The ONLY Internationally Accredited ANSI/IACET Cannabis School in the World!

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ANSI/IACET Accreditation

Cannabis Training University is proud to say that we are the first cannabis training school in the US, and the only cannabis training school in the world that currently has this internationally recognized accreditation. You can view Cannabis Training University's accreditation here.

ANSI/IACET is the leading national accreditation standard, evaluating and measuring whether a training program has a proven model for developing effective and valuable continuing education programs.

ANSI/IACET only gives out their accreditation after a training company submits a thorough application, and in-depth site visit, where 9 internationally recognized categories of training are examined.

Why the Standard Matters

Cannabis training programs are a dime a dozen, and there is no regulation of cannabis training programs – AT ALL!

You may sign up for a cannabis training program, and pay for it, before you realize that the program has no real value, and the credits mean nothing.

This is true, even if you sign up for a cannabis program through an accredited university – the cannabis training program itself may NOT be accredited.

This is why the standard matters!

  • ANSI/IACET has evaluated our programs and has put their nationally recognized standards behind our programs.
  • Earning credits from an ANSI/IACET backed cannabis program communicates to employers and licensing authorities that you have met the highest standards of cannabis training available.
  • You won’t be wasting your time or money on a substandard program!
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Your ANSI/IACET CEUs/Credits

Master of Cannabis Certificate – 4.2 Credits

black check mark 45Add your CEUs/credits to your resume and show employers you are trained by the best!

black check mark 45With a competitive market, stand out from your competition with your industry backed CEUs/credits.

black check mark 45ANSI/IACET backed CEUs/credits are transferable between cooperating organizations.

Benefits of a certification program at CTU:

Benefits of a
certification from CTU:


Become certified for a cannabis job anywhere in the world


No experience or prerequisites required


Become a marijuana master grower


Learn how to open a dispensary


Up to 300 hrs of lessons and videos


100% legal in 50 states and worldwide


Learn from any device and at your own pace


Set your own schedule



What does it mean to be an authorized provider of IACET CEUs/credits?

We underwent a lengthy application process that included submitting organizational information and event materials, being evaluated during a site visit, and agreeing to adhere to the IACET criteria. As a result, we received authorized provider status in January 2023.

What constitutes one credit/CEU?

One credit/CEU equals ten contact hours of participation in organized continuing education classes. A contact hour is equivalent to one 60-minute interaction between the program and the participant.

How will I know how many credits/CEUs I have earned?

Your final certificate will include the number of credits/CEUs earned. A record for each participant and their credits/CEUs earned is displayed on your final transcripts in your account, and will be kept by CTU in a secured server for at least seven years.

Where can I access records of my credits/CEUs?

Upon completion of the program, you will automatically receive your certification which will include proof of your completed credits/CEUs. Records of your credits/CEUs are also securely stored in your online account which is setup upon purchase of a program. A record for each participant's credits/CEUs earned will be kept in a secured server for at least seven years.

What can I do with my credits/CEUs?

With a competitive market, stand out from your competition with your industry backed credits. Add your credits to your resume and show employers you are trained by the best. ANSI/IACET backed credits are also transferable between cooperating organizations.