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How to Improve Your Marijuana Smoking Experience. Marijuana leaf with smoke surrounding it.

How to Improve Your Cannabis Smoking Experience

If you want to improve your cannabis smoking experience, you can do so using creative methods that will prove to be amazing. After you inhale that awesome Mary Jane (cannabis), it causes a rush of terpenes and cannabinoids to combine into an awe-inspiring sensation.

There are a wide range of effects that include relaxation, meditative, euphoric, energetic and leisurely. However, it will depend on the type of cannabis strain that you choose to use. There are various ways to improve your cannabis smoking experience without getting too high. It will all depend on your preferences as it relates to the strain and the consumption method. Let us look at some of the valuable tips below.

Rolling a Joint

If you don't have any joint rolling skills, it is important that you try to learn as soon as possible because this will definitely improve your cannabis smoking experience in no time. There is absolutely nothing wrong, if you are unable to build that perfect joint. However, there are various ways to get that joint looking like a masterpiece. You have to be creative though. It is best to begin by considering that triple joint. In other words, make three small joints or roaches and wrap these together using a separate roach paper; after which you would then attach to two or three papers, making a fat joint or blunt. You could also try making a cross cannabis joint, which is one that is a normal joint that has a joint crossing placed through it so that it looks like a cross. Once your practice becomes perfect, you might think of making a joint-sculpture, but that may be for quite some time before you are able to do so.

Boost in Terpenes

In the past, you would only have to consider hash oil and cannabis as part of your cannabis smoking experience. These days, there are much more things to contend with because of the creativity of so many cannabis enthusiasts in introducing cannabis concentrates, cannabis oil, terpenes extract and more potent strains. Plants will usually develop terpenes during the flowering stage. Why? The cannabis plants use this as a defense mechanism so as to stabilize the temperature levels and keep away predatory insects. Cannabis enthusiasts are of the belief that terpenes change the cannabis smoking experience for many consumers. Terpenes allow the user to enjoy better flavor and aroma during the cannabis smoking experience.

The Environment

If you are an environmentally friendly advocate or want to do so for the first time, then you would create bongs from fruits and vegetables such as apples. These are biodegradable and won't damage the environment as plastic bongs do. You could start by getting an organic apple and digging a mouthpiece close to the top using a pen. Make sure you don't dig all the way through the apple or the cannabis will fall through. You would have a cannabis smoking experience with the apple; something you might never have thought could happen. Make sure you choose fruits and veggies that you like or that have a nice taste to them. Try to avoid using cabbage or Brussels sprouts.

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The Hot Box Segment

Your cannabis smoking experience could be improved by including family and friends. This is cannabis smoking in an enclosed area, resulting in a room filled with cannabis smoke. You have to plan this hot box segment beforehand to make it fun. First, you have to pick the right location so that you won't receive any disturbance for a long period of time. So, it would be ideal if the location is secluded. It has to be a small enough room such as the size of a basic bathroom. The door has to be closed during the cannabis smoking session.

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