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Whether you’re stuffing bowls out on the town common or packing goodies for customers from behind the counter, there’s probably no day more important to a cannabis dispensary owner – or more profitable – than April 20. Long known as the high holiday of weed, 4/20 is more than just a big celebration to enjoy in a haze – it’s a serious opportunity to provide awesome service and amazing cannabis to your loyal fans.

But when it comes to taking full advantage of all that Canna-Christmas has to offer, it’s super important to have a plan with clear-cut goals. In our experience, the most effective strategies focus on a few key points: providing plenty of product, providing plenty of knowledge, and providing a welcoming atmosphere for your customers to stay in the holiday spirit. Here’s a look at how to get it done this “Green Friday”.

Be Ready With Those Favorite Strains

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Chances are, you’re going to see two kinds of cannabis fans walking through your doors on the April 20 holiday itself: long-time, experienced stoners, and first-timers looking to get in on the (in some states, newly-legal) fun. Obviously, each will be looking for a slightly different experience.

For the newbies, it’s best to know exactly which strains are best for those with relatively low THC tolerances – strains with lower THC levels and higher CBD levels; strains with smoother flavors and less intense onsets; and relatively inexpensive strains meant to be shared and experimented with.

For those shoppers with a bit more green experience under their belts, it’s all going to be about keeping this fun and keeping things going. This is a great opportunity for budtenders to roll out specialty strains, hard-to-get strains, high THC strains, and other goodies that shoppers may not usually spring for any other day of the year.

Plus, 4/20 is also a great time to build new customer bases, and having unique or sought-after strains in stock and with plenty of information available can set your dispensary apart from the others working hard to grab business.

Make Sure You’ve Got Plenty of Product On-Hand

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Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – it’s 4/20, you’re about to head off to the celebration in town, and you’re just going to swing by your favorite dispensary to grab a bag – but oh no! Supplies have run dry, and there’s no green in sight. Looks like you’ll have to head to your second-favorite dispensary to see what they’ve got.

As a business owner, this is just about the worst scenario to be in. Not only have you lost a little bit of trust with your customer, but you’ve also lost out on a quality sale – and that means potential profits not made for the day.

Instead of letting your supplies run dry, make a plan to have plenty of product on-hand and ready to go for the holiday. This is a good occasion to stock up on specialty strains and high-margin strains, because shoppers will likely be looking to grab what’s available and probably won’t mind splurging a bit if it means they get to be in on the fun.

Invite Your Customers To Join You For The Celebration

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Getting new customers in your door on 4/20 is going to take more than just the same old strategies you use day after day. Chances are, plenty of people who don’t even use cannabis regularly will be out with friends and enjoying the holiday, and April 20 might be the perfect opportunity for them to make their first trip into a dispensary like yours. The only way you’re going to stand out above the competition is by offering something they won’t be able to find anywhere else: a great experience.

Some dispensaries encourage customers to bring friends or guests by on 4/20 with special incentives, discounts, and offers. Others might try to appeal to those looking to get into the industry with trimming demonstrations, job fairs, or even special discounts for that day only.

For those dispensaries looking to really take things to the next level, cannabis events like “Puff n’ Paint” actually encourage mixing art and cannabis, providing one fun event that’s both in the spirit of the celebration and a little bit unique compared to all the rest. Whatever you choose, making your dispensary a fun destination within a handy storefront is a great way to get customers and their friends excited to stop by on 4/20.

Get Yourself Out There At Events

420 Event

The one key difference between April 20 and just about any other day on the calendar: public celebrations. For pretty much one day only, citizens are invited to public spaces like parks and town commons to enjoy cannabis freely, and all together, For many cannabis businessses, this is the perfect opportunity to do some on-the-street marketing and get in front of a wide range of new consumers – all helping to drive up profits and increase visibility among an already engaged audience.

If possible, be sure to get your dispensary out and in front of crowds at 4/20 events in your town as much as possible, and check with event organizers to see what your options are for giving out swag, branded merchandise, and even free samples. By building up your visibility among the crowd at your local 4/20 event, you set yourself up for serious sales and long-term relationships with customers on the holiday and beyond.

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Ready To Get Busy This 4/20?

This Green Friday, take a look around – cannabis is big, like really big, and the industry is only going to grow from here. Now is the time to establish your dispensary as the go-to place to be on 4/20, and this is the year to get started.

If you’re interested in kicking your sales to the next level this 4/20, or if you’re looking to get into the cannabis business in general, CTU can help get you the cannabis training and confidence you need to get there. Check us out and get ready to get busy – and, of course, happy 4/20!!!

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