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Considering a career in the cannabis industry? You're in the right place! As the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana expands, the industry is booming. Currently, 33 U.S. states, plus Washington D.C., have legalized medical or recreational cannabis, covering 170 million Americans. New Frontier Data highlights the wisdom of entering the legal marijuana market, which generated $13.6 billion in U.S. revenue in 2019.

Choosing the right cannabis job for your skills can be challenging. Thankfully, Cannabis Training University has created the ultimate guide to jobs in the cannabis industry. This guide is a fantastic resource to help you find your perfect job in the sector, whether you're passionate about CBD and marijuana, or just curious about the available opportunities. It's designed to assist you in discovering the best cannabis jobs suited to your interests and abilities.


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Cannabis Grower Jobs: A Wide Range of Opportunities

We want you to know that this list might change. Although we can't include every job, we've highlighted the most common ones. Grab a notepad and pen, review the list, and jot down any cannabis jobs that catch your interest.

Cannabis Cultivation

Everything starts with the cannabis plant. In this case, cannabis farmers make the world go around. Green thumbs are needed to grow and care for marijuana until it's time to harvest. If you're interested in growing cannabis, or if you have experience with other plants or crops, you may be a good fit for this industry. Take a look below at some of the most popular jobs within cannabis production.

Cultivation Director

A cultivation director ensures the company's cannabis meets federal and state laws. They manage the marijuana growing operations, set standard operating procedures, and create harvesting schedules. The main goal of a cultivation director is to lead their team in producing healthy, potent marijuana so we can all enjoy our cloud nine. Multi-tasking and experience in a commercial environment are important for this job.

Master Grower

Healthy marijuana plants are key to a successful industry. A master grower oversees all growth operations, including crop nutrition and pest control, to ensure the safety of the cannabis. They also communicate with compliance and law enforcement inspectors to keep everything running smoothly. This role is ideal for those who want to be more environmentally friendly.


If you're interested in marijuana farming but unsure where to start, being a trimmer is a great option. This is the most popular entry-level job in marijuana farming and growing. It's also a common job in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and California. Trimmers handle a variety of tasks. They remove buds from harvested marijuana plants, trim the leaves to make them look nice, and dry the buds for sale. If you want to be a trimmer, you should enjoy gardening and be quick.

Lab and Extraction

After marijuana plants are grown, harvested, and trimmed, part of the plant, known as “smalls,” is sent to the lab to be turned into cannabis products like oils and tinctures. This process is known as extraction. For those with a science and chemistry background, working in extraction can be a great fit. Testing labs also offer many job opportunities. Before cannabis can be sold or turned into oils, it must be tested in a state-licensed cannabis lab for microbes and pesticides. Jobs in the lab include tissue culture scientist, director of product development, and lab technician.

Lab Director

A lab director oversees the post-harvest process, which includes performing chemical analyses to determine the best harvest time. The lab director manages a range of duties such as leading technicians and team members, ensuring the facility complies with laws, and running quality assurance and control procedures. Lab directors also maintain and operate extraction machines, lab equipment, and vacuum ovens. This role is crucial, combining proven management skills with expertise in extraction methods.

Quality Manager

A quality manager ensures that the testing of cannabis products is thorough and that production adheres to best practices. They oversee the testing and processing of cannabis and address any quality complaints. If the quality of marijuana is compromised, the quality manager identifies and corrects the errors. They also take preventative steps to ensure that the cannabis is safe.

Concentrates Processor

To become a concentrates processor, you need to be detail-oriented and have chemistry skills. This job involves making safe cannabis concentrates, like hash oil and dabs, which are highly beneficial for medical cannabis patients and popular among recreational users. With concentrates growing in popularity, more jobs are becoming available for concentrate processors.


Cannabis Manufacturing

This part of the cannabis market involves packaging marijuana and CBD products for sale. The industry creates a variety of products for retail stores worldwide, such as gummies and CBD tinctures. Working in a marijuana manufacturing facility requires staying up-to-date with frequently changing rules and regulations. Having experience in any manufacturing industry is a huge plus if you're interested in entering this sector.

VP of Manufacturing

You'll be responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time and for overseeing product development. You'll also make sure your team follows health and safety rules at all times. Depending on the company, you may also help with packaging and branding.

Facility Manager

If you have solid experience in business or project management, you might be comfortable as a cannabis facility manager. This role involves overseeing a team of product and inventory managers, ensuring they stay on schedule and meet deadlines. It's important to ensure that wholesale and dispensary clients receive their products on time. If you enjoy budgeting, scheduling, and managing operations, a facility manager role in the marijuana industry could be right for you.


Packagers neatly pack cannabis or cannabis-infused goods into pre-rolled joints, containers, bags, and other packaging. This is typically an hourly job and, like trimming, it's a great entry point into the cannabis business. Over time, you can learn about other manufacturing roles and work your way up from being a packager.

Edibles Chef

Are you a chef who loves baking—and perhaps being baked? Then the role of edibles chef might be for you. This job requires a kitchen expert who can create delicious food products using marijuana extracts. You need to know how to incorporate cannabis into a wide range of products, like candy, tea, and soda, ensuring each type has the correct dosage.


In 33 states, cannabis is legalized for adult use or medical purposes, and dispensaries are popping up everywhere. If you love helping people find the right cannabis products, or if you're passionate about marketing and promotion, working in cannabis retail might be for you. You'll connect consumers with a wide range of cannabis and CBD-based products, from edibles to pre-rolls and everything in between. Having experience in retail or customer services will give you an advantage.

VP of Retail 

The VP of Retail is responsible for setting both short-term and long-term goals for retail organizations. This includes budgeting, planning annual sales, ensuring compliance, and planning for expansion. The retail VP also manages inventory, profit, and loss. This role is ideal for those with an analytical and data-driven mind. Experience in management and sales will strengthen your application to become a Vice President of Cannabis Retail.

General Manager

As a General Manager, you will manage staff and budtenders. You are responsible for analyzing your cannabis dispensary and creating effective action plans to achieve results. This position requires strong leadership skills, as you will also coach and develop your associates to ensure you have a high-performing team.


A budtender is a personable job similar to a bartender. They are like mixologists at your favorite restaurant. You will answer customer questions daily and make recommendations. You will be their first choice for purchasing cannabis products while they are at the dispensary. You should also address any allergies or concerns customers may have. Experience in customer service or sales will make you a strong candidate for a budtender position.

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Courier and Delivery

There are many opportunities for couriers in the cannabis industry, especially as the delivery of recreational cannabis becomes more common. Being punctual, courteous, and professional when delivering quality cannabis is essential. This temporary or part-time position offers the chance to earn tips.

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