CTU Reviews

You are in good company!

CTU Reviews

You are in good company!

Enrolling in Cannabis Training University proved to be a very important part of my future in the cannabis industry. I am now working in a lab and formulating my own product line.

– Cricket Palmer

Local Relief

It shows employers how I have a really good understanding of not only the cultivation side of the business, but how each staff member works together and supports each other for the entire industry. And I have the credentials to support that.

– Luis Cordova

Grower and Maximum Yield Magazine Writer

Great information in a one stop shop of resources! The nice thing…is you can access it with any device. You can use a tablet, a laptop, or…phone. You could pick up…wherever you wanted at any time!

– PJ Gauthier

420 Small Business Owner & Adult Learning Consultant

CTU helped Benjamin achieve his cannabis dreams!

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Benjamin Graves

Cannabis Manager

True story:
For the past 10 years I made it my goal to enter into the cannabis industry.

2012 In Colorado to network, and help get signatures for the cannabis legalization ballot initiative.
2016 Managing a primary healthcare clinic, to gain insight into patient experience and care.
2016 pursuing an A.S. in Business Admin./ graduated 2019 Summer 2017 Colorado cannabis marketing campaign manager.
2017 pursuing a B.S. in HRM/ graduated 2020
2018 field relief manager for Uhaul
2019 GM at a full-service UHaul with an annual earning of 1.5 million (high stress/ high volume retail management experience)
2019 pursuing a master of cannabis certification/ graduated 2022 2019 bought an RV to easily relocate

After I graduated from CTU, and adding my certification to my LinkedIn profile is when cannabis companies started to seek me out. At one point, prior to my certification, I was beginning to assume I would not be able to enter into the industry as management. I would have to start from the bottom and work my way up. 3 months after I received my certification I was offered, and accepted a management position from one of the largest distributors of cannabis in Michigan. The same company I now work for, ironically, would deny my application, prior to my certification. So often, I deleted them from my job searches.

Had it not been for CTU I probably would still be searching or would have had to start as a budtender instead of management. Even though my resume is extensive, CTU was the force multiplier that got me this position.

I got into cannabis because I didn’t want to be on opiates. The course with CTU helped me understand cannabis. Helped me understand the chemical makeup…I got to understand the various terpenes and chemical makeups besides from just THC or CBD.

– Michelle Gunderson

Cannabis Advocate

Someone coming in and saying, ‘hey look, I don’t know much about CBD, but I took this class from CTU, and I learned a lot about it and I like to see what else I could learn by working here.’ That to me is fantastic. And I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

– Darek Vida

Owner of the Hemp/CBD Shop, The Green Room

I would potentially pay someone [with a Cannabis Budtender certificate] a dollar an hour or more than somebody who wouldn't have that [certificate].

– Michelle Laforce

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Owner

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