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Women are now getting into the cannabis industry in droves. In fact, there are a lot of female cannabis influencers that are impacting the industry in more ways than one.

These women are from various professions and walks of life, but they come into the industry with a passion to make a difference. They have advanced their careers and have made a lot of progress since becoming cannabis influencers. Let's take a look at each of them.

Cassandra Farrington

Cassandra Farrington is one of the top cannabis influencers in the industry. Cassandra co-founded MJBiz in 2010. It is filled with helpful resources and content about business to business cannabis. She oversaw the growth of MJBiz, first as CEO then as Chair of the Board, until it was recently acquired by Emerald Expositions.

Cassandra was once an executive at Citi and went to the University of Texas, earning her MBA.

Elizabeth Stavola

Elizabeth Stavola also made the list of cannabis influencers as she is the CEO and founder of Health for Life, which is a business that carries wellness brands and fosters self care.

Elizabeth is considered a real pioneer of the industry and is the only female on our list that operates in multiple states across the United States. She is thought to be a leading medical marijuana expert and entrepreneur by those in the industry.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics, which she earned at the Monmouth University. She spent most of her career on Wall Street. Elizabeth has six children and the family lives in New Jersey.

Alison Gordon

Alison Gordon is also one of our top cannabis influencers and a veteran in the industry. She lives and operates out of Canada. She brings her unique experience to the table as the CEO of 48North, which is a marketing company in the cannabis industry. Alison is skilled in marketing and knows how to figure out consumer habits, opinions and behavior shifts.

Marketing Magazine in Canada named her as one of their top marketers. In 2018, she earned the appointment to be on the Board of Directors at the Cannabis Canada Council. She cofounded “Rethink Breast Cancer” and in an attempt to support breast cancer patients and survivors, she has applied her skills to introduce them to the marijuana option instead of pharmaceuticals.

Debra Borchardt

CEO and cofounder, Debra Borchardt of the marijuana financial news website known as the “Green Market Report” is known for her fortitude and passion and is also one of the cannabis influencers in the industry. She came into the industry in its early stages once she could identify that marijuana was the big story for the future.

She is a senior reporter and producer at the and has received many awards; one of which was from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. Her career began in the securities industry as VP of Bear Stearns. She has a Masters Degree from New York University in Business and Economic Reporting.

Amanda Ostrowitz

One of the cannabis influencers that is worth mentioning is Amanda Ostrowitz. She is an attorney by profession and have used her skills and knowledge to provide a platform for business owners to research laws and regulations in the cannabis industry. She is the founder and CEO of Regs Technology and sells her existing product known as “Canna Regs,” which is a tool that helps government, businesses and attorneys to track local regulatory issues in the cannabis industry.

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