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Durban Poison is one of the sativa strains that are derived from the marijuana plant. It is usually known as “Durbs.” While the word ‘poison' is attached to it, don't let this be a deterrent, if you want to smoke this strain. Some people suffering from attention deficit disorder swear by this strain and are biased towards it. It provides a blast of citrus intoxication with the aroma filling up the nostril and brining the user to submission. If you have ever smoked landrace sativa, then you can identify with Durban Poison.

This is considered one of the purest in sativa strains on the market. If you are a user of this strain, you can expect to receive an invigorating and energizing high. This strain also helps with creativity. It is the same as waiting to get high on caffeine or you won't be able to start your mornings off in energetic vigor. The Durban Poison strain doesn't give you the jitters like coffee does. It prepares you for your day, helping you to get going and accomplishing your daily responsibilities.

The Origination of Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison Strain
Durban Poison Strain

Lemon Skunk, this Durban Poison strain is classic and originates from South Africa as a pure sativa strain with no indica in it. In the 1970s, it was smuggled from South Africa, gaining its popularity and reputation in Amsterdam due to its pungent smell and the fact that it had a short flowering phase.

It also did not take too long for it to cross over to the Atlantic once people heard about its potency and short flowering phase. Today, this particular strain has earned its spot as one of the best on the market and in the cannabis industry, fathering some very popular offspring such as Girl Scout cookies and Cherry Pie; just to name a few sativa strains.

Timeless Attributes

Unfortunately, though, the Durban Poison strains we have come to know outside of South Africa do not have the same strong genetics, but are still sound enough for marijuana tourists and recreational cannabis users to enjoy. When you talk about marijuana quality, this strain adds up to be one of the best for its timeless attributes.


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The Details of Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison has an aroma that is a little spicy with an organic kick. It is earthy, acidic, and citrusy in nature while still a little bit on the sweet side. This landrace strain might have high levels of THC, depending on various factors. Most buds have at least 20 percent of THC. Most landrace strains are not as potent as contemporary hybrids, but in this specific case, Durban Poison is the opposite.  It boasts one powerful effect upon consumption.

The Experience

Thank Durban Poison for its high levels of THC so that you can experience an intense high. You will notice a variation in the amounts of THC found in this strain. It all depends on the conditions in which it was grown and harvested. You should expect an energetic and uplifting feeling when you smoke Durban Poison. When you get high on this strain, you might feel a little inclined to be more creative than is normal. It stimulates the brain and that is why it is called a ‘cerebral strain.' You may have a fast heart beat, but nothing to be concerned about. Your ears might have a pleasant pressure, putting you in a relaxed state.

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Final Thoughts

People use Durban Poison as a treatment for ADD/ADHD, depression and stress. It helps people to maintain their concentration in high stressful situations. It helps you to stay focused and gives off a creative and euphoric vibe. Enjoy your next does of Durban Poison and to learn more about cannabis strains check out our Budtender certification course at CTU.

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