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In several instances, when you have a bad experience the first time you try something, it can be devastating or uncomfortable. That is why, you must try new things in moderation and with caution. This is even true for weed. If you are smoking weed legally for the first time, it is best to choose your marijuana strains wisely since some strains have a higher level of THC than others. It is best to try cannabis strains that have more CBD than THC.

The Importance

Why is it important to wisely choose your marijuana strains? Well, you don't want to experience things like anxiety or paranoia if you over consume marijuana in any form or if your marijuana strains contains too much THC. If you are a beginner to marijuana or you have low tolerance to certain marijuana strains, here are some tricks, tips and suggestions to having a pleasant experience, the first time around.

The Cannabis Strain

It is best to locate a cannabis strain that is high in CBD content. CBD is different from THC in that, it has no psychoactive elements. Instead, it has more medicinal and relaxing properties. It helps to offset any anxiety you may have with THC. There are marijuana strains that exist with equal portions of CBD and THC. In addition, there are some that contain very low levels of THC.

Begin Slow

It is best to begin slowly by consuming only marijuana strains with low levels of THC or CBD-only strains. Easing into something new is better than going full force. In other words, make sure you are comfortable with it before you try a large dose. Take small single hits at a time. Today, many marijuana strains have a ceiling of up to 25 percent THC contained in them. The ones that have less than 15 percent tend to be less overwhelming. Be aware that marijuana strains have to be lab tested to calculate the THC level.

Remember that your brain chemistry is one of the essential factors that is impacted after smoking or consuming cannabis. So, make sure to purchase from a legal cannabis dispensary so you can acquire marijuana strains that your body can tolerate and where you will receive professional advice from an experienced budtender.

The Delivery Method

Another factor is the delivery methods that you use. For example, if you were to consume cannabis edibles with the same strain that you use to smoke weed, it would give you a different effect in both instances. The same is true for other delivery methods such as vaporizers, dabbing and hash oil. As a beginner, there are no wrong or right choices when it comes to choosing marijuana strains. Everyone has a different experience, depending on tolerance level, the strain, the percentage of THC and CBD, delivery method and the amount consumed. Let's look at the delivery methods more closely.


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Cannabis is usually delivered by smoking, at least, this is the case for most people. There are pros and cons to this method. You can control the dose when you smoke weed since this only needs small amounts in each instance. In addition, the “high” will subside within half an hour. However, on the downside, it may leave a burning sensation in your lungs or trigger episodes of coughing.


Vaporizing is an excellent method for beginners. It is easy on the lungs and throat. You also can control the dosage and you will be able to preserve the flavor of the flower. It is best to start with vaporizers that you fill with hash oil. Be careful that the oil does not leak out when you are not using the vaporizer.


Consuming cannabis edibles is another delivery method. This method is not really for beginners unless you have discipline enough to try a little piece at a time. If you consume too much, you may not feel the effect right away, but after an hour, you may start feeling paranoid with hallucinations.

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Topicals are non-psychoactive as you only use it on the skin for relieving inflammation, pain or a skin condition. This one is high recommended for beginners.

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