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Medical marijuana programs across the country need experienced and knowledgeable workers to provide patients with medicinal-grade cannabis products. No matter the seniority level of the position, everyone plays an important part in the supply chain.

In the medical marijuana industry, job candidates have a wide range of jobs to choose from in dispensaries, farms, and processing facilities. If you are interested in working in the medical cannabis field, check out these 7 great medical marijuana jobs.

Top Medical Marijuanas Jobs

1. Budtender

Budtenders, also known as dispensary technicians, working in a medical cannabis dispensary are responsible for helping medical card-carrying patients find the right cannabis strains and products to treat their medical conditions and symptoms.

Budtenders must warmly greet patients, check patient documentation (IDs and medical card), answer questions about products and safe use from first-time patients, provide product recommendations, handle cash, and process the transaction through the point-of-sale (POS) system.

Knowledge about the cannabis plant, the entourage system, cannabinoids and terpenes, delivery methods, and dosing is a requirement to assist patients. Budtenders must be aware of state dispensary regulations to ensure all transactions are compliant.

Getting hired as a medical cannabis budtender requires experience in retail, sales, or hospitality. Budtenders must have excellent customer service skills to build a rapport with patients. They must be able to work in a fast-paced and high-stress retail environment.

2. Dispensary Manager

A medical cannabis dispensary manager is responsible for overseeing the dispensary, staff, and merchandise. Dispensary managers are in charge of improving sales while ensuring all operations adhere to state regulations.

Medical dispensary managers must be highly knowledgeable about products and provide an excellent customer service experience. They must be able to analyze key business metrics and devise plans to generate sales, increase customer retention, and grow brand awareness.

Dispensary managers must hire, train, and support budtenders, inventory associates, front desk staff, and other staff members. On the logistical side, they are in charge of creating work schedules, managing invoices, submitting sales reports, and handling payroll.

The dispensary manager job requires years of experience as a supervisor or manager in a customer service or retail environment. A manager must have strong communication, interpersonal, and organization skills and an ability to inspire the support staff.

3. Bud Trimmer

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Cannabis Bud Trimming

Medical cannabis bud trimmers work at medical cannabis cultivation facilities. They are responsible for performing a variety of harvesting tasks, including cutting down the mature branches and plants, removing the large leaves and stems, weighing the product, labeling and packaging, disposing of waste, and maintaining a clean and sanitized work environment.

Bud trimmers must have dexterous hand movements and attention to detail to produce flower buds that meet the brand standards and reduce the harsh taste of excess foliage. The work can require repetitive hand movements for long periods of time. Bud trimmers must be able to quickly and efficiently trim wet or dry cannabis and meet the daily production quota.

As an entry-level cultivation position, the bud trimming position usually does not require a high school diploma or equivalent or previous trimming experience but it is preferred. Cannabis trimmers must be organized, detail-oriented, and reliable.


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4. Cultivation Assistant

If growing cannabis is your passion, the cultivation assistant position at a medical marijuana grow is a great fit. Grower’s assistants report to grow supervisors or the head grower and assist them with plant care maintenance tasks such as feeding, transplanting, watering, pest management, defoliation, irrigation, and harvesting.

Cannabis cultivation assistants must have knowledge about the cultivation of plants and proper agricultural practices. They must understand how to follow feeding schedules, detect pest and plant disease, and accurately track plant production activities.

Cultivation assistant positions are entry-level and do not require a high school diploma, or even cannabis industry or cultivation experience, but it is preferred. Ideally, assistants would have a degree in agriculture or a similar field. They must have strong attention to detail, time management, and organization skills.

5. Head Grower

A head cannabis grower oversees production on a cannabis farm. They are responsible for  hiring and training growing staff on the proper standard operating procedures. Overall, they are in charge of all growing tasks including cloning, transplanting, defoliation, feeding, topping, flushing, trimming, packaging, inventory management, and waste disposal.

Head growers must regularly monitor environmental control systems, have knowledge about plant pests and diseases, maximize production, minimize costs, manage vendor relationships, and handle a variety of administrative tasks

Head medical cannabis growers must have several years of commercial cultivation experience.  A degree in horticulture, agriculture, or a related science field is preferred. They must also have a clear understanding of cannabis laws and regulations developed by the state.

6. Edibles Chef

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Marijuana Edibles

A medical cannabis edibles chef creates a variety of savory and sweet edible products infused with precise and consistent doses of cannabis. Edibles chefs oversee the daily production and packaging performed by the kitchen staff. Chefs must also maintain adequate inventory levels of the ingredients and products.

Edible chefs must have a basic understanding of how to operate commercial kitchen equipment. They must also assist with maintaining a clean, sanitized, and organized kitchen. Above all, they must ensure all kitchen staff follows safe food production practices.

If you want to become an edibles chef, you need several years of commercial kitchen experience. A culinary degree is not required but is preferred. Chefs also require management experience in a commercial kitchen.

7. Extraction Technician

Extraction technicians must perform solventless and/or solvent-based extractions on dried and cured cannabis flower and trim or fresh-frozen cannabis. Extraction methods include ice water, dry sift, rosin press, CO2, hydrocarbon, and ethanol extraction.

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Solvent-based extraction technicians are responsible for preparing the biomass for processing, loading it into the extraction vessel, operating the closed-loop system, purging the extract of residual solvents, and performing regular maintenance on the extractor.

Technicians working with flammable and explosive solvents must follow safety protocols when handling and storing the solvent. They are also tasked with performing quality checks on the product, keeping a clean work area, and checking equipment for wear and tear.

If you want to become an extraction technician, you need experience working in production and manufacturing operations. Commercial cannabis laboratory experience is preferred but not required.

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