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Oregon legalized medical cannabis use in 1998 and recreational cannabis use in 2014. Today, Oregon's cannabis market is fueled by smaller operations and no cap on licenses. Oregon now employs nearly 18,000 full-time marijuana industry jobs. If you want to be a part of this blossoming market, here are 10 cannabis jobs in Oregon to consider.

10 Best Cannabis Jobs in Oregon

1. Trimmer

In today's market, cannabis trimming is a year-round activity, not just reserved for the fall. Trimmers work at a cultivation facility cutting the stems and leaves from flower buds and performing other harvesting tasks such as drying and curing the flowers.

Previous experience is not required but it helps to have cannabis industry knowledge and skills such as attention to detail and an ability to perform repetitive hand movements for long periods of time.

2. Budtender

Medical and recreational dispensaries rely on friendly and knowledgeable budtenders to facilitate a customer's shopping experience. Budtenders may have to check patient IDs, update live menus, and keep the store well-stocked, clean, and organized.

Above all, they are educators who can zero in on the right cannabis product for the patient or recreational user. Budtenders must have previous cash handling and POS experience to process transactions and track the transactions for regulatory compliance.

3. Cannabis Grower

Cannabis growers are the lifeblood of the industry. Most cannabis growing in Oregon happens indoors but some still occurs outdoors or in greenhouses. Cannabis growers range from entry-level cultivation assistants who take care of day-to-day plant care activities to head growers who oversee the entire operation.

Cultivation assistants do not require much experience but it can help to understand the industry and have understanding of essential cultivation techniques and plant management systems. Head growers, however, require several years of commercial cultivation management experience and a degree in a related science field such as botany or agriculture.

4. Sales Representative

Sales representatives in the industry can make a high salary depending on the amount of sales they make. This job is perfect for the personable, confident, and problem-solving job candidate who is good at building a rapport with customers. Sales representatives can sell flower, concentrates, and other cannabis products to retailers, processors, and wholesalers.

5. Marketing Professional

Cannabis marketing is restricted on major social media sites. A savvy marketing professional knows how to reach the target audience while maneuvering through the often changing rules for digital marketing.

Marketing includes a variety of aspects including social media, email, website, graphic design, and so much more. A marketing professional is an in-demand position across many marijuana companies in Oregon either on site, on a freelance basis, or as part of an agency.

6. Lab Manager

cannabis jobs in oregon extraction technician lab manager

Cannabis extraction is big in Oregon. Processing facilities start with cannabis flowers or trim and use solventless or solvent-based extraction methods to strip away the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant to produce a variety of products including edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

A lab manager is responsible for overseeing the activities of a processing facility, from hiring extraction technicians to troubleshooting equipment issues. Lab managers must also ensure the operations remain compliant and workers are safe if working with a volatile solvent.

7. Kitchen Assistant

Cannabis infused producers create a wide range of infused products including gummies, beverages, mints, chocolates, and so much more. An entry-level kitchen assistant handles the preparation, cleaning, and organization of the kitchen.

Previous commercial kitchen experience, knowledge of handling commercial kitchen equipment, and ability to follow recipes is preferred.

8. Store Manager

Dispensary store managers ensure that a dispensary operates smoothly. That includes putting together a team of budtenders and dispensary staff, training them to increase sales and remain compliant, and paying them on time.

Dispensary managers are one of the highest paid positions in the industry and require previous retail management experience and industry knowledge.

9. Kitchen Manager

A kitchen manager runs a commercial cannabis kitchen and produces a wide range of edible and infused products. A kitchen manager delegates tasks to their staff kitchen and ensures that they produce a consistent and pure edible product. They may also develop new recipes and products.

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10. Lab Technician

A lab technician works in an extraction lab and is responsible for operating the extraction machinery to process cannabis material. A technician must always keep in mind safety precautions and ensure the product is processed safely to produce a pure oil without contaminants.

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