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Does part of your daily regimen involve cannabis use? Are you dating someone and don't know how to tell your new partner of your cannabis use? You could actually be matched to a potential dating partner that smokes cannabis and you don't. What would you do about discussing this with a new partner? Would you hide it from them or are you looking for ways to discuss cannabis use with your new dating partner? We can help.

Sometimes, the spark between you and another person can be so strong that you are not even thinking about your different habits, but at some time during the dating cycle, you have to share certain personal information that might affect the relationship and it is best to be honest with yourself and honest with each other.

The Connection

When two people get together and there is a connection, it could be far beyond what they might have expected. The relationship might have taken a turn toward commitment and when emotions are involved, it can change the entire dynamics.

When cannabis is introduced into it, then it could be OK, if both parties are not afraid to admit their cannabis use. However, if there is one person who is an avid stoner, then it might create issues, especially if that person is not outright honest about their smoking habit. When you meet someone who smokes cannabis or if you are the one who does, then there has to be a discussion about the cannabis use and there are various was to do this without making a mess of the relationship.

You might have to explain your stoner habit, but you also might have to educate and inform so that the other person can understand more clearly.

The Hidden Secret

The last thing that you should consider doing is hiding your cannabis use and keeping it a secret from the other partner. If you do that and the person eventually finds out, then it could jeopardize the relationship and even end it, if you are not forthright.


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You may not want to divulge this information about your cannabis use on the first night that you both meet and until you know if the relationship is going to get more serious, it is OK to keep your smoking habit to yourself as long as you do it in private. In other words, you should pick the right time to tell your partner, but is best to do it sooner rather than later.

The Conversation

Be sure that when you do inform your new partner about your cannabis use, you do so in a public place first and then explain it all in private. For example, if you are having dinner with your partner in a restaurant, you could engage in a conversation that is about legalized cannabis. Turn the conversation to yourself and find the opening to confess that you are a cannabis smoker. Your new partner might be shocked by the information or might join you in confessing the same thing. That is where you get lucky. However, if you are the only one that uses cannabis, then you will have to continue the discussion while you are going back home in the car. Take your time to get this information across to your partner and watch the reaction as well as the body language.

The Questions

Wait for your new partner to ask questions and answer them carefully and forthrightly. Highlight your stoner life and don't come across as a stoner who just smokes cannabis and hang out in front of the television. Make sure the answers to the questions portray you as a stoner that has an active lifestyle and only smokes when you have some free time during the day. You should also show that you smoke responsibly.

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Bottom Line

Make sure you know enough about cannabis to provide the right information to your partner because cannabis is more than just smoking a joint. If you have to conduct research to be more equipped with scientific and educational details about cannabis, your partner could be impressed and want to know more. Hopefully, after you are done, the sparks between you will ignite more and cannabis use will never be a damper, if anything goes wrong.

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