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Strain Guide!

Discover the secrets behind the most sought-after cannabis strains. Examine the unique cannabinoid makeup of Animal Cookies, Thin Mint, Blueberry Diesel, and others, and gain valuable insights into the cannabinoids driving the strain craze – including CBN, THCv, CBG, and more!

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About the E-book

Strain Guide!
This guide breaks down strains by their cannabinoid make-up and profile. It will help you find the strains that are just right for you!

What’s Included in the E-book

  • What strain names actually mean about the product inside the package.
  • A breakdown of different cannabinoids that are all the rage, including CBN, THCv, CBG, and more!
  • A close look at the cannabinoid profiles of the most popular strains around, including Animal Cookies, Thin Mint, Blueberry Diesel, and more!
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