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10 Tips & Tricks to Get
You Started in Extractions!

Dive into the world of cannabis concentrates and gain a deeper understanding of how plant botany impacts the extraction process. Learn about the different types of extraction methods available and gain valuable insights into choosing the right method for you. Discover the importance of post-extraction processes and take your knowledge of cannabis concentrates to the next level.

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About the E-book

10 Tips & Tricks to Get You Started in Extractions!
This e-book, written by extraction professionals, teaches you the dos and don’ts of cannabis extraction. Learn what to think about when diving into this multifaceted industry!

What’s Included in the E-book

  • Why cannabis plant botany matters when it comes to making cannabis concentrates.
  • What to think about when choosing the type of extraction to make.
  • Why post extraction processes matter!
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