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Many people have got on the trend of taking CBD oil to reduce chronic pain and anxiety. But they need to know how much CBD to take. There are a many CBD dosage chart to reference depending on what it is getting administered to, a pet or person.

Also, for what it is being used to treat. In this article, we shall take a look at how to calculate your dose, as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol oil is an oil that comes from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid that is derived from cannabis or marijuana. The cannabis plant contains 80-100 cannabinoids, including THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the compound that makes people high.

CBD has a variety of health benefits, and it doesn't produce psychoactive effects. This is one of the reasons why people are turning to it for a more natural and holistic way to deal with ailments like anxiety, arthritis, and chronic pain.

CBD Dosage Chart General Guidelines

One of the most common questions among new CBD oil users is: How much CBD oil should I take? The amount of CBD that people should take varies from one individual to another. Not only that, the same dose might have a varied effect on two different people.

Note that CBD is non-toxic, so you can't overdose on CBD oil. Even high amounts of CBD oil won’t cause anything more than stomach upset.

How Much CBD To Take A Day

Since CBD is not a pharmaceutical drug, it is hard to regulate the doses that need to be administered for each person. In most cases, CBD is marketed as a dietary supplement. When it comes to the amount of CBD that you should take in one day, it varies.

Taking 20mg of CBD oil a day is a good start. If you don’t feel any effects, you can up the amount to 30mg. Most CBD oils come in a dropper bottle. Each drop contains 5mg of CBD oil. That means you should take 5 drops of CBD oil a day.

How Much CBD Should I Take The First Time?

Start with as little as you can. If you have CBD oil in a dropper bottle, then start with one drop. If you have CBD capsules, you can start with one capsule. Record the amount of CBD you took, what time you took it, and when you started feeling the effects.

This can help you study the effects of it on your body. Keeping track of these statistics can help you determine if you need to increase your dose.

How Much CBD Oil To Put In Coffee

Many people have CBD oil with their morning coffee. In one cup of coffee, add 5 drops of CBD oil. If your coffee is hot enough, the CBD oil will mostly dissolve. Adding CBD oil to room temperature or cold coffee might cause it to pool up at the surface.

What Can CBD Oil Be Mixed With?

CBD oil can be incorporated into various foods and drinks to mask its smell and taste. You can add CBD oil to your morning coffee, tea, smoothies, or take it directly under your tongue. CBD oil also comes in capsules and gummies, which makes it easier to eat.

When Should I take CBD oil?

If you want to use CBD oil to deal with pain and anxiety during the day, you will benefit from having CBD oil with your morning coffee. Or, you can take CBD oil at night for a calm and mellow night's sleep.

Recommended Hemp Oil Dosage

Hemp oil is different from CBD oil. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. The hemp plant is not the same as marijuana, although it looks almost the same. Hemp doesn't have THC in it.

THC is a plant compound that has psychoactive effects when ingested or inhaled. In addition to that, hemp oil has little to no CBD in it. Regardless, hemp oil is an excellent plant oil that has several health benefits to skin and hair.  

How Many Mg Of Hemp Oil Should I Take?

Pure hemp oil does not contain CBD, but some products on the market use hemp oil as a carrier oil for CBD or cannabidiol. This means that you might derive some of the benefits of CBD from it.

If you are using full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil, you can start with as small as one drop of hemp oil. The hemp oil capsules dosage for a beginner would be one capsule a day.

How Much Hemp Oil Is Recommended?

Make sure to read the label on your hemp oil. Pure hemp seed oil does not contain CBD because it is made from the hemp plant's seeds. If your hemp oil has CBD on the packaging, then you can start with 5 drops in one day and study its effects on your body.

Easy CBD Dosage Calculator

How can you calculate the dose of CBD that you need to take? This section will take you through the steps you need to take to find the most accurate dose explicitly tailored for you. For this, you will need to know your weight and the strength of CBD oil that you want to take for your individual needs. 

CBD Oil Strength Dosing

Learning the strength and potency of CBD oil can be difficult when you are just starting, but you should keep in mind that there is no such thing as overdosing on CBD.

CBD may lead to diarrhea or other gastrointestinal issues, but studies show that taking a lot of CBD won't lead to adverse effects, unlike other dietary supplements or medications. That said, here are the doses to consider when taking CBD oil:

  • Low strength:            1mg of CBD per 10 pounds or 0.1mg
  • Medium strength:   3mg of CBD per 10 pounds or 0.3mg
  • High strength:          6mg of CBD per 10 pounds or 1.6mg

Calculate CBD Dosage Based On Weight

You might be wondering how much CBD you should take based on your weight. Here is how to calculate your CBD dose for your weight:

Weight * Strength = CBD dose

If you are 120lbs and need CBD to reduce anxiety, then you need a high strength dose. Let’s calculate:

120 x 1.6 = 192mg.

If your CBD oil comes in a dropper bottle, that would mean you need to take 38 drops.

Calculate CBD Potency In CBD Oil

Many people are interested in determining the potency of CBD in their CBD oil. To calculate this, all you have to do is read the product details and get these two figures:

  • Amount on CBD listed on the bottle in mg
  • Bottle size in ml

To calculate CBD potency in CBD oil:

CBD in mg / bottle size in ml = CBD potency

CBD Oil Recommended Dosage

How much CBD can you take in one day? Before starting your CBD oil journey, you need to determine what condition you are targeting with your CBD use. CBD is excellent for anxiety and depression relief, along with improving sleep and reducing pain.

Other people take CBD oil for regular everyday use to boost their health. Let’s take a look at how much CBD to take for different conditions.


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CBD Dosage For Everyday Use

How much CBD to take in one day?

CBD oil is a dietary supplement that people take to boost their general health, whether that is by providing calm or reducing anxiety. For such users, what is the correct dosage for everyday CBD?

Lower to moderate amounts of CBD is ideal for daily usage.

Some users report that they reap CBD oil benefits from as little as 1mg a day. For regular everyday use, it's a good idea to experiment to figure out what works best for you.

Start with 20mg of CBD oil, one CDB capsule, or one CBD gummy. If you don’t feel much of a difference, you can keep upping the dose until you feel a positive result.

CBD Dosage For Anxiety

Many people love to take CBD oil to combat anxiety. How much CBD for anxiety is ideal?

Moderate to high amounts of CBD is perfect for reducing anxiety and stress. This would amount to 25-45mg of CBD oil. The number of CBD drops for anxiety is 9 drops.

If you need more anxiety relief from CBD oil, you can consider upping the dose or the frequency with which you consume CBD. Note that high amounts of CBD oil from 1500-2000mg have been tested on humans with no adverse effects. Tailor your CBD dosage to your needs.

CBD Dosage For Depression

Research shows that CBD latches onto the brain’s serotonin receptors and influences the way they work. Low serotonin levels have been shown to lead to depression.

However, the causes of depression may vary from person to person.

It is for this reason that the CBD dosage for depression may take some experimentation. It’s advisable to start with smaller doses of CBD oil to help your body to adapt to it.

For depression, use 10mg of CBD oil and work up to 25mg or more.

CBD Dosage For Pain

When taking CBD oil for pain, you need to consider the level of pain you are experiencing. Mild low back pain and arthritis can be treated with a lower dose of 20 mg CBD oil.

However, many people seeking to use CBD oil usually experience severe pain, for example, arthritis, nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain. For such people, doses from 25mg of CBD oil and more will be helpful.

CBD oil may take a few minutes or hours to take effect and provide pain relief.

CBD Dosage For Sleep

Users report that CBD oil improves their quality of sleep. Research shows that people who took 25mg of CBD regularly had improved sleep after the first month. 

Based on this research, it is safe to say that 25mg of CBD oil will improve sleep.

Taking a melatonin-infused CBD oil is also suitable for promoting relaxation.

Other CBD Products Dosage

CBD oil is not the only method of consuming cannabidiol. There are some other alternatives to CBD oil (which might taste bitter to some.) CBD gummies and edibles are a fun way to reap the benefits of CBD, like pain and anxiety relief. Here are the doses for other CBD products:

CBD Gummies Dosage

CBD gummies are easy to dose because they come in standard sizes. Most CBD gummies come in concentrations of 11 – 60mg of CBD.

Your dosage depends on the strength of effects that you need. For first time users, it’s better to start with the smaller dose. If you suffer from chronic pain, you might want to try 60mg CBD gummies.

CBD Vape Dosage

CBD vapers tend to micro-dose CBD oil throughout the day to reap the therapeutic effects. For first time users, try one puff and study its impact over the course of one hour. If you need to increase the CBD potency, you can increase the number of inhales you take.

CBD Balm Dosage

CBD balms come in different strengths and potency. Regardless, trying a patch test before committing to using any skincare products is recommended. If you need to increase the effects of a CBD balm, then you can increase the frequency with which you apply it.

CBD Oil For Pets

CBD oil is all the rage right now, even in the pet world. Proud pet parents want to give their furry babies the best supplements, and nowadays, CBD oil is that supplement.

Pets suffer from pain, arthritis, and anxiety too. For these moments, CBD oil might be the medicine that you reach for. Let's take a look at the CBD dosing for dogs and cats.

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CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs

Your canine buddy might be getting older, and they're in pain due to arthritis. For this, using CBD oil is a great way to give them some pain relief. Note that an overdose of CBD in dogs won't lead to any adverse effects.

The most that will happen is a loose stool or stomach upset. Your dog may also feel tired after taking CBD, but that will naturally subside after a few doses.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

Base your dog’s CBD dosage on its weight. A good rule of thumb is to administer 1mg per 10lbs. If your dog is 25lbs heavy, then a dose of 2.5mg per day is just perfect.

CBD Oil Dosage For Cats

Cats can also benefit from CBD oil. Older cats on CBD oil can feel an increase in appetite and playfulness.

If your cat gets spooked by fireworks, CBD oil can calm them down so they can have a relaxing night during the loud booms. Make sure to select only full-spectrum hemp oil to give your cat that shot of CBD.

The normal CBD dosage for cats would be around 4mg of CBD once a day. Of course, not all cats are the same size and weight. For that reason, you can administer the dose based on their weight. For every 10lbs in weight, administer 1mg of CBD oil a day.

For a pure and highly rated CBD oil for pets we suggest using CBD Pure.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is excellent for reducing chronic pain and anxiety. However, the average CBD dose changes from one person to another. That is why you need to know how to calculate the correct dose based on your weight and what condition you are treating in your body.

There are different doses to consider for various conditions. For example, the dose for improving sleep would be different from treating chronic pain.

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