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Do you want to know how to become a budtender in Washington? Our article covers basic things you need to know about this 420 career. Washington State has both recreational and medical cannabis programs. It's vital to know the requirements you need to get hired in a pot shop.

What Does a Budtender Do?

Medical and adult-use budtenders have similar duties. Both positions are expected to help users find cannabis products. You must know about industry trends and the plant's effects. Customers may ask you for suggestions for a specific condition. It's helpful to know the differences between strains and product types.

Budtenders must have experience handling cash transactions and a POS system. You are in charge of weighing, labeling, and packaging products as required. On your downtime, you will keep your work area clean and tidy. You'll need to keep your shelves stocked and check customer IDs.

Medical cannabis budtenders must follow the same basic rules. You can enter patient and provider information from the authorization form. With this information, you can create a medical card for patients. You can help patients select products that may help with a condition. You must describe the risk and benefits of different consumption methods. Feel free to give customers advice on how to store their pot. Give them tips on how to keep them safe from kids and pets. You can show them how to use different products. You'll be able to answer questions they have about medical weed laws.

There are some things that cannabis consultants can't do. Consultants are not allowed to provide patients with medical advice. You can't diagnose any medical conditions. The law prohibits you from recommending changing treatments for cannabis. You're not allowed to open and use products when helping customers. You may not provide consulting services to customers without an active credential.

How Much Does a Budtender Make?

Washington's pot market is buzzing with well-paying jobs and careers. Some estimates show that the average budtender salary is $14.07 per hour. That's 10 percent higher than the national average. In cities like Seattle and Spokane, the pay is higher than the average. You'll get a variety of job perks and store discounts. You can receive health, dental, life, and vision insurance. Some companies offer paid sick time and paid time off. Others offer parental leave and employee assistance programs.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Budtender?

If you want to work in a dispensary, you must be at least 21 years old. Recreational dispensary positions don't require a job permit. Some shops may require a criminal background check. Shops may exempt some prior cannabis charges. Most shops want someone who has retail and customer service experience.

Working in a medical cannabis shop does require a permit. You'll be working as a medical facility customer liaison in a medical shop. These jobs require a medical cannabis consultant certification. This involves a 20-hour training program and additional CPR training. You are required to renew your license every year. You must participate in continuing education every year. Check on the department's website for approved training programs.

Where Can You Find Dispensary Jobs?

There are many open budtending positions in the Evergreen State. Some of the best cities to find pot jobs include Seattle and Spokane. Other hot spots for 420 work include Bellevue, Lynwood, Tacoma, and Wenatchee. Port Angeles, Burien, and East Wenatchee are hiring for dispensary jobs. Don't forget to check out job listings in Vancouver, Everett, and Shoreline. Check for work in Otis Orchards, Edmonds, and Longview.

No matter where you are in Washington, there's bound to be a pot shop nearby. Washington has about 6.2 dispensaries per 100,000 residents. While not the most, that gives you plenty of places to look for work. Washington has some of the best pot shops in the world. Make sure to check for work at its most popular cannabis pot shops.

Getting Hired as a Budtender

There are many ways to get entry-level work in the industry. Previous retail and customer service experience is crucial. It shows you can handle the hustle and bustle of the retail world. Store managers want to see your knowledge of the thriving industry. Make sure you have your certification if you're applying to a medical shop. Non-medical shop employees can benefit from cannabis education even if it's not required. Another entry-level dispensary position is the shop's door greeter. Door greeters can make about $13.50 per hour. They're in charge of checking IDs, managing the phone, and more.

To find a cannabis job online, search on popular job search engines. Type in things like “budtender” or “sales associate” to find relevant results. Attend networking events to meet those who may be hiring in the industry. It's important to keep a resume on hand when attending these events. Check out our blog posts on how to build a resume and cover letter to be ready. If you're missing the industry experience, cannabis education can help you stand out.

Budtender Training in Washington

Medical cannabis consultants are required to get certified. Recreational shop budtenders don't have to, but training doesn't hurt. CTU provides students around the world with online dispensary training. Our curriculum features courses on cultivation, laws, medicine, and more. Completing the program can give you the edge you need over other applicants.

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Washington Cannabis College

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