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Have you just recently graduated from college? Are you now looking for a job to pay off your educational loans? You might not be alone with this. Even though, you went to college and worked hard to graduate with a prestigious degree, did you know that there is a place for you in the cannabis industry? With this industry experiencing so much growth, it could be wise to consider seeking a cannabis job opportunity and work your way up to even owning your marijuana dispensary in a state where weed is legal.

The Recommendation

Before you dive into the cannabis industry, it is recommended that you learn as much as you can about the various aspects of the industry. These include the marijuana laws, the legalization process, the marijuana plant and 420 careers. You can do your own research to get all of this information, but you could consider attending the program offered by the Cannabis Training University. Here you would learn all you needed to advance in the cannabis industry. Making the decision to jump into marijuana and all it entails may be nerve racking for you, but it is doable, especially if you live in a state where weed is legal.

The Opportunities

In the United States, the legal marijuana industry is supportive of more than 120,000 full time cannabis jobs that you can find in the District of Columbia and 29 other states. Therefore, if you are a college student and you are graduating soon or have already graduated and having a hard time finding a job, there are thousands of job openings in the marijuana industry for you and others. The secret is to know where to search or look.

The Options

You could enter the cannabis industry as a trainee or intern. This will afford you the chance to learn more and to figure out if this is where you want to be. It will give you insight into how the business works and it is possible that you will love the idea of helping medical marijuana patients choose the right marijuana strains for their chronic illnesses. You could become an expert at identifying cannabis strains and end up being an asset to the company. You could consider using your business major to learn more about the marijuana business and become a manager eventually. If you are an accounting major, the marijuana dispensaries are going to need your expertise. You could start out that way. The same is true for the Information Technology major, the nurse graduate, and the attorney is an essential asset to the cannabis industry and marijuana businesses.

Once you educate yourself about the nature of marijuana and its impact on society, people and the world, it would give you a better idea of whether you should get your feet wet in the cannabis industry, even though, you have a college degree. Learn the rules and regulations as it relates to the legislation. Depending on the state you live in or where you want to work.

Get Out There

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Be proactive and less intimidated. What does it mean by getting out there? Start by attending cannabis job fairs. Go up to different potential employer's booth and ask as many questions as you want answers to.

Submit your resume to as many related companies as possible. Show your interest. Employers are quick to notice. But, you will be taken more seriously, not only, if you have a college degree, but if you have specialized training in the cannabis industry and possible certification, which you can obtain from the Cannabis Training University.  

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Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
Fred Hernandez

Fred Hernandez is a highly accomplished and versatile writer, boasting an extensive background in the cannabis industry. With an in-depth understanding of various sectors including cultivators, processors, retailers, and brands, Fred's expertise spans across the entire cannabis landscape. As a prominent contributor to CTU, he consistently delivers insightful articles exploring the latest developments, news, and regulations shaping the cannabis industry. Whether it's delving into the intricacies of cannabis products, cannabis strain reviews, or providing comprehensive analyses of cannabis laws, or sharing expert insights on cannabis cultivation techniques, Fred's wealth of knowledge positions him as an invaluable writer and educator for all cannabis-related subjects.

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