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In North Korea, it is OK to smoke, cultivate and sell weed legally. In fact, you can have as much weed as you want or can handle. It is almost unbelievable that such a dictatorship country would even allow weed when the livelihood of the people are always in jeopardy by a tyrant. However, whether you believe it or not, North Korea has no laws that ban marijuana sale or consumption. No such law is enforced by the government.

You can find weed easily in Rason, North Korea, which is the economic area of the country. You can buy a kilo of marijuana for about six bucks. The Chinese buy this kind of weed in bulk to take back to China, even though it is illegal. And that is the North Korean story about weed. You can learn more about the various marijuana laws globally by enrolling in the North Korea Cannabis College.

The Job or Career

Yes, you can learn all there is to know about weed at the North Korea Cannabis College operated by the Cannabis Training University. You can even begin a new 420 career so that you can get a closer look into the cannabis industry, which is growing insurmountably and opening up tons of jobs for people who are interested. When you get the right training, it puts you in a different category so that you can be a competitive candidate for companies hiring skilled, expert and knowledgeable people. Think about it. If a company is hiring for the most experienced, trained and skill person and you don't have the appropriate credentials, you just won't be taken that seriously. The Cannabis Training University is accepting applications now for their online training program. You can enroll in the program whether you live in North Korea or the United States.

More Learning      

Learning more about weed is the key to landing a good cannabis job. You will be equipped with the knowledge to better contribute to an employer who owns a marijuana dispensary or other business. You will be more skilled and trained to offer your expertise to medical cannabis patients who will come into a cannabis dispensary looking for the best strains for their chronic illnesses. As a budtender, you will be able to offer insights on marijuana strains and what each of them does for various health conditions. When you graduate as a budtender from the North Korea Cannabis College, you will have enough information to help both your employer and the patient.

The Courses in North Korea                                  

North Korea Cannabis College in addition to the Cannabis Training University has created an online portal to help prospective students take courses from the comfort of their homes, no matter where they live. These courses could be just for your own personal information or otherwise to land a cannabis job. In these online courses, you may learn about:

  • Growing weed
  • Curing weed
  • Trimming buds
  • Marijuana strains and their benefits
  • Becoming a budtender
  • Marijuana laws
  • Medical marijuana card qualifiers
  • Medical conditions that qualify for legal weed

Once the courses are completed, students have to take a test at the end prior to moving on to the next course. When all six courses have been successfully completed, then comes the final exam. To pass the finals, students must achieve a score of 80% or more. This accomplishment gives students a marijuana certificate to show to employers for a cannabis job.

Additional Information

At North Korea Cannabis College, you will receive all the latest information about the cannabis industry. This will help you learn the ropes and be a better cannabis employer. Visit the Cannabis Training University and take action for your future.

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