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Hemp water, also commonly known as CBD water, is all the craze these days among CBD enthusiasts and interested consumers. Do right by your body and mind using natural Hemp Hydration products infused with hemp extract that is sourced from plants grown in the U.S.A.

In this article, we take a close look at the constitution, benefits, business and environment ethos surrounding hemp water.

How is Hemp Water Made?

In taking a detailed look at hemp water, we are best-off starting with how it’s made. As we must have accumulated by now, CBD is one of many active compounds found in both hemp and marijuana.

CBD is extracted from hemp or cannabis plants to produce a CBD only compound or a full spectrum compound. The full spectrum includes CBD plus other natural compounds.

Most CBD waters are made with nano-emulsified CBD, or tiny particle-sized CBD molecules that make it easier for the bloodstream to absorb into the body.

CBD Oil vs CBD Water

If you’re trying to decide between buying CBD oil and CBD water, what it really comes down to, is a personal choice. They both have the same benefits – only in differing dosages.

CBD water beverages are an easy way to get a microdose of CBD, as compared to a whole dose, or bigger dose of CBD in a bottle of tincture or oil, which might have a more impactful effect.

One advantage of hemp water over oil is it might have a bioavailability rate that is higher. Because the body consists of 60 percent water, it’s potentially easier for the CBD in hemp water to be absorbed into the body, than the CBD in oil.

Benefits of Hemp CBD Water

  • It May Help Relieve Anxiety

Arguably the most well known and most proven benefit of CBD is that it helps with anxiety and stress because of how it interacts with receptors in the brain.

CBD may also help decrease cortisol levels by interacting with cannabinoid receptors found in both the body and the brain.

A study found that CBD has a detectable impact on serotonin levels in mice. This could be yet another reason on why it helps with anxiety.

  • It’s Good for a Post-workout Drink

Lowering inflammation may be a benefit of consuming CBD and other cannabinoids.


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CBD water can be beneficial for athletes or anyone attempting to recover from a workout.

Inflammation can cause muscle soreness, which the CBD can help with. And water is great for hydration – needless to say.

  • It’s Good for Cardiovascular Health

There is ample evidence to show that consuming CBD helps lower blood pressure and improves overall cardiovascular health. Although, more scientific studies are needed to confirm further benefits.

Why the Need for Hemp Water?

CBD initially became a hot topic in 2017, and initially, the buzz seemed to stem from curiosity coupled with a desire to expose the beneficial effects of CBD. How could something made from cannabis or hemp be so potentially beneficial?

As the benefits became more widely talked about – and subsequently legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD started to appear in everything and anything from chocolates to dog treats.

Now, CBD has gone from once-controversial ingredient to now a completely safe and consumable compound found in a variety of CBD products – including the latest: Hemp Water.

Why not provide the human race with a means of refreshment meets potentially beneficial health advantages? This is where hemp water, also known as CBD water hits the nail on the head of the next cannabinoid-related necessity.

Our Top Picks for CBD Water

As part of a detailed look at hemp water, we would like to share with you the following examples of CBD / Hemp water companies to consider supporting in return for supporting your wellbeing:

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Should You Buy Hemp Water?

Hemp water is a great go-to if you're looking for an easy way to get a dose of CBD and stay hydrated at the same time. With that being said, CBD water is generally considered a luxury item that comes rather costly.

When it comes to weighing the benefits against the sordid topic of coin, it’s a no-brainer, though. See real results like anxiety relief, pain reduction, sleep improvements, and even seizure reduction when consuming CBD water on a regular basis.

Concluding Remarks on CBD / Hemp Water

Before you go all-in for CBD water made from hemp, it’s wise to know exactly what it is, how it could be beneficial, and how to know what products are worth the hype.

We hope and trust this article on a detailed look at hemp water has informed you well. In the opinion of this article – and we believe many among us – anything with CBD in it is safe and even beneficial to use. Hemp water is certainly no exception!

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