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Interested in learning the latest about Flowr Corp stock and news? Read our cannabis company profile on one of Canada’s most innovative and prolific cannabis producers. Flowr Corporation services Canadians and has its eyes set on global production in a booming cannabis market.

Who Is Flowr Corporation?

The Flowr Corporation is a Toronto-based cannabis company with operations in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Flowr Corp’s Canadian headquarters are located in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

On the 85,000 square foot operating campus, you can find a GMP-designed indoor cultivation facility, an outdoor and greenhouse cultivation site, and a research and development facility. Flowr Corp produces recreational and medical marijuana products.

Flowr Corp’s global strategy is for its subsidiary, Holigen, to meet the growing demands of the global cannabis market. Holigen holds a license for marijuana cultivation in Portugal. Holigen will run GMP-designed manufacturing facilities in Portugal and Australia.

Flowr Cultivation Leadership

Flowr Corp’s cultivation program is led by industry leader, company co-founder, and president of Flowr, Thomas Flow. Flow has designed and built more than a dozen cultivation centers and obtained three Canadian producer’s licenses.

Flow designed and set-up standard operating procedures for MedReleaf’s main Markham growing facility, which was the most productive cultivation facility in the country before he built the Flowr cultivation facility in the majestic Okanagan Valley.

Flowr Corp cannabis flower strains include:

Flowr Corp R&D

In March 2018, the Hawthorne Gardening Division of Scotts Miracle-Gro Company chose Flowr, out of all the Canadian limited partnerships (LPs), for their R&D partnership. In October 2018, both companies broke ground on a first-of-its-kind cannabis research and development facility.

Flowr’s R&D alliance with Scotts Miracle-Gro Company made it one of only three Canadian cannabis companies that are partnered with a publicly-traded company in the United States. The other two are Canopy Growth and Hexo.

The 50,000 square foot facility includes laboratories, training areas, genetics breeding areas, and greenhouse grow centers in a single building. R&D will focus on nutrient formulations, lighting and environmental systems, irrigation, growing media, and more.

In January 2019, Flowr Corp hired Deron Caplan, the first person in North America to earn a Ph.D. with research on cannabis production. Dr. Caplan was hired as the director of plant science. He is an expert on developing grow substrates for cannabis production.

Flowr Corp Brands

Flowr Corp entered the market with cannabis products for both the medicinal and recreational markets. Flower Rx is reserved for the medicinal market, while the Flowr brand caters to recreational consumers.

Flowr Corp announced a partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart, who Flowr Corp expects to be a major player in the Canadian cannabis industry. Shoppers Drug Mart has over 1,300 pharmacies in Canada. It holds exclusive rights to distribute the Flower Rx medicinal brand.

Flowr Corp announced a partnership with Ace Valley, the team behind Ace Hill Beer. Ace Valley’s flagship products include pre-rolled joints available in CBD, indica, and sativa strains. Vapes and gummies are coming soon. Ace Valley products are available through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Flowr Corp Stock Info & Price

The Flowr Corporation (TSXV:FLWR) has a market cap of CA$139 million, considered a relatively small-cap stock by institutional investors. Institutional investors, generally, trade securities in large quantities. Institutional investors own under 5 percent of Flowr stock.

Currently, Thomas Flow holds the most amount of shares (24 percent) of Flowr Corp stock. Pauric Duffy is the second-largest shareholder (5.1 percent). ETF Managers Group LLC is the third-largest shareholder with 3.1 percent of shares.

Financial analysts note that the top 23 shareholders of Flowr Corp stock hold less than 50 percent of stocks available. Flowr Corp’s stock ownership is controlled by a multitude of small shareholders instead of one with a majority of shares.

Flowr Corporation Jobs & Canada Cannabis Careers

Interested in joining the Flowr team? Flowr offers competitive salaries, benefits, flexible time off, an employee equity program, learning and development opportunities, team events, growth opportunities, and a family-friendly environment.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the Canadian cannabis jobs you can find at the Flowr Corporation. For more information, visit Flowr Corp’s career page.

Cultivation Foreman: Provides on-site supervision and coordination of outdoor and greenhouse production and staff. Cultivation foremen are responsible for plant health and growth.

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Fertigation Lead: Responsible for ensuring the cannabis crop is irrigated on schedule and required to lead a team of assistants responsible for ensuring a plant gets the proper nutrient intake.

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