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Recommended by business experts, for business professionals.

Recommended by business experts, for business professionals.

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With Cannabis Training University training you can create a cannabis business that delivers top industry knowledge, backed by industry recognized certifications. With CTU, you can empower and inspire your team with customized learning paths, cutting edge knowledge, world-class teachers and powerful, actionable insights.

Need custom
employee training?

Our custom programs are tailor-made to teach your employees everything you want them to know about cannabis and hemp. Our fully built-out courses are designed to provide exactly what your company needs. We help you create a program that spotlights your company or dispensary, and is backed by CTU!

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Want a cannabis
certified staff?

Each CTU certificate program provides your managers, technicians, and employees with the knowledge to excel, a certificate that gives them the confidence, and the credentials, to be the best of the best in the cannabis industry.

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Ready for exceptional
budtender service?

Set your cannabis dispensary apart with employees, managers, and technicians that have the knowledge to sell products! Terpenes, cannabinoids, medical uses of cannabis, the effect of growing processes on quality – we can teach your staff how to give customers exactly what they are looking for. With standardized dispensary job training, every single staff member will give the same friendly and knowledgeable sales advice!

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Want to boost
employee skills?

Whether your employees, technicians, and managers need skills in growing cannabis, selling cannabis, medical uses of cannabis, cooking and extraction processes, terpene and cannabinoid knowledge, or any other areas of the industry, we can tailor our program to your cannabis business needs!

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