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June marks National Camping Month so there's no better time to plan an outdoor adventure! Bring friends, family, and your pup along to enjoy the beauty of nature and find peace among the local flora and fauna.

Five times more people experienced their first camping trip in 2020 than 2019, according to the KOA. COVID-19 limited traditional accommodations, encouraging many people's first foray into outdoor living. Unfortunately there are few cannabis-friendly campgrounds. That's why we've assembled a list of 11 camping spots for cannabis lovers where you can enjoy a dab, joint, or edible while basking in the sun among the wildflowers.

Oregon Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers


Bandon Wayside Motel + RV

The Bandon Wayside Motel + RV Park near the coast provides fast access to Southern Oregon beaches. The veteran-owned, female-run campground features a cannabis-friendly smoking gazebo where users can enjoy their flower or tobacco. Smoking inside guest rooms or campsites is not allowed.


Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water is a cannabis-friendly campground right by Lake Selmac and Rogue Siskiyou National Forest. Enjoy fishing trout and bass, kayaking, canoeing, and more outdoor fun. Revel in 5 acres of stunning beauty while you puff on a joint or two.

Colorado Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers


Rustic River Cabins

Rustic River Cabins is near Estes Park and Big Thompson River. They allow cannabis consumption anywhere on the property but the cabins. You can enjoy vapes, dabs, and edibles inside but flower has to be smoked on the front porch or anywhere else on the 16 acres. Get 10% off from the nearby Karing Kind dispensary in Boulder. This campground is also pet-friendly but requires a leash.

adventure lodge

Boulder Adventure Lodge

Just far enough away from the civilization but close enough to the wildland, the Boulder Adventure Lodge is completely cannabis-friendly. Enjoy a trail connecting to the Betasso Preserve Trails. Rent camper vans or book guided expeditions to experience the area's beauty. Enjoy your weed in designated smoking areas outside and sip on some drinks at the taproom and cafe. Don't miss the slackline park and hot tub!


Canyonside Campground

Canyonside Campground is located near Fort Collins and is super cannabis-friendly. You'll regularly see deer, mountain goats, and ram at this campground nestled among a national forest near Poudre Canyon and Cache La Poudre River. It has spots for tents, cabins, and RVs. There's plenty to do including fly-fishing and tubing.


Wilderness Bud and Breakfast

Wilderness Bud and Breakfast in Pagosa Springs near the Rio Blanco River allows you to smoke inside teepees and tents. The campground has all the amenities you could use from a fire pit to pots and pans to showers with hot water. You'll even get breakfast and a 4:20 happy hour!

Other Colorado Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers

Colorado is the epicenter of camping with cannabis! Here are other places to include in your next trip through the Rockies:

  • Camp Kush
  • Lake San Cristobal
  • Joyful Journey Hot Springs
  • Fort420 Campground
  • Wizards 420 Friendly Camp
  • Little Elk Meadows Lodge
  • First Inn

California Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers

Feeling Groovy At Eagle Creek Ranch photos Exterior Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch

Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch

Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch sits on 116 acres of stunning mountain scenery and surrounded by the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Enjoy your outdoor cannabis and other activities such as horseback riding, outdoor yoga, hiking, fishing, horseshoes, and more! Its cottages offer guests a rustic chic and bed and breakfast appeal. If you want a luxe camping experience, stay at Eagle Creek Ranch.

Washington Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers

Rose Creek Retreat

Rose Creek Retreat

Rose Creek Retreat in Roseburg is as close to the Lower Columbia River as you can get. The remote, cannabis-friendly campground has a majestic wildflower backdrop. You’ll want to stay here forever. The wikiup, a teepee made of branches and vegetation, will transport you into a whimsical world of nature and fun.

Other Washington Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers

Cannabis tourism is booming in Washington. Some other places to check out:

  • Mountain Refuge Ranch
  • Leavenworth/Pine Village KOA
  • Wallaby on Lake Quinault

New Mexico Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers

mother bosque gardens 13b44cc5ad716f3a294caaf8b26e7c5c

Mother Bosque Gardens

Mother Bosque Gardens near Albuquerque is an urban permaculture-based retreat near the Rio Grande Nature Center, Cibola National Forest, and Petroglyph National Monument. Bring along your dogs for the adventure. The campground even offers a work-trade arrangement that gives you a free night of camping.

Michigan Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers

Covert/South Haven KOA

Several KOA campgrounds changed their policies to allow cannabis consumption after Michigan legalized cannabis. The Covert/South Haven KOA location allows you to consume cannabis in your RV, but not in cabins or campground buildings.

Maine Camping Spots for Cannabis Lovers

salmon falls koa

Salmon Falls KOA

Salmon Falls KOA in Maine gives you a place to enjoy your cannabis and the great outdoors. It's a mile away from Salmon Falls River so it's perfect for those who love to fish or anyone who enjoys river activities. Stay at any of the three campgrounds, enjoy a craft barn, rent kayaks, and bathe in heated swimming pools and a hot tub.

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