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CTU Budtender 2021

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Land your dream job as a budtender! Cannabis Budtender’s easy-to-understand lessons and videos will boost your knowledge of marijuana and teach you how to get a work permit, write a resume, and land that job you have always wanted as a budtender. Your certificate will show employers that you’re trained and certified to work as a budtender or in CBD/hemp sales!

Learn the skills you need to work in a cannabis dispensary or CBD/hemp store.


Required Training:
7 hours


Optional Content:
10 hours


Retail Price:
$549 USD


Ed Rosenthal E-books:


Access time:
1 year


Downloadable Resources:

Jeff Cannabis Training University testimonial

Jeff Haynes

Boulder, CO

I just finished my classes and passed my certificate exam! I landed a job as a budtender in a marijuana dispensary in Boulder! Best cannabis training college and most affordable marijuana school. Thanks!

About Cannabis Budtender

4 classes / 7 hrs / 1 yr access




3 Tips & Tricks to Becoming a Budtender

Land your dream job budtending!


Ed Rosenthal E-Book Included


I would potentially pay someone [with a Cannabis Budtender certificate] a dollar an hour or more than somebody who wouldn't have that [certificate].

– Michelle Laforce

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Owner

Michelle Laforce CTU User Testimonial



Dr. Joe Cohen

Cannabis Medicine Expert
Medical Marijuana Physician

Karen Getchell

Karen Getchell

CTU Director of Content Development
Cooking, Extraction, Business, CBD, and Training Expert


Zachary Crane

Cannabis Retail Expert
Dispensary Assistant Manager

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer Budtender training?

Yes! Our Cannabis Budtender Certificate Program teaches you everything you need to know to get a budtender job. Our Cannabis Dispensary Pro Certificate Program provides that and a whole lot more, including advanced medical cannabis information and detailed coursework on how to open a dispensary!

What cannabis industry topics will I be certified in after finishing the Cannabis Budtender Program?

After passing the exams for the CTU Cannabis Budtender Certificate Program, you will be CTU certified as having knowledge in the following areas:

  • Intro Cannabis Basics
  • Intro Cannabis as Medicine
  • Cannabis Dispensary and Budtender Careers
  • Intro Cannabis Laws and Regulations in the United States and Canada

Does Cannabis Training University accept financial aid, grants, or FAFSA?

Unfortunately, CTU is not able to accept financial aid or grants at this time. We do, however, offer discounts from time to time. Sign up for our email list for exclusive offers and discounts.

Does Cannabis Training University have open enrollment?

Yes, anyone 18+ can sign up for cannabis training at CTU and everyone is accepted! We have a 99.99% passing rate on our exams. If you want to take advantage of a sale price but aren’t ready to get started yet, you can sign up during the sale and then come back and log in later during your enrollment period. N0 GED is needed! No high-school diploma is needed! Anyone 18 years and older can enroll from anywhere in the world!

How do I get started?

It's easy to get started at CTU. Anyone 18+ can enroll. There is no application. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma. You can log in whenever it is convenient for you, anytime during your enrollment period. Sign up today for an education from the best marijuana school for all your cannabis training needs!

To start your education at Cannabis Training University, please go to our enroll page.

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