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Halloween is just around the corner. As you fine-tune your scary costume and select the perfect pumpkins and candy for trick or treaters, don’t forget about other essential party favors for you and your adult friends. These fifteen spooky cannabis strains are sure to have you scared around Halloween time.

Many of the strains with the scariest names also pack a potent punch, which is part of what makes them appropriate for scary-name status.

Regardless of whether you prefer indica or sativa, there are numerous strains bound to make you smile and giggle beneath your grotesque mask or makeup.

Let’s explore some of the scariest strains that kick off your evening in style.

Haunting Hybrid Strains

As hybrids, these strains will provide balance to your evening. They lack both the relaxing knock-out punch of an indica as well as a the elevated and hyperactive high of a sativa, falling comfortably somewhere in between. Here are some spooky cannabis strains of the hybrid variety.

  • Ghost OG has the perfect Halloween name, and as a multiple cup winner, it enjoys elevated status among cannabis connoisseurs. This clone-only strain is actually a prime cut of OG Kush that has particularly pronounced sticky citrus aromas and flavors. The balanced high of Ghost OG is appropriate for evening use, with euphoric, creative energy that settles into a relaxing body high.
  • Death Star certainly has the name for elevated Halloween status. While it may not be devastating enough to destroy entire planets like its namesake, it certainly has the potency to make a lasting impression on you and your nighttime party crew. As a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, this strain captures some of the best qualities from each parent, with initial sweet dankness that also contains a touch of fuel that pleases the palate. As a hybrid, Death Star will give you the energy for Halloween adventure but won’t keep you up at the end of the evening.
  • Agent Orange. A great strain for an active evening, this hybrid has a motivating and happy effect for those who partake. Forget anything about the herbicidal warfare with this Agent Orange, the scary name applies only to the great terpene experience this strain provides. Prepare for the flavor of sweet oranges and citrus, which serves as an excellent prelude to a fun-filled evening of goulish adventure. Agent Orange is a combination of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, but has a special taste and effect all its own.
  • Dark Devil. The Dark Devil strain is definitely a crowd pleaser among those who have grown and smoked it. As the name implies, the sticky, resin-covered flowers are so dark that they appear black. Sweet Seeds created Dark Devil by crossing Big Devil with a sweet purple strain that lends some dark coloration to the resulting cross. People rave about the flavor, which is said to be very similar to passionfruit. The strain is a 40/55/05 auto-flowering hybrid between an indica/sativa/ruderalis.
  • Killer Grape. If you’re looking to provide some true hybrid balance to your evening’s activities, look no further than Killer Grape. This 50/50 hybrid is the result of crossing Killer Queen with Querkle, two tasty powerhouses in their own right. This sticky-sweet, grape-flavored strain hits you right between the eyes with a cerebral and focused effect that will last for an extended period of time before settling into a relaxing body buzz. The visually pleasing purple-colored flowers are somewhat reminiscent of Querkle, one of its parent strains.
cannabis filled pumpkin Halloween design. 15 spooky cannabis strains.

Scary Sativa Strains

A good sativa strain may be exactly what you’re looking for on a long Halloween night when slowing down just isn’t an option. The upbeat and energetic effects of sativa will keep everyone in your inner circle motivated and energized for goulish fun. Here are more spooky cannabis strains that are sativa.

  • Durban Poison. A legendary landrace strain, this legendary South African strain will keep you pleasantly energized throughout your Halloween evening. Don’t worry about the “poison” part of its ominous name. It merely speaks to the power of this sativa classic. Durban has been around for decades and should be available without much looking.
  • Green Goblin. This strain is a phenotype of Green Crack, which has a name many people dislike, for understandable reasons. If you want a potent smoke for Halloween, however, Green Goblin delivers with a potent kick. Its Northern Lights strain and Skunk #1 genetics may include other strains as well and are not definitive, but it leans to the sativa side, with an upbeat and adventurous high. Some versions Green Goblin have a hint of diesel as well, so there a good chance that it contains a splash of Sour D or New York City Diesel. This strain is sweet and pungent with pronounced skunky aromas.
  • Ogre. Although there is more than one Ogre strain out there, the most common one is a sativa-leaning phenotype of a well known indica-dominant strain from Sensi Seeds known as Sensi Star. Ogre definitely has a great name for Halloween festivities, and its effects are nicely balanced, with a combined head and body high that won’t knock you out of the game too early in the evening. Sensi Seeds’ Ogre delivers in the terpene department, too, with a flavor that has defined lemon citrus notes. You may have to keep your eye out for Ogre at dispensaries because it appears sporadically, but makes a worthy addition to your Halloween evening.
  • The Blood. This racy landrace sativa from Hawaii is far from common and may take some looking to find, but there’s no doubt that its name lends itself perfectly to Halloween. With an undefined genetic background, The Blood strain (AKA Blood Drive) lives up to its tropical island origins with sweet tropical fruit flavors and an uplifting high. Without widespread availability, you may need to put The Blood on your bucket list and grab some when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Jock Horror. As you might have guessed from the name, Jock Horror is a similar strain to Jack Herer, with a similar genetic background of Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk. Both the upbeat, all-evening high and the name make Jock Horror a strain to put on your Halloween flower list. The terpene profile differs a bit from Jack Herer by having subtle berry notes that many of Jack’s numerous phenos lack. A Hazy sweetness is also present, which makes Jock Horror a strain worth finding for fall nighttime activities.

Insane Indica Strains

Many people consider indica strains to be most suited for evening use, when the relaxing qualities of a good indica strain make a great day ender, much like a fine brandy or single malt Scotch.

Since Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the evening, be sure to consider one of these hard hitters to enhance your evening. Here are some spooky cannabis strains that are indica plants.

  • Zombie OG. Be careful around the Halloween candy after puffing on some Zombie OG, because this indica will give you a serious case of the munchies. Before you know it, you may be in a sedative stupor with chocolate all over your face instead of faux Halloween blood. For winding down after a long, eventful evening, however, a taste of the Zombie OG may be the perfect nightcap to a fun-filled evening with friends. There’s no denying that the dank sweetness of this strain is a delicious treat, but timing can be everything with this day-ending indulgence.
  • Hell Raiser OG. Created by Archive Seed Bank, this indica-dominant hybrid has a nice balance (60/40) that will allow you to remain happy but functional throughout your evening. Interestingly, the effect is more sativa-like than what you would expect from an indica. Sweet-and-sour lemon drops and pine make this OG strain a tasty treat that won’t disappoint. It was created by crossing Fire OG with Face-Off OG, and the result is sticky goodness that lives up to the OG name, which has reached an elevated status that’s synonymous with high quality.
  • Phantom OG. This indica-dominant strain has both a spooky name and great effects for Halloween, beginning as an energetic blast that settles into a relaxing body high. Although its genetics are undefined and mysterious, the flavor of Phantom OG is noteworthy for a complex lemony pine with a touch of mint that deviates quite a bit from many typical indica strains. When it comes to effect, the Phantom lives up to its indica heritage, with sedative, sleepy results that set in not long after smoking it. This being the case, you might want to wait for Phantom to make its appearance during the late hours of your Halloween celebration.
  • Frankenstein. What better strain name could you hope for on a Halloween evening? The genetic background of Frankenstein is unknown, but is popularity is notable. Floral and lavender aromas and flavors make this strain a unique standout among indica strains that have similar qualities. If you’re planning on a happy and laid-back evening, Frankenstein will set the tone and send all your party buddies home with a smile.
  • Black Widow. Black Widow definitely has a name that’s scary enough for Halloween and would make a great strain to celebrate this special evening. Don’t let the black part of the name throw you off. Black Widow is actually White Widow, the strain that spawned the entire white family of strains, like White Rhino and Great White Shark. When the two business owners who created White Widow had a falling out and split up, one began to market it under the Black Widow name. White Widows is a nicely balanced Indica-dominant strain that hits hard in the head at first and then transitions into a powerful body high.

15 Spooky Cannabis Strains Conclusion

These 15 spooky cannabis strains, whether they be hybrid, sativa, or indica, will give you plenty to consider when deciding on the best flower(s) to enjoy with your friends this Halloween.

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A good Halloween cannabis strain can make all the difference in setting the tone for one of the most enjoyable evenings of the year. Prepare now for more treats than tricks on the upcoming crisp fall evening!

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