Maritza Mendez - Denver, CO

“The best medical marijuana training school online. I got a marijuana job after getting my master certificate at CTU!”
Mike Freeman - Denver, CO

“Unbelievable value! I learned how to grow marijuana at my house and saved hundreds of dollars on equipment."
John Webber - Detroit, MI

“After getting certified online at the CTU cannabis school, I landed a cannabis job as a bud tender at a medical marijuana dispensary.”
Christina Shultz - Portland, ME

“The easiest to follow program for learning how to grow cannabis. And, the most information available online on the cannabis business. This master certificate program should be required for anyone interested in growing weed, starting a cannabis career, or getting a marijuana job.”
Randy Gibson - San Francisco, CA

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Master Certificate Course List Includes:

  1. 1.How to Grow Medical Marijuana
  2. 2.How to Cook with Marijuana
  3. 3.Marijuana Laws and Regulations
  4. 4.Becoming a Budtender: Essential Skills Training
  5. 5.Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery Service Management
  6. 6.Marijuana is Medicine: Myths and Miracles Revealed.
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Cannabis Training University - Grow Marijuana

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Regardless of your starting skill set, our easy to follow online video courses will provide you with detailed, visual explanations of every step of the process. Learn more

Cannabis Training University - Marijuana School

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Our courses are produced and developed by industry experts who will provide everything you need to safely and efficiently grow the best crop possible. Learn more

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Your enrollment grants you access to our support network of experts and fellow home-growers to answer your questions and solve any problems that may arise. Learn more