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Fall is here and the days are growing cooler and shorter. Before you know it, little ghosts and goblins will be making the rounds through your neighborhood on their annual trick-or-treat journey. So, lay in a good supply of candy (don’t forget the Snickers bars—they never disappoint), and let your creative juices flow as you carve the scariest pumpkin on the block. Halloween ranks as one of the favorite holidays of the year for children. What kid doesn’t love costumes and candy?

Truth be told, many adults love costumes and candy, too, and there’s no reason kids should have all the fun. Halloween provides the perfect opportunity for adults to have their own party, complete with an assortment of tasty adult cannabis-infused treats. Just be sure to keep the adult treats well out of the reach of sugar-loving children.

Costume Creation

No Halloween party is a success—cannabis-themed Halloween parties included—without a good selection of creative costumes. Start planning now to come up with a head-turning costume that will make you the hit (pun intended) of the evening. Sometimes the best way to brainstorm costume ideas is to learn about what’s worked well in the past. With some colorful fabric, cardboard, papier-mâché, tin foil, and other common materials, you can make yourself into Bong Man or Joint Woman in no time. And don’t just settle for the most obvious ideas. The colorful world of cannabis and cannabis culture has a fantastic assortment of themes from which to choose.

If you’re good with a sewing machine, there are a surprising number of marijuana-print fabrics from which to choose. A tastefully done marijuana-themed dress or jacket will ensure that you arrive in style, sporting some classic threads. For the less-serious types, a fun cannabis-related costume in the guise of a popular cannabis product or “pot celebrity” will be sure to liven things up.

In past years, cannabis-costume-contest winners covered a wide range of ideas. The Zig Zag Man (fashioned from the Zig Zag logo) has been a hit at more than one party, as have cannabis-related celebrities like Cheech and Chong, Willie Nelson, Hunter S. Thompson, Bob Marley, and dynamic-duo Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart. Other popular homemade costumes are limited only by the imaginations of their creators, like Blunt Man (complete with brown wrapper and cigar band), Pot Head (the costume consists of a terra-cotta pot simulated hat with a small cannabis plant growing), and Pot Brownies (in Girl Scout Brownie troop uniforms with appropriate shoulder patches). For a simpler, minimalist approach to a cannabis Halloween costume, all you need is a dark-brown sack with holes for your arms and legs, and a joint in hand, to immediately become a Baked Potato. If brown isn’t your color, and you want to dress in a green-and-black costume complete with cape, you can go as Captain Cannabis. If black suits you better, go with a black, hooded cloak and scythe as The Grim Reefer (don’t forget the blunt to make it complete).

If you really want to go against the grain and create tongue-in-cheek annoyance at the next big cannabis bash, consider impersonating U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions—a foe to cannabis lovers everywhere if ever there was one. Just be prepared for the possibility of being denied entrance to the party or meeting partygoers unwilling to share their party favors with you. Or, worse yet, you may get doused in bong water!

Strain-Inspired Costumes

Some of the funniest Halloween costumes are inspired by the names of popular cannabis strains. Granddaddy Purple, White Widow, Space Queen, Headband, Gorilla Glue #4, Nine-Pound Hammer, Skunk #1, Grape Ape, and Super Lemon Haze are just a handful of strains with major costume potential. The possibilities for these costumes are limited only by the imagination of the wearers.

For those who are both dog and cannabis lovers, Chem Dawg is a strain just waiting to be honored at your next Halloween party. Other good animal-themed cannabis costumes inspired by marijuana strains are “Puff” the Magic Dragon (Magic Dragon is an indica-dominant strain), and, if you and friends don’t mind some vulgarity, Cat Piss and Dog Shit (yes, they are both widely recognized strains), which both have good potential for costumes. Cat Piss and Dog Shit could even attend the party together as a couple. There are a number of other costume ideas for couples who want to attend a Halloween party as a cannabis duo—as well as easy ways to create them.

Pre-Made Cannabis Costumes

If you don’t have the time or interest to create your own cannabis costume, there are a number of good pre-made costumes on the market that will meet your needs. Ultimately, these types of costumes may be cheaper in the long run than buying your own material and creating your own original getup. If you’re the minimalist type, a simple cannabis-themed mask may be all that you need, or perhaps a cannabis-leaf wig is a better look for you—or a Rasta hat complete with dreadlocks. For an even more minimalist look, consider a pair of cannabis shades to fit the occasion.

Going as a simple bag of buds is about as overtly cannabis-crazy as you can get. Just plan on having friends ask if they can sample some of your product! A pre-made spliff costume is also sure to get attention and garner some compliments.

Cooking with cannabis is at an all-time high (again, pun intended), and home-baked cannabis treats may even be a part of your Halloween party or a party thrown by a friend. What could be more appropriate than wearing a cannabis chef costume? Or, if you’re more of the corporate type as far as your occupation goes, a cannabis executive costume may be a better choice.

For cannabis-loving couples, there are some excellent pre-made options. Coordinated cannabis doctor and nurse costumes allow any couple to arrive in “high” Halloween-costume fashion. Dr. Ken Abyss and his trusty nurse should probably plan on bringing plenty of medicine for their party going patients.

If you’re more the single nurse type and want to hit the party sans a doctor companion, a leafy head nurse costume may be what you need for your heady cannabis Halloween bash. Another great idea for single women is a racy marijuana-themed costume as either Wonder Weed Woman or Mary Jane Super Hero.

Cannabis Party Favors

No Halloween is complete without some tasty cookies, cannabis-infused or not. Whether you make the cookies for your own guests or bring them to someone else’s party as a contribution, scary shapes are the order of the day on Halloween, so be sure to get some Halloween cookie cutters to come up with an assortment of ghosts, bats, and pumpkins to stay in step with the holiday spirit.

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Since we’re talking about cannabis-themed Halloween parties and costumes, put an interesting twist on your batch of Halloween cookies by including a selection of cannabis-lead cookies. The frosting color for these would most certainly be green to complement the orange pumpkins, white ghosts, and black bats. A set of cannabis-lead cookie cutters would make a tasteful addition to any baking utensil drawer.

So, get ready to trick or treat—or risk being the dud at your next Halloween party. There are more than enough cannabis-themed costumes to guarantee plenty of variety among you and your 420-loving friends. Let the cannabis—and the creativity—flow this Halloween!

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