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Are you seeking one of the marijuana jobs in Washington where it is legal? Recreational marijuana workers have to be ready to perform at retail sales and must have the experience, skill and knowledge about the cannabis industry to be able to land a good paying job. However, you can get an entry level position and start from there, but it can become more challenging for you. So, it is best to get training in order to acquire the skills necessary for acquiring one of the marijuana jobs you are seeking.

The Existing State

The current state of the marijuana jobs market is stable, but competitive. You can get a job in the medical cannabis market and in the recreational cannabis market. The recreational market has seen an expansion in the past few months while the medical cannabis market is at a reduction. In Washington State, the number of licenses for retail sales is set to a specific number. In the past, only 334 retail sales licenses were issued to each marijuana dispensary and now it has risen to 556. There are certain things you need to work in retail sales at a dispensary.

The Criteria

If you want to work in a medical marijuana dispensary as a budtender, you have to be 21 years of age or older. You would also have to put in your application with a particular dispensary to be considered for hire. You do not need a permit, but it all depends on the specific businesses that you are applying to. In fact, there are some employers that want to do a background check on you for any past criminal activity.

Most employers won't hire you for one of these marijuana jobs if you had a previous conviction. Most marijuana dispensaries that sell retail will want candidates to take an online course in medical marijuana. This is not difficult. There are several schools that offer an online medical marijuana program. One of these is the Cannabis Training University. The Department of Health is responsible for overseeing the certification program.

The Training

When you are at a Washington marijuana dispensary, the rule is that you don't talk about the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. However, you can mention the growing practices of marijuana. There are a lot of novices that come to a recreational marijuana shop and so must thae the knowledge to guide them or give them a good start. Marijuana jobs are not hard to find, but not easy to acquire, if you don't have the knowledge, skill and training to get the job done successfully. To become certified, it takes up to 60 hours of intense training, but you can train at your own pace.


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You will learn what you can do and what you can't do if you are selling retail cannabis. Even though, the certification is not mandatory to acquire one of these recreational marijuana jobs in Washington.  But, if you are going to work in the industry for medical cannabis, it is essential to become certified. With certification, however, you are more likely than not to get hired. Some of the retail sales positions you can apply for includes:

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  • Budtender
  • Bud Trimmer
  • Sales Rep
  • Shop Key Holder
  • Shift Manager
  • Greeter

For budtenders and those in retail sales, it is important to be a people person and to have excellent customer service skills. To land any of these marijuana jobs in Washington State, you have to know the legal prohibitions as it relates to marijuana and so it would be helpful to seek training at the Cannabis Training University. Explore your options!