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If you are a veteran cannabis consumer looking to get a high ride but don’t mind having kief on the outside of your joint, then the tarantula joint is the perfect joint for you! The good news is that you can make yours at home if you are savvy enough (not so difficult, actually), or you can simply purchase from a local seller (if it's not legally prohibited in your area). 

Smoking joints is one of the best ways to enjoy the cannabis experience, especially if you're looking to get a strong lasting feel from marijuana. If you typically enjoy rolling up your doobies, it's likely that you have already tired of simple tobacco rolls, and you long for something much more fulfilling.

What is a Weed Tarantula Joint?

Unlike spliffs and blunts that incorporate a decent combination of tobacco and marijuana, tarantula joints are purely made of marijuana and nothing more, regardless of your marijuana strain of choice. You can either roll by hand or with the aid of a rolling machine. The joint is rolled in kief at the end, giving it a brown, fuzzy spider-like appearance.  

Typically, tarantula joints contain marijuana buds, oil concentrates, and kief. If you're familiar with consuming joints, you'll understand the feeling that comes with enjoying them with friends undisturbed by the many cares around you.

Tarantula joints take cannabis smoking to another level, and if you intend to catch the vibe of a real stoner, then read on!

Tarantula joints are often loaded with lots of good stuff, which is why they have been quickly growing in popularity in recent years.

In some states where the use of marijuana is legalized, you can find pre-rolled tarantula joints for sale at usually very affordable prices. For instance, pre-rolled pure hash joints are sold at several dispensaries across the West Coast. However, if it is illegal where you live, you still don't need to worry. With little practice and knowledge of the procedure, you can make yours at home!

How to Make Your Own Tarantula Joints at Home

A tarantula joint is not like any other joint you've had. It sits at the apex position as far as joints go. First, you need to select a marijuana strain that suits your mood or the feel you desire to get. Next, introduce the buds into a paper. The papers for these joints are specifically designed to enhance the experience and make rolling easy.

But you'll need to ground up your buds before rolling up the joint. The next thing is to add some concentrates to the joint. You can use honey oil, dabs, resin, buffer, butane hash oil, or any cannabis concentrate of your choice. Wondering why you need to add concentrates to a tarantula joint?

Well, as the name implies, adding concentrates is what gives your joint the extra juice, or put in another way, ‘the exceptional feel’ it offers you. Typically, you`ll be getting an additional 40-80% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by adding any of these concentrates. However, the choice is totally yours – you are at liberty to go as high or as strong as you want.

But if you`re new to the world of joints, tarantula joints specifically, you might want to start easy and go higher as your tolerance expands. Perhaps, you should even start with something lighter than joints.

But we aren't done yet – two more steps to go. After adding the concentrates, roll up the buds and concentrates in the paper, as you would any joint. After this, you also need to roll up the joint in CO2 oil. The essence of this is to give the joint an extra zing! The final step is rolling the entire wrap in kief.

Remember you`ve already added concentrates, and oiled your joints. The kief brings in extra THC and helps the joint offer the extra punch that makes it a true tarantula joint. Besides, the signature appearance of a tarantula joint is dependent on the presence or absence of the kief on the outside of the joint.

Rolling a Tarantula Joint

Considering that the majority of the content in a tarantula joint is THC, the possibility of getting pretty psyched up is high. Therefore, if you really want to take all the hits, it is best to roll a tarantula joint on a day you do not have any obligations to fulfill. Otherwise, you might fall behind in achieving your set goals for the day.

Rolling a tarantula joint is actually fun on a rainy day. Or on a day you feel dissipating anxiety, pain, or muscular and mental stress you've accumulated. You'll probably find yourself sprawled on the sofa all day or enjoying the serenity of your bedroom for most of the day while feeling super ecstatic.

The high THC and CBD content of cannabis is what accounts for these effects. However, you should exercise some caution to avoid suffering extreme side effects. You should start low and go slow with the concentrates mostly.

Side Effects of Tarantula Weed Joints

I am new to cannabis, will smoking a tarantula joint be too strong for me? Absolutely yes! If you're new to smoking cannabis, you probably don't want to begin your journey in the marijuana ecosphere with joints, and tarantula joints for that matter.  

Because the THC levels can go as high as 80%, even expert stoners need to exercise caution when smoking tarantula weed joints. By and large, the side effects will depend on the strain of cannabis you use, the concentrates, the CO2 oil, and the kief incorporated in the joint.

People who have experienced side effects have reported redness of the eyes, extreme sedation, dizziness, cottonmouth (or dry mouth), tiredness, lack of coordination, mental imbalance.

There's also a potential risk of increased anxiety. Because of the extra psychoactive effect that the tarantula joint packs, it is clear that people struggling with any form of mental health issues should, at best, stay away from it. But if they must smoke joints at all, they should follow the advice of a qualified health professional.

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The same applies to people who have schizophrenia. The risks involved include the increased potential for heightened anxiety and paranoid behavior. But generally, tarantula joint smokers can avoid extreme side effects if they smoke responsibly, stay hydrated, and seek medical advice where and when necessary.

In Conclusion

Weed tarantula joints are named after Tarantula spiders, a group of large and hairy spiders, also known as wolf spiders. Indeed, the weed truly represents its name with all the extra strong juice it carries.  

Typically, tarantula joints have very high THC and CBD levels, so they are characterized by high but mellow euphoric effects. Additionally, you can rely on it for relief of pain and anxiety.

We trust that the information here provides you with the essential details you need to buy or make tarantula joints. But be sure that local laws back marijuana use before you begin smoking. For more information, you can visit the Cannabis Training University, the richest online repertoire of cannabis courses and knowledge.

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