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If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting career start or change, check out our comprehensive guide to Colorado marijuana jobs for a breakdown of Colorado’s marijuana laws, available entry-level and advanced jobs, average salary, job description, and requirements.

There are many job opportunities in cultivation, retail, manufacturing, extraction, and more.

Find a large number of positions in cities like Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Trinidad, Garden City, Aurora, and more.

Colorado Marijuana Laws: Explained

Here’s what you can and can’t do in Colorado, in regards to medicinal and recreational marijuana use.

Adults 21 or older are able to purchase recreational cannabis in Colorado with a valid government-issued ID. Visitors are also able to purchase marijuana.

Only Colorado residents who are 18 or older with a qualifying medical condition can participate in the program.

Minors are eligible to use marijuana for medicinal purposes as long as the minor and the primary parent are Colorado residents and the minor has a qualifying medical condition.

Qualifying medical conditions in Colorado include:

  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Cachexia
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Seizures
  • Severe Nausea
  • Severe Pain
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • An Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Any condition for which a physician would prescribe an opioid

Cannabis can’t be consumed openly including in transportation facilities, schools, parks, or indoors in public establishments.

You can buy up to one ounce of cannabis at a time. Medical patients are allowed to purchase up to 2 ounces of cannabis at a time.

Dispensaries are only allowed to sell eight grams of concentrates and edibles that have no more than 800 mg of THC.

Cannabis Employment Opportunities in Colorado

Colorado, one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use, has a ton of cannabis-related job opportunities.

In 2023, the state earned over $274,000 million in tax revenue. Since 2014 when medical cannabis became legal in Colorado the state has brought in over 2.68 billion dollars in tax revenue.

a graph with cannabis tax revenue for Colorado

Over 104,700 residents had a full-time cannabis job and the number keeps growing.

Entry-level job cannabis job applicants can choose from various jobs such as budtender, trimmer, delivery driver, and packager.

An advanced degree may be required for some cannabis testing, cultivation, and extraction positions, but not always.

New cannabis laws allowing commercial delivery and social consumption are set to expand the industry’s job market.

How to Get a MED Badge to Work

Before you can start working in Colorado’s cannabis industry, you need to obtain the appropriate Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) occupational license/badge.

You must be a Colorado resident without a felony conviction within the past five years in order to obtain your Employee License.

The application fee is $100. Complete the application and schedule an appointment with one of the four MED licensing offices.

Dispensary Jobs in Colorado

Budtenders are the lifeblood of a dispensary. They are helpful guides for medical or recreational consumers who aren’t sure what they need. Budtenders must be knowledgeable about the cannabis industry and how to use it safely. They must have prior retail and POS experience.

Salary: $15-$19/hour

Dispensary managers are responsible for leading a team of budtenders and other essential personnel. A sales and customer service-oriented mindset is crucial. A dispensary store manager must have multiple years of managerial experience, albeit, cannabis industry experience may not be required.

Salary: $55,000-$70,000/year

Cultivation Jobs in Colorado

Cannabis trimmers may work in a range of growing environments. Generally, you’ll work in a climate-controlled environment and help cultivators harvest, de-fan, trim, clean, roll joints, and package cannabis flower for sale.

Trimmers must have strong attention to detail and be able to trim about three pounds of dry trim per day.

Salary: $14-$17/hour

 Gloved hands holding marijuana.

A cultivation associate can help out the grow team by monitoring plant health, nutrient intake, and pest control systems.

Cultivation assistants must be knowledgeable about lighting, watering, temperature, and humidity control for cannabis plants.

Assistants may also help out with trellis installation, harvesting, cleaning, all throughout the plant’s life cycle.

Salary: $15-$22/hour

Extraction Jobs in Colorado

Cannabis extraction technicians must have experience working in a lab setting and knowledge about cannabis or chemistry.

Extraction technicians must be familiar with various extraction methods using hydrocarbons, CO2, and ethanol.

Extraction technicians are responsible for preparing and operating the equipment to produce extracts.

Salary: $16-$23/hour

Delivery Jobs in Colorado

A cannabis courier or driver is responsible for delivering flower or infused products to other cannabis facilities.

Drivers may transport ingredients or ready-for-sale products. Drivers may also need to put away deliveries, which can be physically demanding.

When commercial home delivery begins, Colorado is set to have plenty of driver positions.

Salary: $15-$19/hour

Security Jobs in Colorado

Cannabis security guards are responsible for the safety and security of a dispensary or facility.

Security guards must patrol areas, identify security risks, and ensure employees and visitors have the right identification to enter the facility.

Security guard positions may require a security guard license.

Salary: $15-$19/hour

Marijuana Ancillary Jobs in Colorado

Colorado’s marijuana industry has also helped ancillary industries thrive. Conservative estimates suggest that there are about 10,000 ancillary cannabis jobs.

Ancillary businesses do not touch the products. Instead, they provide supporting services to the cannabis company.

Ancillary businesses range far and wide including accountants, marketing agencies, law firms, and much more.

Where to Find Cannabis Jobs in Colorado?

Colorado’s marijuana jobs are primarily located in large cities like Denver or Boulder. Denver is, by far, the epicenter for cannabis job activity.

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For more job opportunities look for work in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Trinidad, Garden City, Aurora, Fort Collins, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Pueblo West, Lafayette, Federal Heights, and Thornton.

How to Get a Marijuana Job in Colorado

Getting a marijuana job in Colorado is easy if you meet the state’s requirements and have a valid MED license.

After you’ve obtained your MED badge, it’s time to search for cannabis jobs in Colorado on job sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and even Craigslist. You can also try searching through cannabis-specific job sites online.

When applying online or in-person, make sure you have an updated resume containing your previous and relevant job experience and skills.

At the interview, answering questions clearly and knowledgeably can set you apart from the rest.

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