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Sign up for the online program at the Ottawa Cannabis College. The door is now open for those who are interested in trying a new career in the marijuana industry. There is always room for anyone who wants to enroll in a program that gives them the flexibility that the Internet and the Cannabis Training University offers.

If you are changing careers or embracing a new career, the cannabis industry offers you the opportunity to come in on the ground floor. The industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Because of this growth, tons of positions are opening up, but you have to be prepared to work in the various fields. Yes, training is so important to being the best worker in the cannabis industry. Moreover, when you do land a job in this industry, you will be more equipped to handle all aspects of it.

Ottawa Cannabis College and its instructors will teach you all you need to know to excel in your new career. When you complete your courses at this Cannabis Training University, you will stand a better chance of being picked over your competition as you look for a job. You will have the right skill level and expertise, even though, you have no experience.

The Federal Government

If you smoke marijuana recreationally, it doesn't mean that you will know everything about the marijuana plant, strains and the industry. The cannabis plant is more complicated than you think and there is so much to learn about the plant as well as the various strains and the industry.

According to the federal government, marijuana is a dangerous substance, but if you were to ask medical cannabis patients to really say what they think about all of this, they would likely tell you that this the furthest thing from the truth. So, everyone should take the online program at the Ottawa Cannabis College to learn all they can just so as to improve their chances of being hired despite what the federal government thinks about marijuana. As long as you are doing everything legal, you should be fine.

The Qualification


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To land a coveted marijuana job, qualification is the key to knowledge about the cannabis industry. Once you enroll into the program at the Ottawa Cannabis College and CTU, you will be able to complete all six courses and pass the exam, if you stick to it in a reasonable time frame. The good thing is that you set your own hours and go at your own pace. When you have passed the final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion to become qualified. It is that easy.

The Courses in Ottawa                                     

Ottawa Cannabis College offers a comprehensive online program to equip each student with all that is necessary to work effectively and efficiently in the cannabis industry. Students will learn:

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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  • How to cure weed
  • How to grow marijuana
  • The different states laws related to marijuana
  • How to plant marijuana outdoors and indoors
  • How to get a medical cannabis card
  • How to determine which are the qualifying medical conditions
  • How to become a budtender or bud trimmer
  • The different marijuana strains
  • How to benefit from cannabis

Noami Green was a student at the Ottawa Cannabis College and this is what she said, “I enrolled in the online program about three months ago and I am so glad I did. The courses were easy for me. If I came upon something I did not understand, I would go back over the material or email one of the instructors. I got my certification after passing the final exam and was able to apply for a cannabis job soon after. Now I work i a marijuana dispensary.”

Visit the Cannabis Training University to start taking the cannabis courses right away.