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Here’s a guide on the best New Hampshire marijuana jobs and cannabis careers. The Granite State has been slow on changing cannabis policy. All of this seems to be changing as of late. The state is an island of prohibition. It's surrounded by states that have legalized weed. These changes have forced lawmakers to reconsider adult-use laws.

Public opinion has shifted to the prohibition of pot. A couple of polls conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center proves just that. The polls found that 68 percent of residents support legal weed. Now is the time to invest in your cannabis education. A good education can get you hired in one of the available pot jobs in the state and country.

New Hampshire Cannabis Laws

New Hampshire legalized medicinal pot use for patients in July 2013. The state’s first dispensary began serving patients in April 2016. Three more shops opened up during the summer of that year. A 2019 bill allows each dispensary to open a second location. The second location needs approval from state regulators.

In 2017, the state passed a bill adding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions to the law. Another bill added moderate to severe chronic pain to the list of conditions. In July 2017, the state decriminalized possession of three-quarters of an ounce or less of pot. Lawmakers reduced penalties from a criminal misdemeanor to a fine.

In 2019, a separate bill allowed criminal pot convictions for low amounts to be annulled. The law took effect on January 1, 2020. This gives many more residents the chance to work in the industry. New Hampshire continues to push hard for legal cannabis. Legal weed could bring in as much as $58 million a year. These numbers come from a 2018 Department of Revenue Administration analysis.

Dispensary Jobs

New Hampshire’s medical dispensary network is small at the moment. The law allows for five Alternative Treatment Centers (ACTs) to grow and dispense medical weed. You can find ATCs in Lebanon, Dover, Merrimack, Conway, and Plymouth. Patients are allowed to designate only one ACT to buy from at a time.

While dispensary jobs may be limited, these jobs are great ways to get your start in the industry. When the state does decide to legalize weed, preparing for these job duties can help you get the job. Entry-level jobs like budtenders can be the first step toward a long career in the industry.

Budtender/Patient Care Advisor

Budtenders, also known as Patient Care Advisors, are friendly and positive retail workers. Budtenders must always remain professional. They interact with patients to help them find the right type of medicine. Budtenders must be good at using computer programs. They should also know seed-to-sale style programs. Budtenders must be knowledgeable about state laws to keep a compliant workplace.

Dispensary Manager

Dispensary managers lead dispensary staff through day-to-day duties.  Managers must ensure that retail activities comply with state and local laws. They develop and implement policies that increase sales and improve customer service. Managers are expected to have at least three years of retail experience. They should have at least one year in a management position.

Cultivation Jobs

Alternative Treatment Centers must grow their own cannabis. Cultivation positions are in short supply. It doesn’t hurt to prepare for the future of weed in the state. Grow positions range from entry-level assistants to master growers. These positions are in charge of growing pot in indoor or outdoor operations.


Trimmers are responsible for pruning and preparing flower buds in bulk. They must process the raw material and prepare it for the curing process. As a trimmer, you need great attention to detail. You will also need to trim flower at a steady and fast pace. Trimmers can work their way up to earn more growing duties. Trimmers may help in watering and feeding plants.

Master Grower

Master growers oversee the entire day-to-day growing activities. They must have plenty of experience managing a commercial facility. Master growers should hold a degree in horticulture or agriculture. They should have between seven and 10 years of experience. Growers must source, clone, transplant, and feed plants. They must keep track of inventory. Growers will maintain an irrigation and pest control system.

Ancillary Jobs

Ancillary cannabis companies don’t directly deal with the plant. Instead, they provide companies that do work with the plant with associated services. These services help them scale their business. Ancillary positions in the state range from accounting clerk to security guard. Choose from a variety of entry-level and advanced ancillary jobs.


Certified public accountants (CPAs) can now enter into the highly competitive and thriving niche. Accountants can help clients keep a close eye on cost and possible business risks. As an accountant, you can keep businesses compliant to reduce penalties during audits. Accountants who focus on the unique challenges the industry faces can find work across the country.


Transportation and logistics firms provide secured transport to pot businesses. Weed companies mainly deal in cash transactions. Drivers are responsible for transporting money and products between facilities. Drivers must be able to carry heavy loads and check the inventory. Applicants need a clean driving record and a valid driver's license.


The industry’s fast-growing nature and high revenues make it a prime target for theft and loss. Security services provide these businesses with digital and physical security solutions. As a security guard, you’re in charge of maintaining order. You will be monitoring for suspicious activity. You'll also ensure the facility remains state compliant.

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Marketing and sales teams are an integral component of a successful business. You can join on as an intern helping out an agency. Find work as a sales associate if you're good at talking with customers. An account manager can meet a group of sales clients' needs. A graphic designer creates a striking logo and brand imagery. To spread the word about a business, a social media manager creates captivating content for your followers. There are so many more jobs available. You can even grow your own business online as a cannabis blogger or vlogger.

New Hampshire Cannabis College

New Hampshire’s budding cannabis market has a bright future. Job positions may be scarce at the moment, but it’s never too early to prepare for a cannabis industry boom. Get ready by enrolling in CTU’s cannabis education courses. Our curriculum takes you through all state laws. We cover every major area of the industry with in-depth courses. This helps you find your ideal pot job.

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