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When it comes to cannabis topicals, the wide range of available options makes it necessary to get acquainted with the differences before you start shopping. Here’s some background on what they are, how they work, and what to look for when choosing cannabis topicals. Marijuana topicals range greatly in effectiveness and method of application. 

How Cannabis Topicals Work

Topical cannabis products are available in lotions, creams, bath salts, balms, and oils. They work by being absorbed through the skin, where they activate cannabinoid receptors.

This is one of the most effective pain treatments available for people with aching joints or muscles who aren’t looking to get high, since the THC doesn’t actually enter the bloodstream. This also makes the pain relief properties especially fast because it is applied and absorbed directly by the painful area.

Many hemp lotions or creams are available on the market. Although these do not contain active THC, they are made from cannabis seeds and are very beneficial and moisturizing for the skin. However, if you are looking for pain relief, be sure to avoid these products since they do not provide the benefits of actual cannabis topicals.

When choosing a cannabis topicals product, the first thing to consider is where and how you want to use it. Here are a few options and the best ways to use them.

Different Cannabis Topicals

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Cannabis Salves

A cannabis salve is a great option for intense pain relief: it’s easy, convenient, relatively mess-free, and absorbs quickly. It is thicker than lotion and usually is clear.

Cannabis Lotions

Cannabis Lotion is a better choice for less intense or more general pain. It is less concentrated than a salve or balm, so it will spread over larger areas of skin easier and faster. Lotion also typically includes many moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oils are perfect for fast relief in areas like feet or elbows with rough skin. Marijuana oils also make for a great medicated massage which will work wonders on your shoulders or back if you have a partner willing to help out.

Cannabis Lip Balms

Cannabis Lip balms are available and usually include ingredients that will help heal chapped lips. Check out options with peppermint or other scents and flavors for the best results.

Cannabis Bath Salts

Cannabis bath salts are one of the most innovative cannabis topicals. It can be used for all-over pain relief. Add them to a hot bath. They are also useful for relaxation and deeper, more restful sleep.

All types of cannabis topicals come in different strengths. Try out a few different options from various manufacturers in your area to find one that works best for you.

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Cannabis Topicals For Eczema

Cannabis topicals have been found to be effective with the treatment of eczema. Studies have shown a decrease in itching and flaking on skin with the use of cannabis topicals.

Topical Marijuana

Topical marijuana is used often for a variety of ailments. It's been proven to be effective in an assortment of skin conditions and even for pain relief. The use of topical marijuana cream is getting more popular each year and it will likely soon be found in mainstream pharmacies across the US and other countries.

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