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A number of individuals may not realize the terminology associated with rolling cannabis. Nonetheless, among enthusiasts and smokers alike, the primary terms commonly utilized are blunts, joints, and spliffs.

The cannabis joint has been a household name for years along with spliff and blunt, following it. Each of them will give you a different result, different smell, different experience and different potency.

We have broken down some of the differences between them as it relates them.

Cannabis Joint

A cannabis joint is a popular method for consuming cannabis. It involves rolling ground cannabis flower into a paper cone or cylinder with the intention of smoking it.

Joints are smaller than blunts and spliffs and burn quicker.

The rolling paper is usually made from unbleached rice, flax, hemp or wood pulp.

If you don't pack it tightly, it will also burn more quickly. In addition, rolling papers are sold in various sizes, dependent upon how large you want the cannabis joint to be rolled.

There is no perfect way to roll your cannabis joint, but once you keep practicing, you will roll it good enough to get the ideal smoke from it.

Cannabis Spliff

A spliff is a rolled cigarette or joint that contains a mixture of cannabis (marijuana) and tobacco.

The term is commonly used in various parts of the world, including Europe and North America. The proportions of cannabis to tobacco can vary depending on personal preference, cultural norms, and regional practices.

Some people prefer spliffs because the tobacco can help the joint burn more evenly or because they enjoy the combined effects of both substances. However, it's important to note that smoking spliffs carries health risks associated with tobacco consumption.

You don't necessarily have to use tobacco. There are other herbal alternatives you can use.

As with the cannabis joint, the spliff is made from one rolling paper, whether short or long.

Cannabis Blunt

The blunt is known as the heavy hitter compared to the joint and spliff. The rolling paper in this case is different as it made from cigars that are hollowed out.

The smoking experience of a blunt is different because of the rich and varied taste of the cigar paper.

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The blunt burns slower than the spliff and cannabis joint and lasts longer.

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