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Budtender Certification

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1 certification / 4 classes / 7 hrs
ANSI/IACET Accredited Cannabis School

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  • Budtender career training: Your fast track to securing a budtender job. Learn budtending essentials, and how to get a work permit, write a resume, and land your dream job.
  • 100% online
  • 1 cannabis industry certification
  • 4 classes
  • 7 hrs of required coursework
  • .7 credits (ANSI/IACET)
  • 1 Ed Rosenthal e-book ($25 value)
  • 26 downloadable resources ($130 value)
  • 15 hrs of bonus content
  • 12 weeks self-paced learning, extend easily
  • Finish in as little as 1 week, with 1 hr/day
  • Budtender specific resume and cover letter tutorials


Boost your knowledge of marijuana and learn how to get a work permit, write a resume, and land that job you have always wanted as a budtender. Your certificate will show employers that you’re trained and certified to work as a budtender or in CBD/hemp sales!


Work online from any device and at your own pace:

  • 12 weeks self-paced learning, extend easily.
  • 7 hours of required content. With 1 hr/day, finish in 1 week.
  • 15 hours of bonus content to explore.


With your purchase get free access to:

  • 1 Ed Rosenthal E-books ($25 value)
  • 26 downloadable pdfs ($130 value)
  • 15 hrs of bonus content

4 courses
1 certification


12 weeks self-paced learning, extend easily


Earn .7 credits


100% money back guarantee


7 hrs required coursework
15 hrs bonus content


26 downloadable

Michelle Laforce CTU User Testimonial

“I would potentially pay someone with a Cannabis Budtender certificate a dollar an hour or more than somebody who wouldn't have that certificate.”

– Michelle Laforce

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Owner

Classes in the Budtender Certification Program

1 certificate / 4 classes / 7 hrs of training

Class 1: Intro Cannabis Basics and Budtending

basics budtenderStart your budtender training by learning the basics of cannabis. You will learn all about the cannabis plant. This includes compounds such as THC, CBD, terpenes and other components in cannabis that can have an impact on customers and patients. Then, learn everything you need to know about all cannabis products that can be sold in dispensaries.

Class 2: Intro Cannabis as Medicine

budtender medicineDiscover how cannabis medicine can help cannabis patients or customers with various conditions. You will also learn how to guide patients through cannabis administration methods based on their symptoms. You will learn how to be a budtender in a medical dispensary, as well as a recreational dispensary.

Class 3: Cannabis Dispensary and Budtender Careers

budtender careers Learn how to get a job as a budtender in a medical marijuana dispensary, recreational cannabis dispensary, or CBD shop. Learn how to get a cannabis work permit anywhere in the US or Canada. We will walk you through the different roles in a dispensary, how to use your budtender certificate to get a job, and  how to write a cannabis cover letter and budtender resume so that you stand out from your competition. You will learn everything you need to know to apply for a budtending job in a dispensary. CTU is the only budtender school that has an international accreditation, which builds your personal credibility when applying for a job.

Class 4: Intro Cannabis Laws/Regulations and Budtending

budtender lawsStudy the laws and regulations around distribution and possession of cannabis to dispensary customers and patients in every US state and Canadian province. In addition to learning how to be a budtender, also learn laws about compliance, getting a budtender license, using the dispensary point of sale system, and making sure that cannabis regulations are being followed during the process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the cannabis plant, its origins, and its primary classifications (indica, sativa, hybrid, ruderalis).
  • Describe the primary active components of cannabis and their main effects.
  • List the most popular cannabis products.
  • Explain how to use popular cannabis products.
  • Describe how to read cannabis product labels.
  • Describe the history of medical cannabis in the United States.
  • Describe the steps to register as a medical cannabis patient or caregiver in one US or Canadian state, province, or territory.
  • List the US states where one medical condition qualifies for the use of medical cannabis.
  • List the possession and cultivation limits for medical cannabis patients in one US or Canadian state, province, or territory.
  • Describe how to maintain a healthy endocannabinoid system.
  • Describe medical symptoms that can be relieved by cannabis.
  • Explain how to use multiple administration methods of cannabis properly, including dose titration, side effects, and drug interactions.
  • Describe the requirements to work in the cannabis industry in one US or Canadian state, province, or territory.
  • Describe how to build cannabis-industry experience and locate job opportunities.
  • List the steps needed to write a cannabis-industry resume and cover letter.
  • Explain how to successfully navigate a cannabis-industry job interview.
  • Explain the roles, responsibilities, required education and experience, advancement opportunities, compensation, and skills requirements for primary cannabis dispensary and budtender careers.
  • Explain the current state of US federal cannabis policy.
  • Describe the legal cannabis possession and cultivation limits in one US state.
  • Explain the current state of Canadian federal cannabis policy.
  • Describe the legal cannabis possession and cultivation limits in one Canadian province or territory.

With your Budtender Certification apply for these jobs:

Recreational Marijuana Budtender

Medical Cannabis Budtender

Medical/Recreational Dispensary Agent

Cannabis Compassionate Care Assistant

CBD Salesperson

CBD Shop Associate


Frequently Asked Questions


Is CTU, which provides the Certified Cannabis Budtender Program, accredited?

Yes! We are the only budtender training school in the world that has this specific internationally recognized accreditation from ANSI/IACET.

Our IACET accredited status tells the world:

  • We’ve committed our organization to a rigorous accreditation application and review process, involving extensive hands-on evaluation and verification.
  • Our policies and processes have been thoroughly benchmarked against the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training.
  • We've engaged the expertise of instructional design professionals nationwide to make your continuing education and cannabis training the best it can be.

No other budtender school in the world has this accreditation. We can confidently say CTU has the best budtender certification program on the market.

How many credits will I earn in this budtender certification program?

You will earn 0.7 credits at the end of this online budtender course. In the IACET standard, credits are known as Continuing Education Units or CEUs.

What can I do with the credits I earn in this budtender training program?

Credits provide proof and assurance of quality programming to dispensary employers. They can be transferred between cooperating organizations.

Add your credits to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social networks to help build your cannabis career opportunities. The credits, along with your budtender certification, will set you apart from your competition when applying for a job – this is better than any budtender certification programs on the market!

Are there any prerequisites to the Certified Cannabis Budtender Program?

No! You don’t need a high school diploma, a GED, or to take any courses before you enroll in this online budtender course.  You will learn everything about earning your budtender license where you live within this one budtender training program. This program can be taken by anyone 18 +.  Iit is legal everywhere around the world and is applicable for any US state or anywhere with budtender jobs.

How long is this budtender certification program?

The entire self-paced budtender training online program is 12 weeks, and has 7 hours of required training. With about 1 hr/day, you will be able to easily finish the required course work. If you can’t finish the program for any reason, it is easy to extend your access time for a low monthly fee!

What materials are included in this budtender training program?

The following materials are included in this program:

  • 4 unique budtender classes
  • 7 hours of required training
  • 15 hours of optional content
  • 26 downloadable resources
  • 1 Ed Rosenthal e-books
  • 1.7 hours of video tutorials

What are the classes in this budtender certification program?

There are 4 unique budtender training classes:

  • Intro Cannabis Basics and Budtending
  • Intro Cannabis as Medicine and Budtending
  • Cannabis Dispensary and Budtender Careers
  • Intro Cannabis Laws/Regulations and Budtending

Is this budtender certification online or in person?

This budtender certification program is 100% online. You can access it from any device at any time.

Who should enroll in the Certified Cannabis Budtender Program?

This program is designed for people looking to learn how to be a budtender, how to get a budtender license, and how to earn budtender certification online.

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In the Budtender Certificate Program, go inside dispensaries and learn directly from budtenders and shop owners.




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