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Cannabis 101

certificate cannabis 101

1 certification / 7 intro classes / 14 hrs
ANSI/IACET Accredited Cannabis School

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  • Perfect for the cannabis hobbyist or beginner. Learn to grow a cannabis plant from start to finish, how to cook with cannabis, and more!
  • 100% online
  • 1 cannabis industry certification
  • 7 intro courses
  • 14 hrs of required training
  • 1.4 credits (ANSI/IACET)
  • 4 Ed Rosenthal e-books included ($100 value)
  • 48 downloadable resources ($240 value)
  • 150 hrs of bonus content
  • 2 months self-paced learning, extend easily
  • Finish in as little as 2 weeks, with 1 hr/day


Perfect for marijuana hobbyist and beginners. This program has easy-to understand lessons and videos that will introduce you to every aspect of the cannabis industry. You will learn how to grow a marijuana plant in your home, along with how to cook with cannabis flower, make concentrates, and more!


Work online from any device and at your own pace:

  • 2 months self-paced learning, extend easily.
  • 14 hours of required content. With 1 hr/day, finish in 2 weeks.
  • 150 hours of bonus content to explore.


With your purchase get free access to:

  • 4 Ed Rosenthal E-books ($100 value)
  • 48 downloadable pdfs ($240 value)
  • 150 hrs of bonus content

7 intro classes
1 certification 


2 months self-paced learning, extend easily


Earn 1.4 credits


100% money back guarantee


14 hrs required training
150 hrs bonus content


48 downloadable


Jenny Walker

West Virginia

I decided to take Cannabis 101 and after watching the cannabis videos and reading the cannabis e-books I started my first cannabis grow and it’s going FANTASTIC! I loved the cannabis training and will recommend CTU to all my friends and family!

Classes in Cannabis 101

1 certificate / 7 intro classes / 14 hrs of training

Class 1: Intro to Cannabis – Cannabis 101

1 2Introduction to Cannabis 101, including the parts of the marijuana plant and the difference between cannabis and hemp. You will also be introduced to components of cannabis like cannabinoids and terpenes. Learn all about cannabis derived terpenes and the best terpenes for different medical conditions.

Class 2: Introduction to Cannabis Medicine – Cannabis 101

5 2Discover the endocannabinoid system and start learning how to use cannabis as medicine. Learn the history of medical cannabis in the United States. Learn the steps to register as a medical marijuana patient or caregiver. Explain how to use multiple administration methods of cannabis properly, including cannabis dose titration, cannabis side effects, and cannabis drug interactions.

Class 3: Introduction to Cannabis Garden Setup - Cannabis 101

10 2 The easy-to-use flow charts in this class will guide you through the key decisions you need to make before you start growing cannabis, including choosing a strain, and the best cannabis grow lights. Learn how to set up an indoor space for growing cannabis with high potency and yields.

Class 4: Introduction to Growing Cannabis - Cannabis 101

13 2Study how to grow cannabis through the germination, vegetative, and flowering stages. Learn how to harvest, cure, trim, and store the cannabis you grow. You will learn how to grow more than just weed. You will learn how to grow high potency cannabis with high yields and potency.

Class 5: Introduction to Cannabis Cooking and Extraction - Cannabis 101

17 1In this Cannabis 101 class, you will study cannabis infusion and extraction. You will also learn how to strain, filter, and purge cannabis tinctures to make the best cannabis concentrates such as cannabis infused gummies, cannabis infused drinks, and cannabis infused oil. Start making your own cannabis extract at home. Learn cooking with cannabis methods, make your own cannabutter for use in delicious cannabis edible recipes.

Class 6: Introduction to Cannabis Careers - Cannabis 101

22Over 430,000 cannabis jobs are currently available. In this Cannabis 101 class, learn the roles, responsibilities, required education, and compensation of all the unique jobs across the cannabis industry. This includes jobs in cannabis grow facilities, cannabis extraction facilities, commercial cannabis kitchens, marijuana medical dispensaries, and recreational marijuana stores.

Class 7: Introduction to Cannabis Laws and Regulations - Cannabis 101

17 1Study the laws and regulations around distribution and possession of cannabis for both recreational cannabis and medical cannabis in every US state and Canadian province. Learn laws about compliance, getting a budtender license, using the dispensary point of sale system, and making sure that cannabis regulations are being followed during the process. Learn cannabis laws in all US states and Canada.

Learning Outcomes:

When you finish the Cannabis 101 Certificate Program you will be able to:

  • Describe the cannabis plant and its origins.
  • Describe the primary active components of cannabis and their main effects.
  • Describe how to maintain a healthy endocannabinoid system.
  • Describe medical symptoms that can be relieved by cannabis.
  • Explain how to use multiple administration methods of cannabis properly, including dose titration, side effects, and drug interactions.
  • List the basic steps to plan a simple, one-plant, indoor cannabis garden, starting with a clone, in soil, and using LED lights.
  • Describe how to set up a basic indoor space for one cannabis plant.
  • List the basic steps to plant one cannabis plant indoors in soil.
  • Describe how to care for a young cannabis clone.
  • Describe the basic processes used to care for a cannabis plant in the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.
  • Describe a simple method to harvest, dry, trim, cure, and store the flowers from one cannabis plant.
  • Describe how to prepare a small amount of dried cannabis for basic methods of infusion and extraction.
  • Demonstrate how to estimate the potency of oil infusions and tinctures.
  • Describe how to create oil infusions, tinctures, kief, and bubble hash at home.
  • Describe how to strain and purge solvents from infusions and extractions using simple methods in a home environment.
  • Calculate doses of cannabis-infused products at home.
  • List the steps involved in making cannabis-infused products at home.
  • Describe the responsibilities and requirements of cannabis grower, trimmer, and packager careers.
  • Describe the responsibilities and requirements of cannabis extraction, cooking, and manufacturing careers.
  • Describe the responsibilities and requirements of cannabis dispensary and budtender careers.

With your Cannabis 101 Certificate gain the skills to launch into the cannabis industry:

Start a Marijuana Home Grow

Become a Medical Cannabis Patient

Become a Medical Cannabis Caregiver

Cook with Marijuana

Make Concentrates and Extractions

Get a Job in the Marijuana/CBD Industry


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this school online or in person?

It is 100% online. You can make your own schedule, and work from any device!

Is this cannabis college accredited?

Yes! We are the only cannabis education school in the world that has an internationally recognized accreditation provided by ANSI/IACET.

What are the admission requirements?

Anyone 18+ can enroll for cannabis training at CTU. No experience is needed, and no prerequisites or education requirements. NO GED or High School Diploma needed! You do not need to take Cannabis 101 before the Master of Cannabis Program.

The only requirement is an internet connection. You can view Cannabis Training University’s courses on any type of device, including a cell phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet.

What is the Cannabis 101 Certificate Program?

It is an online training program that is designed for the cannabis hobbyist. It consists of 7 intro courses, 14 hours of required content, and when completed, you will earn 1 cannabis industry certification. Read more about the 150+ hours of bonus content here!

Will this program teach me how to grow marijuana at my house?

Yes! Cannabis 101 will teach you how a plant (or more), from start to finish at your house. You will also learn how to make homemade edibles, and concentrates from your plants!

How many credits will I learn in the Cannabis 101 Certificate Program?

You will earn 1.4 CEUs/credits in Cannabis 101.

What certifications do I get with the Cannabis 101 Certificate Program?

You will earn one certification in this program, the Cannabis 101 Certificate.

How long do I have access to Cannabis 101 Certificate Program?

You have 2 months of access to Cannabis 101.
Discounted extensions are available if you need more time! And from the day you sign up until your access time ends, you have unlimited logins and access to the cannabis videos and e-books as often as you would like.

How long should it take me to complete the Cannabis 101 Certificate Program?

Most CTU students take a few weeks to finish the Cannabis 101 Certificate Program. With 1hr/day you should finish in 2 weeks.

Since it is self-paced, some students complete the program faster, and some complete the program slower. Ultimately, it's up to you. There are no set class times and no homework deadlines at CTU.

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The Cannabis 101 Certificate Program takes you inside the cannabis industry. You will learn directly from Masters of marijuana in their field.




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