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Master Cannabis Grower

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1 certification / 6 classes / 23 hrs
ANSI/IACET Accredited Cannabis School

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  • Cannabis grower career training: Your fast track to growing marijuana at home or as a career.
  • 100% online
  • 1 certification
  • 6 classes
  • 23 hrs of required coursework
  • 2.3 credits (ANSI/IACET)
  • 6 Ed Rosenthal e-book included ($150 value)
  • 48 downloadable resources ($240 value)
  • 4 cannabis calculator tutorials ($80 value)
  • 159 hrs of bonus content
  • 12 weeks self-paced learning, extend easily
  • Finish in as little as 2 week, with 2 hr/day
  • Grower specific resume and cover letter tutorials


The lessons and videos will teach you everything you need to open a cannabis cultivation center or grow premium cannabis at home. You’ll receive step by step tutorials on how to pick your strain, clone, germinate from seed, pick your grow medium, set up a garden, troubleshoot garden issues, and more. Also included is grower specific resume and cover letter tutorials. When you finish the program you’ll earn your Mater Cannabis Grower Certification, that shows your deep understanding of cannabis growing skills and business practices to employers.


Work online from any device and at your own pace:

  • 12 weeks self-paced learning, extend easily.
  • 23 hours of required content. Finish in 2 weeks with 2hrs/day.
  • 159 hours of bonus content to explore.


With your purchase get free access to:

  • 6 Ed Rosenthal E-books ($150 value)
  • 48 downloadable pdfs ($240 value)
  • 4 cannabis calculator tutorials ($80 value)
  • 159 hrs of bonus content
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“My certificates from CTU shows employers how I have a really good understanding of the cannabis business. I have the credentials to support that.”

– Luis Cordova

Grower and Maximum Yield Magazine Writer

Louis Cordova CTU Testimonial

Classes in Master Cannabis Grower Program

1 certificate / 6 classes / 23 hrs of training

Class 1: Intro Cannabis Basics and Growing

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis has been described as a weed, as a recreational drug, and as the latest craze in medical treatment. But what actually is it? This lesson will cover the origins of the cannabis plant and tell you what you need to know about cannabis strains and cultivars. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Cannabis Plant Overview, including Origins of Cannabis, Cannabis Cultivars, Cannabis Strains, Descriptions of Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, 1Hybrids, and Cannabis Ruderalis, Parts of the Cannabis Plant, Cannabis Seeds, Hemp Fiber, Cannabis Flowers, Cannabis Buds, Cannabis Nugs, and Cannabis Trichomes
  • The Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp
  • Structure, Life Cycle, and Reproduction System of Cannabis Plants
  • Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System

Components of Cannabis

A look at compounds in cannabis like THC, CBD, and terpenes that can have an impact on patients. The lesson covers these topics:

  • The Primary Chemical Compounds in Cannabis, including Terpenes and Cannabinoids2
  • Entourage Effects of Cannabis Components
  • Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenes
  • The Presence of Terpenes in Cannabis Strains
  • Terpenes and Infections (including MRSA)
  • Raphael Mechoulam and S. Ben-Shabbat’s Entourage Effect Research with Full Spectrum Medical Cannabis and Whole Plant Cannabis Medicine
  • CBD and THC Interaction and Ratios
  • Cannabis Entourage Effects on Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Appetite, Memory, Attention, Insomnia, Sleep, and Addiction
  • Cannabis Strains that Reduce Cravings, Increase Alertness, Improve Circulation, and Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Cannabis Entourage Effects for Acne, Alzheimer’s Disease, Reducing Anxiety, Autoimmune Disorders, Lowering Blood Pressure, Mending Broken Bones, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcers, Depression, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Neurological Damage, Pain Relief, Sleep, and Insomnia

Cannabis Products

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially. With growth comes a variety of new products—so many, in fact, that choosing the right one can be confusing to both new and experienced users. This lesson breaks down the most common products available at dispensaries. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Differences between Cannabis Products, including Cannabinoid Content, Potency, Activation (Raw vs. Decarboxylated), Classification based on Strain Names or Cultivars, Classification Based on Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, Terpene Content3
  • CBD:THC Ratio, THC-Dominant Products, CBD-Dominant Products, Hemp Products, 1:1 CBD:THC Ratios, CBD Products
  • How Potency is Shown on Labels for Cannabis Flower, Cannabis Concentrates, and Edibles, including Percentages and Number of Milligrams
  • Raw Cannabinoids, including THCA, CBDA, and Non-Activated Products
  • How to Read Cannabis Product Labels, including Tracking and Regulatory Information, Effects, Cannabinoid Content, Activation Status, Potency, Contaminants, Nutrition Information, and Terpene Content
  • Products Sold at Dispensaries, including Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, Topicals, Transdermals, and Other Infused Products
  • How to Find High Quality Top Shelf Bulk Cannabis Flowers, Buds, Joints, Blunts, Pre-Rolls, and Shake including Bud Size and Potential Cannabis Contaminants, Pesticides, Mold, and Seeds
  • Characteristics of Low Quality Cannabis, including Scent, Color, Finger Feel, Throat Feel
  • Cannabis Flower Consumption Methods, including Smoking and Vaporizing
  • Input Materials for Cannabis Extracts, including Flash-Frozen Fresh Plants, Dried Cannabis Flowers, Dried Cannabis Trim, and Hemp
  • Cannabis Extraction Methods, including Solventless Concentrates (Kief, Bubble Hash, Pressed Hashish, Rosin) and Solvent-Based Extracts (RSO, BHO, PHO, Ethanol Extracts, CO2 Oil, Distillate, Isolate, Water-Soluble Isolate, Nano-Isolate)
  • Cannabis Concentrate Product Consistencies, including Budder, Shatter, Crumble, Wax, Live Resin, Sugar, Rocks and Sauce, and Vape Cartridges
  • How Cannabis Edibles Work, including LDL Delivery, Liver Metabolites, Dosing, Digestive System Issues, and Sublingual Delivery
  • Ingredients in Cannabis Edibles, including Flower Infusions in Oil, Distillates, Isolates, Full-Spectrum Extracts, Broad-Spectrum Extracts, Non-Cannabis Ingredients, and Allergens
  • Differences between Full-Spectrum cannabis oil, Broad-Spectrum hemp oil, Cannabis Distillates, Isolates, and Nano-Isolates
  • Cannabis Edibles, including Cannabis-Infused Oils, Cannabis Tinctures, Raw Cannabis Tinctures, Cannabis-Infused Capsules, Cannabis-Infused Foods, Gummies, Hard Candies, Savory Edibles Cookies, Brownies, Cannabis-Infused Beverages (Soda, Coffee, Tea, Beer, Energy Drinks)
  • Cannabis Concentrates and Their Consumption, including Vaporizing with Vaporizers, Earth Stones, and Pens, How to Dab, and Dab Equipment (Dab Rigs, Nails, E-Nails, Torches, Dab Tools, Domes, Carb Caps, Terp Pearls, Quartz Inserts, Reverse Tweezers, Bangers)
  • Cannabis-Infused Topical and Transdermal Products, including Creams, Lotions, Balms, Patches, and Roll-Ons
  • Cannabis Topicals and Skin Sensitivity, Antioxidant Properties, Antimicrobial Properties, Acne Treatment, Onset and Duration, Pain Reduction, Inflammation Treatment, Itch Medicine
  • Other Dispensary Products including Cannabis-Infused Inhalers, Bath Bombs, Sexual Lubricants, Suppositories, Sublingual Strips, Moon Rocks, Infused Joints, Shampoo, Topicals

Class 2: Fundamentals of Cannabis Cultivation

Before You Start Growing Cannabis

Before you plant your first cannabis seed or clone, you need to make important decisions about where to grow your marijuana, what kind of marijuana to grow, and how to grow it. This lesson breaks down your options. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Cannabis Plant Overview, including Parts of the Cannabis Plant, Cannabis Seeds, Hemp Fiber, Cannabis Flowers, Buds, and Nugs, and How Cannabis Buds Form
  • Cannabis Plant Life Cycle, including Germination, Cannabis Seedlings, Cannabis Clones, the Vegetative State of Cannabis, and the Cannabis Flowering Stage4
  • How Cannabis Plants Breathe, Eat, and Reproduce, including Sexual and Asexual Propagation of Cannabis
  • Light, Air, Nutrient, Water, and Temperature Needs of Pot Plants
  • Choosing a Cannabis Strain, including Availability of Seeds and Clones, the Importance of Good Genetics when growing Cannabis, Cannabis Seed Companies, Cannabis Varieties, and Making Choices Based on Effect, Time from Seed to Smoke, Cannabis Plant Yield, Responses to Changing Environmental Conditions, and Space Constraints
  • Deciding the Number of Cannabis Plants to Grow
  • Advantages of Growing Cannabis from Clones vs. Seeds
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Gardens
  • Designing an Outdoor or Indoor Cannabis Garden Space
  • Growing Cannabis in Soil, including Organic Methods of Cannabis Cultivation
  • Hydroponic Cannabis Cultivation, including Deep Water Culture Hydro Systems, Recirculating Deep Water Culture Hydro Systems, Ebb and Flow Hydroponics, Nutrient Film Technique, and Aeroponics for Growing Cannabis
  • Cannabis Pots, Cannabis Containers, and other Equipment for Your Cannabis Grow, including Smart Pots, Earth Boxes, Hydroponic Equipment, Super Roots AirPots, Deep Water Culture Equipment, Ebb and Flow System Equipment, and BluSoak Tape
  • Lighting Choices for Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms, including How Cannabis Plants Use Light, Lighting Basics for Growing Cannabis, Choosing the Best Lights For Growing Cannabis, and Budget, Room Size, and Stage of Cannabis Growth Considerations
  • Understanding Wattage, Lumens, Kelvin, CRI, PPFD, and PAR Watts Effects on Cannabis Garden Lighting
  • Types of Grow Lights for Cannabis Gardens, including High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights
  • Compact Fluorescent Lighting for Cannabis (CFL), T5 and T8 Bulbs for growing Cannabis, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for growing Cannabis, and Light-Emitting Ceramic (LEC) Metal Halide (CMH) Lights for growing cannabis
  • Increasing Light in Your Cannabis Garden with Hoods and Reflectors, Reflective Materials, and Light Movers
  • Lighting Accessories for Indoor Cannabis Gardens, including Automatic Light Timers, Green LED Headlamps, and Ballasts
  • Home and Commercial Security for Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Gardens
  • Security in Cannabis Grow Rooms

Setting Up Your Indoor Marijuana Grow Area

Getting your marijuana grow space set up for optimal output takes time and planning. This lesson helps you decide where your grow space will be, what type of system to use, and how to make it effective. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Building a Cannabis Grow Room in a Commercial or Home Setting, including Space Requirements, Separating Vegetative and Flowering Plants Indoors using a Two-Room Setup vs. Grow Tents,5 Blocking External Heat and Light, Cleanliness, Standard Equipment, Air Flow, Water Availability, Electrical Wiring and Requirements, Fire Safety, and Lighting for Growing Cannabis
  • Air Flow in Cannabis Grow Rooms, including Calculating Air Exchange Equipment Needs, Continuous Horizontal Air Flow Fans, Inlet and Exhaust Fans for Growing Cannabis, Oscillating Fans, Odor Control, Carbon Filters, and Installing Fans in a Cannabis Grow Tent
  • Setting Up Lights in a Cannabis Grow including Handling Light Bulbs
  • Monitoring Temperature and Humidity in Indoor Cannabis Grows, including How Lights Affect Temperature, Heating and Air Conditioning for Growing Cannabis, Relative Humidity, Correcting Humidity Problems, Humidifiers, and Dehumidifiers for Cannabis Growing
  • Keeping Cannabis Strains Together in Your Grow Room

Getting Ready For Your Cannabis Plants

Once your grow space is ready, it's time to set up everything you need for your cannabis plants including media for growing weed, nutrients for growing weed, and pest prevention for growing cannabis. This lesson explains all your options so you can make the best choice for your marijuana grow. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Basic Equipment for your Cannabis Garden, including Loupes, Magnifying Scopes, and Cannabis Plant Structural Support6
  • Media for Your Cannabis Garden, including Living Soil for Cannabis Growing, Hydro and Aeroponic Media for Cannabis Cultivation, Rockwool for Growing Cannabis, Hydroton for Cannabis growing, Coco Coir for Growing Cannabis, CocoNot for Cannabis Cultivation, Biochar, Bokashi, Organic Soil, Compost Tea, and Outdoor Soil Remediation
  • Improving Media Drainage in Your Cannabis Grow System using Perlite and Vermiculite
  • Water Needs for Your Cannabis Grow Room, including Understanding pH for Cannabis, Water Treatment and Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Water for Growing Cannabis, Dechlorinators, Sediment Filters, Water Delivery Systems, and Indoor and Outdoor Large-Scale Irrigation
  • Nutrients for Your Cannabis Garden, including Macronutrient and Micronutrient Needs in the Seedling, Vegetative, and Flowering Stages, Understanding N-P-K, Nutrients in Soil Systems with Outdoor Garden Tips, Hydroponic Nutrients, Aeroponic Nutrients, Nutrient Testing Meters, How Often to Feed Your Cannabis Plants, Integrated Nutrient Management (INM), organic nutrients, and Chelated Minerals
  • Practicing Cannabis Cultivation on Other Plants
  • Pest and Disease Management for Cannabis Grows, including Pest and Disease Prevention Guidelines, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Banker Plants, and Natural Pest Management for Organic Cannabis Gardens

Class 3: How to Grow Cannabis

Cannabis Clones And Seeds

There is more than one way to start a cannabis plant. Clones and seeds each bring their own challenges and advantages. We break down the advantages and challenges of each in this helpful lesson. The lesson covers these topics:

  • The Cannabis Plant Germination Stage7
  • Starting Cannabis Plants from Clones, including Best Cloning Practices, Choosing Mother Plants, Where to Take Clones From, Plug Cloning, Aeroponic Cloning, Tissue Culture, Micropropagation, and Hardening Off
  • Starting Cannabis Plants from Seeds, including Wet Paper Towel, Plug, Potting Soil, and Peroxide Germination Methods
  • Breeding Cannabis, including Cannabis Genetics, Plant Generations (F1 and F2), Cubing, Hybrid Strains, Selecting Males, Harvesting Pollen, Pollinating Females, Harvesting Seeds, and Safety Precautions
  • Caring for Young Pot Plants, including Moving Seedlings into a Grow Medium, Introducing Light and Nutrients, and Tips for Young Cannabis Plants
  • Transplanting Young Cannabis Plants into Soil, Coco Coir, and Earth Boxes

Vegetative and Flowering Stages of Cannabis

Caring for your cannabis plant properly during the vegetative and flowering stages of growth can be highly beneficial to the quality and quantity of your harvest. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Overview of the Cannabis Plant Vegetative Stage
  • Cannabis Pruning Techniques, including Cannabis Defoliation, Topping Cannabis Plants, FIM Technique for Growing Cannabis, and Optimal Pot Plant Structure
  • Training Cannabis Plants in the Vegetative Stage, including Low Stress Training (LST), Main-Lining (Manifold Technique), Super Cropping, Texas Kid Technique, Vertical Trellising, Staking, and Outdoor Plant Support8
  • Screen of Green (SCROG) Technique and Sea of Green (SOG) Method of Growing Cannabis
  • Transplanting Vegetative Cannabis Plants to Larger Pots and into Outdoor Gardens
  • Cannabis Roots in the Vegetative Stage, including the Rhizosphere, Root Zone Additives, Hydroponic Roots, and Aeroponic Roots
  • Water Needs in the Cannabis Vegetative Stage, including Drainage and pH
  • Nutrients in the Cannabis Plant Vegetative Stage, including Foliar Feeding, Total Dissolved Solids, Organic Nutrients
  • Indoor and Outdoor Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Plants
  • Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, and Lighting Needs of Indoor Vegetative Cannabis Plants
  • CO2 Enrichment in the Vegetative and Flowering Cannabis Stages
  • Identifying Male Cannabis Plants, including When to Check and How to Remove, Male vs Female Cannabis Plant Differences
  • The Cannabis Plant Pre-Flowering Stage, including How Cannabis Starts to Flower, When to Induce Flowering in Indoor Cannabis Plants, Defoliation of Cannabis Plants, and Pruning Methods of Cannabis Plants
  • Cannabis Flowers in Outdoor Gardens, including How to Tell When Cannabis Plants Are Finished
  • The Cannabis Flowering Stage, including Defoliating of Cannabis, Pruning Cannabis, Best Nutrients for Cannabis Flowering, Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, and Cannabis Flowering Lighting Needs
  • Finishing and Flushing Cannabis Plants

Harvesting, Curing, and Trimming Cannabis

Often overlooked but undeniably important, the way you harvest can make or break an otherwise great marijuana grow. These steps are among the most important in the marijuana growing process. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Deciding When to Harvest Cannabis Plants by Looking at Trichomes and Pistils
  • When to Harvest Outdoor Cannabis Plants
  • How to Harvest Cannabis, including Drying Environment, 9Cannabis Drying Procedure, and How to Know When Your Cannabis is Dry Enough
  • Wet and Dry Trimming Cannabis by Hand and Machine
  • Curing Cannabis, including Preparing Plants, Optimal Environment, Pro Cannabis Curing Tips, and Procedure
  • Storing Cannabis Flowers
  • Restarting a Cannabis Garden

Cannabis Garden Troubleshooting

Sometimes, things don’t go perfectly in your indoor or outdoor garden. We provide you with the knowledge and skills to get your cannabis grow back on track if something starts to go wrong. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Using Biological Controls, Forceful Water, Natural Oils, Insecticidal Soaps, and Pyrethrin to Kill Common Cannabis Pests10
  • Prevention, Detection, Eradication, and Control of Cannabis Pests, including How to Get Rid of Spider Mites, Aphids, Root Aphids, Whiteflies, Fungus Gnats, Mealybugs, Scales, Thrips, Caterpillars, Deer, Gophers, and Grasshoppers When Growing Cannabis
  • Prevention, Detection, Eradication, and Control of Common Cannabis Diseases, including Powdery Mildew and Cannabis (PM), Botrytis, Algae, Fusarium Root Rot, Pythium Root Rot, Verticillium Wilt, and Stem Rot (Damping Off)
  • Nutrient Disorders in Cannabis Plants, including a Discussion of Macronutrients and Micronutrients, Nutrient Deficiencies, and the Prevention and Correction of Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg), and Nitrogen (N) Deficiency
  • Controlling pH in Cannabis Plants, including Preventing and Detecting pH Issues
  • Repairing Broken Cannabis Plant Stems and Branches, Uses of Cannabis Stems
  • Nutrient and Heat Burn in Cannabis Plants
  • Weather Damage in Outdoor Cannabis Plants
  • Not Enough Light for Cannabis Plants
  • Troubleshooting Cannabis Salinity Problems, LARF Buds, Inability to Flower, Hermaphrodites, Irrigation Issues, and Foxtailing

Class 4: Cannabis Cultivation Careers

Government Requirements for Cannabis Industry Workers

Necessary information on cannabis work permits and other required prerequisites for anyone looking to start a cannabis career in the United States or Canada. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Age Requirements for Working in Cannabis Businesses in US states with legal cannabis programs.11
  • Cannabis Work Permit Fees for Cannabis Businesses in US states with legal cannabis programs.
  • Training Requirements for Cannabis Industry Employees in US states with legal cannabis programs.
  • Legal Requirements for Cannabis Workers in US states with legal cannabis programs.
  • Canadian Cannabis Worker Regulations, Cannabis Act, and Criminal Code Bill C-45
  • Age, Residency, and Ownership Requirements for Cannabis Industry Workers in Canada
  • Analytical Cannabis Testing Lab and Cannabis Research Licenses in Canada
  • Duties on Cannabis in Canada
  • Age Requirements for Cannabis Industry Workers in each Canadian province and territory
  • Cannabis Work Permit Fees in each Canadian province and territory
  • Training Requirements for Cannabis Workers in each Canadian province and territory
  • Legal Requirements for Cannabis Workers in each Canadian province and territory

Cannabis Career Basics

Everything you need to start your cannabis career, including how to identify and locate industry jobs, create the perfect marijuana resume and cover letter, and succeed at the interview so you can start working in this amazing and profitable industry. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Where to Look for a Cannabis Industry Job, including Cannabis Job Boards, Recruiting Companies, Placement Businesses, Staffing Agencies
  • Online Cannabis Job Resources in the United States and Canada, including Indeed,, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, Craigslist, Cannabis Training University, Ganjapreneur, BloomTHC, HempEvents.org12
  • Cannabis Staffing Agencies
  • Locating Cannabis Jobs through Social Media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Getting a Cannabis Job through Unsolicited Emails, Newspapers and Magazine Ads
  • Networking for Cannabis Careers at Local Cannabis Events, Cannabis Dispensaries, Cannabis Industry Parties, Cannabis Legislation Events, Dispensary Parties, National Cannabis Events, Women Grow, National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), Cannabis Policy Project (MPP), MJBizCon, International Cannabis World Events, and Canna-Tech Cannabis Events
  • Building Cannabis Experience by Volunteering at Cannabis Organizations and Cannabis Blogging
  • Writing a Cannabis Resume, including Tips, Organization, and Showing Black Market Pot Experience
  • Using Skills from Other Industries on your Cannabis Resume, including Retails Skills for a Cannabis Budtender Job and Gardening Skills for a Cannabis Grower Job
  • How to Write a Cover Letter in the Cannabis Industry, including Tips, Organization, and Including Black Market Cannabis Experience
  • Sample Cannabis Entry-Level Cultivation Job Posting, Resume, and Cover Letter
  • Sample Cannabis Management Job Listing, Resume, and Cover Letter
  • Cannabis World Interview Tips, including Describing Black Market Cannabis Experience

Cannabis Cultivation Careers

Want to get your hands dirty working with actual cannabis plants? This lesson dives into the requirements for marijuana growers, cannabis trimmers, cannabis packagers, and other cultivators in the cannabis industry. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Overview of Cannabis Cultivation Businesses, 13including Ancillary Positions like Cannabis Receptionist, Cannabis Security Guard, Cannabis Janitor, Cannabis Inventory Management, Cannabis Website Development, Cannabis Sales, Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Human Resources, Cannabis Accounting, and Legal Cannabis Jobs
  • Cannabis Garden Career Tracks, including Cannabis Field Hand, Cannabis Trimmer, Cannabis Packager, Cannabis Cultivation Associate, Cannabis Cultivation Manager, Cannabis Production Manager, and Master Grower
  • Regulations, Responsibilities, Education Requirements, Experience Requirements, Advancement Opportunities, Wages, and Required Skills for Cannabis Grower Positions
  • Regulations, Responsibilities, Education Requirements, Experience Requirements, Advancement Opportunities, Wages, and Required Skills for Cannabis Trimming Jobs
  • Regulations, Responsibilities, Education Requirements, Experience Requirements, Advancement Opportunities, Wages, and Required Skills for Cannabis Production Managers
  • Regulations, Responsibilities, Education Requirements, Experience Requirements, Advancement Opportunities, Wages, and Required Skills for Cannabis Packagers
  • Career Path for Cannabis Growers, Cannabis Trimmers, and Cannabis Packagers
  • Cannabis Packaging Skills, including How to Use a Futurola Knockbox or Cones Coolbox and How to Roll a Cannabis Joint or Blunt

Class 5: Cannabis Cultivation Business

Government Requirements for Cannabis Businesses

Examine the process of obtaining a special license to run a cannabis business. This lesson acts as a guided tour of the requirements for cannabis business applications in each legal state, province, and territory across the United States and Canada. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Inventory Tracking System Requirements in US States and Canadian Provinces
  • Vertical Integration Requirements by State For United States Cannabis Businesses14
  • Licenses Available for Medical Cannabis Businesses in each US state with a medical cannabis program
  • Fee Requirements for Cannabis Businesses in every US state with a legal cannabis program
  • Licenses Available for Recreational Cannabis Businesses in every US state with a legal cannabis program
  • Fee and Licensing Requirements for Canadian Cannabis Businesses
  • Cannabis Delivery by Mail in Canada
  • Medical and Recreational Cannabis Businesses Licensing in Canadian Provinces and Territories
  • Regulations from the Canadian Department of Finance, including Excise Duties on Cannabis, the 2001 Canadian Excise Act, and the 2018 Canadian Budget Implementation Act
  • Canadian Retail and Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Licenses in the United States and Canada
  • Cannabis Medical and Recreational Cultivation Licenses in the United States and Canada
  • Cannabis Processing Licenses in US States and Canadian Provinces and Territories
  • Applications and Fees for Cannabis Business Licenses and L300 Cannabis Licenses
  • Contacting the Canadian Government
  • Canada’s Cannabis Tracking System (CTS)
  • Canadian Cannabis Product Packaging and Labeling Requirements

Cannabis Business Basics

Before joining the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, you’ll need to be prepared. This lesson covers the basics of planning your cannabis business, from writing and pitching your marijuana business plan to overcoming common challenges you might face along the way. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Challenges in Starting a Cannabis Business and Potential Cannabis Industry Pitfalls, including Cannabis Banking Challenges, Changing Cannabis Laws and Regulations, Income Tax Issues, Municipal Moratoriums, Under-Educated Consumers, Security, 280E Tax Code and Cannabis, Compliance with Cannabis Regulations, Cannabis Inventory Tracking, and Entering the Green Rush
  • Competition in the Cannabis Industry, including Black Market Competition
  • How to Write a Cannabis Business Plan, including Audience, Cover Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Trademarks and Patents, Market Analysis, Company Descriptions, Ownership, and Appendices
  • Sample Cannabis Business Plan
  • The Global, National, and Local Cannabis Market
  • Pricing in the Cannabis Industry, including Variable Market Considerations and Competition
  • Stages of Development of a Cannabis Business
  • Specialization in the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis Patents, Trade Secrets, Copyrights, Intellectual Property, and Right of Publicity
  • Marketing and Sales in the Cannabis Industry, including Creating a Visual Marketing Plan, Target Markets, Price Structure, and Market Penetration Strategy, Financial Projections, Cannabis Advertising, Cannabis Networking, Cannabis Industry Social Media Concerns, Cannabis Business Marketing Strategies, Budtender Product Education, Industry Brochures, Market Influencers, Cannabis Affiliate Marketing, Micro-Influencers, and Online Cannabis Reviews
  • Sales Approach Strategies in the Cannabis Space, including Solutions Selling, the Buddy Approach, and The Guru Approach
  • Research and Development (R&D) in the Cannabis Industry, including Cannabis Product Life Span16
  • Creating a Cannabis Facility Operating Plan
  • Finances in the Cannabis Industry, including Funding Requests
  • Cannabis Pitch Deck Basics, including Importance of a Cannabis Pitch Deck, Pitch Decks to Request Funding, Pitch Decks at Networking Events, and Pitch Deck Competitions
  • How to Write a Cannabis Industry Pitch Deck, including Optimal Number of Slides, Slide Content, Appearance of Slides, Verbal Presentations, Delivering the Pitch Deck, Storytelling Skills, and Practicing
  • Sample Cannabis Industry Pitch Deck
  • Marketing and Advertising Challenges in the Cannabis Industry, including Changing Regulations, Truth and Accuracy Statements, Prohibited Areas, Prohibited Populations, Prohibited Methods
  • Cannabis Holidays, including April 20 (420), July 10 (710), and Seasonal Cannabis Considerations
  • Advertising in the Cannabis Space, including Industry Restrictions, Traditional Advertising, Advertising on Packaging, Live Events, Advertising in Dispensaries, In-Store Video Ads, Product Marketing Posters, Flyers, Signs, Branded Dispensary Bags and Jars, Promotional Models, Reward Programs, Promotional Items, Print Advertising, Radio Advertising, TV Advertising, Direct Mail, Billboards, Promotional Drink Coasters, News Media Coverage, Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicles, Online Advertising, Business Websites, Email Marketing, Banner Ads, Keyword Advertising, Social Media, and Hashtags
  • Cannabis Transporting and Delivery Regulations Between Businesses, from Growers to Stores, to Dispensaries, Between Wholesale Businesses
  • Cannabis Inventory Management, including Product Recalls and Defective Products, Expiration Dates, Inventory Tracking Systems, Seed-To-Sale, Seed-to-Harvest Tracking, Tracking for Processors, Wholesale-to-Consumer Tracking, Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Tracking Cannabis Product Turnover Rates, Product Performance, Gross Margins, Lost Sales, Sell-Through Rates, and Stolen Products
  • Cannabis Business Insurance, including Property Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Living Cannabis Plant Coverage
  • Federal Legal Considerations for Cannabis Businesses in the United States
  • Local Regulations for Different Cannabis Business Types, including Prohibited Locations
  • Packaging and Labeling Regulations in the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis Business Shutdown Procedures, Rule Violations, and Government Raids

Cannabis Cultivation Businesses

This lesson walks you through the many factors involved in starting a marijuana cultivation business. It will help you set up a successful cannabis cultivation business and avoid many common pitfalls. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Preparing to Start a Cannabis Cultivation Business, including Cannabis Education, Networking, Research, and Planning
  • Financing a Cannabis Business, including Traditional Financing, Venture Capital, Private Equity Funding, and Private Lenders17
  • Setting up a Cannabis Grow Business, including Business Structure, Licensing, and Insurance for Cannabis Cultivation
  • Getting Property for your Cannabis Grow Business, including Building Permits, Square Footage Limitations, Legal Use of Property, Zoning, Commercial Leases, and Avoiding a Move
  • Setting up an Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility, including Space Requirements, Costs, and Choosing the best Lights and Media for Growing Cannabis
  • Setting up an Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility, including Soil, Water, Climate, Harvest Limitations, and Light Deprivation Greenhouses
  • Cannabis Cultivation Business Operations, including Cultivation Plans, Inventory Control, Product Testing, Employment Laws, Training Manuals, Safety Plans, Staffing Plans, Environmental Plans, Fire Safety, Waste Disposal, and Security
  • Choosing Cannabis Strains to Grow, including Grow Time, THC and CBD Strains, CBD vs THC, Indica vs. Sativa vs Hybrids, and Genetic Origin of Strains

Cannabis Processing Businesses

Cannabis manufacturing businesses make consumer products out of harvested cannabis plants. In this lesson, we cover the basic business decisions that all cannabis manufacturing businesses need to make to be successful. We also walk through the main types of cannabis manufacturing businesses, including extraction facilities, infused-product commercial kitchens, and large-scale infused-product manufacturers. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Preparing to Start a Cannabis Manufacturing Business, including Research, Planning, Pitch Decks, and Building a Team18
  • Financing a Cannabis Infused Product Manufacturing Business
  • Licensing and Insurance for Cannabis Manufacturing Businesses
  • Finding Property for a Cannabis Manufacturing Facility, including Legal Use of Property, Zoning, Leases, Fire Safety, Environmental Plans, Waste Disposal, and Security
  • Constructing a Cannabis-Infused Product Manufacturing Facility, including Negative Pressure Ventilation, Spark-Proof Exhaust, and Commercial Sprinklers
  • Ordering Equipment for a Cannabis Infused-Product Manufacturing Business
  • Setting Up a Cannabis Extraction Facility, Choosing Extraction Methods and Products, Solventless Extracts, Extracting with Solvents, Choosing Equipment, and Inventory Tracking
  • Setting Up a Cannabis-Infused Product Commercial Kitchen, including Choosing and Sourcing Cannabis Ingredients, Developing Products, Packaging and Regulations, Setting Up a Facility, Finding Employees, and Planning for Expansion
  • Setting Up a Large-Scale Cannabis-Infused Product Manufacturing Facility, including Automation, Equipment, Finding Employees, and Planning for Expansion
  • Getting Cannabis-Infused Products into Stores and Dispensaries

Class 6: Intro Cannabis Laws/Regulations and Growing

Cannabis Laws in the United States

A dive into cannabis laws across the US, including detailed information on current adult use, medical, and recreational programs in each state. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Cannabis Laws in the United States, including United States Cannabis Regulation, Public Support for Cannabis in the US, Interaction between United States Federal and State Cannabis Laws, 17 1Cannabis Court Cases, Federal Cannabis Laws in the United States, Unwarranted Searches as They Relate to Cannabis, Firearms and Cannabis, and Cannabis and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • Medical Cannabis Programs in each US state
  • Cannabis Possession, Distribution, Manufacturing, Growing, and Trafficking in Medical and Recreational Cannabis States
  • Recreational Cannabis Programs in each US state

Cannabis Laws In Canada

With adult-use cannabis now legal nationwide, there has never been a better time to get involved in cannabis in Canada—but only if you understand the status of the Canadian cannabis laws. The lesson covers these topics:

  • Cannabis Legalization for Personal Use in Canada, including the Cannabis Act, An Act Respecting Cannabis and to Amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, 13 1the Criminal Code, and Other Acts, and Adult Recreational Use
  • Canada’s Federal Medical Cannabis Program, including Health Canada, Qualifying Conditions, and Becoming a Medical Cannabis Patient
  • Canada’s Federal Cannabis Laws regarding Possession, Public Consumption, Distribution, Growing Cannabis, and Unlawful Activity
  • Cannabis Possession, Public Consumption, Distribution, and Cultivation Laws in each Canadian province and territory

Handouts and Resources

Handouts and resources can be downloaded and/or accessed after enrollment ends.

  1. Definitions: Cannabis Basics Terminology
  2. Definitions: Cannabis Legal Terminology
  3. Definitions: Cannabis Business Terms
  4. Definitions: Cannabis Cultivation Terminology
  5. Information Sheet: Common Cannabis Plant Pests
  6. Information Sheet: Common Cannabis Plant Diseases
  7. Information Sheet: Cannabis Plant Nutrient Disorders
  8. Information Sheet: Top Ten Cannabis Grow Tips
  9. Information Sheet: Top Ten Cannabis Grow Mistakes
  10. MS Word Template: Cover Letter Builder
  11. MS Word Template: Resume Builder
  12. How to Become a Professional Marijuana Grower
  13. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids
  14. Chart: Effects of Common Cannabis Terpenes
  15. How to Become a Cannabis Expert
  16. How to Become a Marijuana Entrepreneur
  17. Sample: Cover Letter For Entry Level Grower
  18. Sample: Resume For Entry Level Grower
  19. Sample: Cover Letter For Dispensary Manager
  20. Sample: Resume For Dispensary Manager
  21. Sample: Blunt Royale Business Plan
  22. Sample: Blunt Royale Pitch Deck
  23. Procedure: Dab Equipment And How To Dab
  24. Chart: Cannabis Consumption Methods
  25. Chart: Entourage Effects
  26. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids On Receptors
  27. Checklist: Cannabis Industry Pitch Deck
  28. Checklist: Cannabis Industry Business Plan
  29. How To Become A Medical Cannabis Caregiver
  30. Checklist: Plant Disease And Pest Prevention
  31. Procedure: Check And Correct Water pH
  32. Flowchart: Deciding How To Grow
  33. Chart: Soil Systems Vs. Soil-less Systems
  34. Flowchart: Deciding Where To Grow
  35. Flowchart: Deciding What To Grow
  36. Chart: Characteristics Of Cannabis Types
  37. Supplemental Reading List: Fundamentals Of Cannabis Cultivation
  38. Calculator: Required Air Exchange (CFM)
  39. Calculator: Time From Seed To Smoke
  40. Calculator: Required Lumens
  41. Chart: Optimal Indoor Garden Conditions At Each Growth Stage
  42. Procedure: How To Trim Cannabis By Hand
  43. Supplemental Reading List: How To Grow Cannabis
  44. Information Sheet: Identifying Male And Female Plants
  45. Procedure: How to Germinate Seeds
  46. Procedure: How To Clone Cannabis Plants
  47. Chart: Storage For Cannabis Products
  48. Calculator: Cannabis Dry Weight Conversions


Textbooks can be accessed for the duration of your enrollment.

  • Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits
  • Marijuana Garden Saver
  • Marijuana Grower's Handbook
  • Marijuana Harvest: Maximizing Quality & Yield in Your Cannabis Garden
  • Branding Buds: The Commercialization of Cannabis
  • Cannabis Grower's Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions


Is CTU, which provides the Master Grower Certification Program, accredited?

Yes! We are the only online cannabis school in the world that has an internationally recognized accreditation provided by ANSI/IACET.

Our IACET accredited status tells the world:

  • We’ve committed our organization to a rigorous accreditation application and review process, involving extensive hands-on evaluation and verification.
  • Our policies and processes have been thoroughly benchmarked against the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training.
  • We've engaged the expertise of instructional design professionals nationwide to make your continuing education and cannabis training the best it can be.

This program is not just another set of weed growing classes. No other cannabis grow course or online cannabis growing course in the world has the credentials that CTU has.

What can I do with the credits earned in this program?

Credits/CEU’s are transferable between cooperating organizations. They also provide proof and assurance of quality programming to employers. Add your CEU completion to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social networks to help build your career opportunities. The CEUs, along with the skills gained from the online cannabis cultivation courses and your certification, will set you apart from the competition when applying for a job!

Are there any prerequisites to the Master Cannabis Grower Certificate Program?

No! This program can be taken by anyone 18 + and it is legal everywhere around the world. You don’t need a high school diploma, a GED, or any agriculture or cannabis horticulture courses before you enroll in this online cannabis growing course.

What materials are included in this cannabis growing program?

The following materials are included in this cannabis growing program:

  • 6 unique marijuana growing classes
  • 23 hours of required training
  • 159 hours of optional content
  • 48 downloadable resources
  • 6 Ed Rosenthal e-books
  • 8.5 hours of video tutorials

What are the marijuana growing classes in this program?

There are 6 marijuana growing classes included in this program:

  • Intro Cannabis Basics and Growing
  • Fundamentals of Cannabis Cultivation
  • How to Grow Cannabis
  • Cannabis Cultivation Careers
  • Cannabis Cultivation Business
  • Intro to Cannabis Laws/Regulations and Growing

Is this cannabis growing course online or in person?

This cannabis growing program is 100% online. You can access it from any device at any time.

What jobs can I get with the skills learned in this cannabis grower certification program?

Your cannabis cultivation courses will prepare you for the following jobs:

  • Marijuana Assistant Grower (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Marijuana Head Grower (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Marijuana Harvester
  • Marijuana Trimmer
  • Marijuana Packager
  • Cannabis Caregiver

How do I pass these cannabis growing courses and earn my certification?

To pass these marijuana growing classes and earn your growing certification, you need to complete the coursework, pass all the quizzes, and pass the final exam with a score of 70% or higher.

After passing the exam, you can download, and print out your certificate showing you are a Certified Master Cannabis Grower at home, at no cost.

How many credits will I earn?

You will earn 2.3 CEUs/credits at the end of this cannabis cultivation course. In the ANSI/IACET standard, credits are also known as Continuing Education Units or CEUs.

How long is this cannabis grow program?

You will be enrolled in the self-paced cannabis cultivation courses for 12 weeks, and the program contains 23 hours of required training. You will be able to finish the required course work within 2 weeks, with 2 hours of work a day. If something comes up and you can’t finish the program, it is easy to extend your access time for a low monthly fee!

Who should enroll in this cannabis cultivation course?

This program is designed for people looking to learn how to grow weed, how to grow medical marijuana, how to grow cannabis for a living, and people who want to pursue a career growing cannabis. People should also enroll in this program if they are looking for step-by-step tutorials on:

  • How to plant marijuana
  • How to take care of marijuana plants
  • How to harvest marijuana plants
  • How to dry, cure, and trim marijuana plants
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In the Master Cannabis Grower Certificate Program, go inside cannabis grows and learn directly from Master Growers.

With your Master Cannabis Grower Certification apply for these jobs:

Marijuana Assistant Grower (Indoor/Outdoor)

Marijuana Head Grower (Indoor/Outdoor)

Marijuana Harvester

Marijuana Trimmer

Marijuana Packager

Cannabis Caregiver

A man with blue hair is standing in front of an orange circle, representing Master Cannabis Grower cultivation.

Percy Ingram

Paterson, NJ

Enrolling in the Master Cannabis Grower Certificate Program was a big step for me. Once I earned my certification, I added it to my Linkedin, and I had a local marijuana grow reach out to me for a job on their farm! This program made entering the commercial cannabis world easier than I could have imagined!

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10 Grow Tips from Professionals

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Title: The Green Rush: A Free e-Book Guide to Growing CannabisDescription: Dive into the world of cannabis cultivation with The Green Rush, a comprehensive and informative e-book. This must-have