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Numerous tech firms have played an indirect yet pivotal role in advancing the cannabis industry. They achieve this by offering a range of software solutions, data analytics, and tools tailored to facilitate different facets of cannabis cultivation, distribution, and retail.

These innovative technologies empower cannabis enterprises to streamline operations, maintain regulatory compliance, and elevate customer satisfaction

Top Tech Companies in the Cannabis Industry


LeafLink provides a wholesale platform tailored for the cannabis industry, facilitating seamless connections between retailers and suppliers. This platform streamlines the purchasing process, enhancing efficiency for businesses involved in cannabis distribution.


Flowhub specializes in point-of-sale and inventory management software crafted uniquely for cannabis retailers. This solution empowers retailers to efficiently handle transactions, monitor inventory levels, and uphold regulatory compliance standards.

MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway offers a suite of software solutions for cannabis businesses, including inventory management, point-of-sale, and compliance tools.

Cova Software

Cova delivers point-of-sale and dispensary management software customized for cannabis retailers. Its comprehensive features include age verification, compliance reporting, and meticulous inventory tracking, ensuring seamless operations while meeting regulatory requirements.


Eaze is a cannabis delivery platform that connects consumers with licensed dispensaries, allowing them to order cannabis products online for delivery. Eaze serves areas in California and Michigan.

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