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People are attracted to the cannabis industry, more so than ever before. In fact, there are many passionate users and patients that are being added as states get on board with legalized marijuana. For that reason, new marijuana jobs are being opened every day and so there are various opportunities for new cannabis careers.

The Fundamentals

So many advocates have worked very hard to stop the prohibition of cannabis. With the legalization of marijuana in many states, it has made it possible to find marijuana jobs in a wide range of positions. The industry is still regulated, but in the state of Colorado, you need some fundamental requirements to become a candidate for marijuana jobs. For that reasons, you will need marijuana training to be considered as a candidate for various marijuana jobs. In all cases, you must be over the legal age, which is 21 and you must know enough about cannabis to even be considered.

Grow for Vets

Grow for Vets makes cannabis products that help war veterans that suffer from post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). There are seven chapters of this organization across the United States including Colorado. You could work as a sales person or product expert, but of course, you will need the skill and training to provide support to veterans.

Dixie Dispensary

There is a marijuana dispensary formed in 2010 known as Dixie. The company’s goal is to make sure that medical cannabis patients get the right dosage for all cannabis products. The company provides information through advocacy, research and education. However, the company also produces products infused with THC. Some of the products include mints, chocolate, topical creams, elixirs and vapes. You could work for the company in a wide range of capacity such as lab assistant, edible maker and sales person.

Medicine Man Dispensary

Medicine Man has several marijuana dispensary locations in the Colorado area. The company has openings for marijuana jobs since it does cater to the medical cannabis patient and the recreational users. The company started with two brothers with their mother as their initial investor and it has since grown to also offer consulting services.


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Good Chemistry Dispensary Chain

You could work in the Denver dispensary chain called Good Chemistry. The company has different marijuana jobs. Specializing in cannabis strains and products that help cannabis patients with sleep, you could land a job as a budtender or sales person.

Mindful Dispensary

You could work as a butender or sales person at the Mindful cannabis dispensary. The company has its own cannabis strains, which you will have to learn and so if you have the advantage of being a student of the Cannabis Training University, you would be an asset to the company. The company also has a grow operation where you can be a trimmer or grower.

Healthy Headie Manufacturer

Healthy Headie is a manufacturer of cannabis accessories such as vaporizers. The company only sells vaporizers that you can use with your cannabis, but doesn’t sell the cannabis itself. So you can work as a sales person for this company. You would be able attend the company events where products are tested on consumers.

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Another one of the marijuana jobs that some people could consider is advocacy. NORML fights for the legalization of marijuana. The organization works hard to decriminalize marijuana and encourages legalization as a way to increase tax revenue. The organization is also an advocate for the consumer. Ensuring that there is high quality cannabis available for those who need it. If you want to know more about marijuana jobs and how you can land one in the state of Colorado, visit the Cannabis Training University's cannabis education courses to see how you can be a part of this.