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Our guide on 10 awesome medical marijuana career opportunities covers the most exciting cannabis jobs on the market and how you can get one. Whether you're a complete cannabis beginner or seasoned user, you can land a legal cannabis industry job with the right skills and education from Cannabis Training University.

As far as medical marijuana industry jobs go, there are many choices to choose from. Explore medical cannabis dispensary jobs, cannabis cultivation jobs, cannabis extraction jobs, and many more marijuana careers!

Top Medical Marijuana Career Opportunities

1. Budtender

As a medical marijuana budtender, you'll be helping medical patients find the right type of cannabis products and strains. This will help them relieve their particular symptoms and medical conditions.

In addition, you'll be keeping the store organized, clean, and well-stocked. Budtenders must also be good with handling cash and using a point-of-sale system (POS). This position is the most popular entry-level job in the cannabis industry.

Salary: $14/hour

2. Bud Trimmer

After the growing season is over, it is time to harvest the mature cannabis plants. Bud trimmers are responsible for hand trimming the cannabis bud from the plant. This involves removing the larger fan leaves and quickly and efficiently trimming the buds according to the brand’s standards.

Trimmers usually have a goal of pruning between 1.5 to 2 pounds of flower per day. In addition, you may also be responsible for weighing the flower and preparing it for packaging.

Salary: $14/hour

3. Dispensary Manager

A medical marijuana dispensary manager must assemble a knowledgeable group of budtenders to help medical patients find their medicine. Most importantly, managers must train staff to stay compliant with state and local regulations.

They are also in charge of delegating work tasks, preparing work schedules, meeting sales goals, ordering supplies, and any other operational activity involved with maintaining a medical marijuana dispensary.

Salary: $60,000-$150,000

4. Extraction Technician

Extraction technicians work in a laboratory with high-tech equipment that separates the cannabis resin from raw cannabis material (bud, trim, leaves).

Technicians may also be in charge of testing the potency of cannabis plant samples and the end product, as well as documenting these results. They must also ensure that the lab equipment is functioning properly and safely.

Salary: $17/hour

5. Master Grower

A master grower may be the owner or the main operator of a commercial cultivation facility. As a master grower, you are in charge of growing, monitoring, and harvesting cannabis plants at the end of the growing season.

A master grower must delegate cultivation tasks to trimmers, assistants, and supervisors to ensure the plant remains in optimal health through every stage of growth.

Salary: $80,000-$150,000

6. Edibles Chef

If you've got a knack for cooking and have a culinary degree to back up your knowledge, then you may be a prime candidate to be an edibles chef. Cannabis chefs are responsible for creating a full line of infusions ranging from gummies to chocolates to savory treats and more.

As a chef, you must delegate kitchen staff to help you create a consistent product that has a replicable dosage amount and is properly homogenized.

Salary: $40,000-$90,000

7. Security Guard

Security guards are in charge of protecting the business’s staff, inventory, and guests. They are responsible for patrolling the premises inside and out, as well as monitoring for suspicious activity on the surveillance equipment. In addition, they must check IDs of patients going inside the dispensary or those visiting a growing facility.

Salary: $16/hour

8. Delivery Driver

In the medical cannabis industry, not every patient has the privilege of being able to visit a dispensary in person. That is where a delivery driver comes in. Drivers must deliver cannabis medicine to patients from the dispensary to the patient’s home. They must check IDs, handle cash, and do it all with a smile.

Salary: $14/hour

9. Marketing

In the marketing realm, there are many careers in cannabis. From product reviewers who write about their experiences with medical cannabis products to social media professionals who update a company's social media presence, there are many marketing cannabis jobs that cater to a wide range of skills.

Think graphic design, email copywriting, ad placements, experiential marketing, and so much more.

Salary: Varies by job

10. Accounting

If you've got a knack for numbers, the medical cannabis industry is looking for people like you. Accounting services can help companies manage budgets, payroll, taxes, and the many banking challenges involved with working in the marijuana industry.

Accounting professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes to ensure the company is working within the law and has its budget in place. Accounting services are just one of the many exciting ancillary jobs you can find in the legal cannabis industry.

Salary: Varies by job

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