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I’m Committed to
Helping Others.

– Jeff Zorn, CEO of CTU

A portion of your purchase goes to helping children and people with traumatic brain injuries.

The Brain Injury Association of America is dedicated to giving back to the community by providing support and resources for individuals who have suffered a brain injury.

CTU is proud to give back to the Brain Injury Association of America. This year CTU’s support will send a self-advocate to Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill!

The Brain Injury Association of America helps individuals who sustain brain injuries, family caregivers, and the professionals who create a better future through medical research and treatment.

This work is important to CEO Jeff Zorn, who has first-hand experience with brain injury, and recovery. With your help, we can continue this important work.

The child brain tumor foundation is dedicated to giving back to children dealing with brain tumors. Through their efforts, they provide support, research funding, and raise awareness about this devastating disease. With a strong focus

CTU is a proud sponsor of The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation.

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation mission includes raising funds for scientific and clinical research for pediatric brain tumors, to heighten public awareness of this devastating disease, to improve prognosis and quality of life to those affected by childhood brain tumors.

CBTF is determined to find a cure and offer hope to parents facing heartbreak. CTU is blessed to be able to assist the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation with their noble efforts.

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Your purchase with CTU will help to provide food to over 2500 starving children each month with No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry is a movement of people with a shared belief: no kid in America should go hungry.

More than 16 million American kids struggle with hunger each year. Over 60% of Teachers say kids in their classrooms are attending school hungry and malnourished. We are proud to support No Kid Hungry, and help bring change to childhood hunger.

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Thank you Mr. Zom, CEO of CTU, for giving back.

The CEO’s Personal Connection

Jeff Zorn, CEO of CTU, is a traumatic brain injury survivor.

jeff head injuryIn the late 1990’s, Jeff was involved in an accident where he endured a traumatic brain injury. He had a week-long stay in the intensive care unit while brain surgeons fought to keep him alive.

After successful brain surgery, Jeff began his rehabilitation journey. During his recovery, he fully realized the medical benefits of cannabis.

Jeff was able to return to full function, but owes his recovery to the medical professionals who saved his life, and medicinal cannabis.

jeff citySince 2009, Jeff has been dedicated to spreading the benefits of cannabis through education. That is why he offers cannabis programs at an affordable price – a fraction of the price of a 2- or 4-year college course.

Every single sale of a cannabis training program helps spread cannabis knowledge, and others.

“To be able to give back to a brain charity such as the Brain Injury Association of America, through my work at CTU, is a blessing and one that I feel strongly connected to.” – Jeff

Join over 60,000 other CTU students in learning about cannabis, and at the same time help us give back to organizations that matter!