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Did you know that you can change careers by receiving cannabis certification from a reputable online training program offered by the Cannabis Training University? Yes, you can and it is not difficult. If you live in the city of Miami or anywhere else, you can look into getting a cannabis job. That will enable you to be a powerhouse within the marijuana industry. You can carve out a space for yourself as an expert and earn the money that you would receive as long as you are fully trained and knowledgeable.

The Preparation

To prepare you for the certification classes, the folks at the Cannabis Training University have made it easy for you to complete them. First, you only pay $249 to enroll and this is a fee that you pay one time. There are no more hidden costs. There are similar programs that have you sign up for a fee and then before you know it, you are paying an ‘arm and a leg' because other fees were not disclosed to you. Once this fee is paid, you are now ready for the steps necessary for cannabis certification.

Choose a unique username and password that you can remember. Use this information to log into the online portal and begin taking the classes or courses. It is that simple. With cannabis certification, you will be able to land a good marijuana job in a dispensary. And you will get on the pay scale that equates your level of training, experience, expertise and knowledge.

The Available Courses

At the Cannabis Training University, you can expect to take 7 courses as outlined in the curriculum. The courses start out with the basics of the marijuana industry and advance to more complex topics such as the cannabis laws and marijuana strains. Each of these courses are assigned a specific quiz, which the student has to complete and pass before advancing to the next course. This is to make sure that you understand the course. Testing your knowledge before moving forward helps you to remember what you have just learned. And it also prepares you for the final cannabis certification exam.

Once you pass all 7 courses, you are presented with a final exam, which requires a score of 84 percent or more. Upon passing the final exam, you will be given a certificate of completion. Isn't that cool? Armed with your cannabis certification, you are now ready to conquer the cannabis world. You will include your certification on your resume and begin approaching potential employers for one of the coveted cannabis jobs being offered. Your future is now going to look much bright for a 420 career in the field that you will choose.


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The Cannabis Student

While you are a cannabis student, you should use up all the resources and material offered by the Cannabis Training University. As a student, you will be provided with hands-on materials such as electronic books and lots of interactive videos for easier learning. The program allows you to easily follow along. The instructors are also there to assist if you have questions and they usually respond in a timely manner.

Maria took her cannabis certification program a year ago and is now working in a cannabis dispensary in Colorado. She was able to land one of those cannabis jobs as soon as she completed the course. Since she already knew that she was going to relocate to Colorado and that Colorado had already legalized marijuana, she decided to prepare herself to get a job as soon as she moved there and what better way than to take courses at CTU. She has never regretted it. She is learning more than she would as a retail customer service representative. And she is learning more as she goes along..

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course - Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Final Thought

You can be Maria's position within the next six months or less, but you have to take action now. Visit CTU to enroll in our marijuana education courses now and begin to take the necessary steps for a solid future!

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