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Ohio's marijuana jobs and cannabis careers are growing fast. Ohio is experiencing a rapid growth rate compared to other markets.

As the job numbers rise, it's up to you to present yourself in the best light. Companies are looking for people who know their cannabis.

Our blog post covers the state's different cannabis jobs and salaries. We'll go over tips on the best ways to get hired.

Ohio's Cannabis Industry

State legislature legalized medical use in 2016. Medical cannabis sales didn't begin until January 2019. Patients can buy from licensed pot dispensaries.

In November of 2023 over 2 million Ohioans voted to approve issue 2, legalizing recreational cannabis.

As passed, it allows for the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana or 15 grams of marijuana extract by adults beginning on December 7th. It also permits adults to begin home-cultivating cannabis on that date. The law also establishes a licensing system to provide for retail cannabis production and sales.

Cannabis Jobs in Ohio

Cannabis companies in Ohio are growing fast and need new employees. You can apply for a number of jobs in cannabis cultivation, processing, or retail. Most jobs are in pot dispensaries and farms. Companies are in desperate need of new employees with relevant skills.

They are even willing to hire and train the right employee if needed. Most cannabis jobs, however, don't accept people with drug felonies. You'll need to pass a criminal history background check first. You must be 21 years of age or older to apply.


People with experience growing plants can find plenty of work in the field. Grower intern positions cater to students in horticulture programs. These programs give them the chance to learn new growing techniques. Internship programs are a good stepping stone to a full-time position upon completion.

A cannabis trimmer is responsible for hand trimming flower buds for sale. Growing assistants are responsible for helping in various planting activities. Duties include defoliation, watering, harvesting, and more. These farm jobs pay between $15 and $18 an hour.

Entry-level farm jobs are good starting points for those who want to become master growers. Interns and trimmers can work their way up a cultivation company. Many home growers hope to one day become head growers. Master growers manage the entire indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse facility and staff. Lead growers can earn well over six figures. Top cultivators can earn between $80,000 and $100,000 a year.


Currently the state has 81 dispensaries. Dispensaries are looking for talented budtenders to help patients. These salespeople greet customers when they call on the phone or when they walk through the front door. They help them find the right product based on their condition. Budtenders may be listed as patient care specialists or dispensary agents in job listings. They can get paid about $15 per hour in Ohio.

Budtenders are a great first step toward moving up the retail ladder. These workers can move on to become assistant or lead store managers one day. Managers lead a staff of budtenders. They ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly. While it's a tough job, it comes with a competitive salary. Dispensary managers can make about $40,000 a year or more.


Cannabis chefs are responsible for turning cannabis into edibles. Chefs can flex their creative muscle to create new treats. Edibles such as pills and gummies are easier to consume for some patients. Chefs can make a range of infused baked goods and candies. Kitchen help must have some previous commercial kitchen experience. Experienced cannabis chefs can earn well over six-figures in Ohio.


Cannabis packaging technicians prepare the cannabis product for sale. They need to properly package, weigh, and label all products. These workers package products like edibles, flower, and more. They must work at a fast pace and lift heavy objects. Cannabis packagers can earn about $13 per hour.


Cannabis drivers are responsible for transporting weed within the state. Drivers transport pot to dispensaries or laboratories for testing. Drivers need to be able to lift heavy items and pack the vehicle. This job requires you to keep an accurate log of the inventory. Drivers must have a clean driving record. They also need a valid driver's license. These couriers can earn about $15 per hour.


Security officers protect dispensaries and growers from threats. Security guards secure company staff and inventory. This job requires you to consistently look for suspicious behavior. You need to monitor the parking lot and the entire facility. Open positions may require at least one year of previous experience. Security guards can earn about $14 per hour.


Laboratory technicians process flower buds to extract the oils. The resulting oil is used to make capsules, edibles, and tinctures. Extraction technicians require a degree in chemistry and lab experience. Applicants must be familiar with the extraction equipment. They need to know the refining techniques involved. These jobs can pay about $17-$18 an hour.


Ancillary businesses are hiring people in many job sectors. Choose from positions in management, accounting, marketing, and more. These businesses help support a pot business' operations. For instance, marketing agencies help get the word out about a brand. Accounting helps ensure their finances are in order. Companies require everything from web developers to job recruiters.

Cities with Cannabis Jobs

Cannabis jobs are available all throughout the state. Most cannabis jobs tend to be in large cities. Toledo, Ohio has some of the most open job positions in the state. Popular cities with pot jobs include Johnstown, Cleveland, and more. Check for jobs in Yellow Springs, Huron, and Columbus. Look for open positions in Akron, Buckeye Lake, and Newbury, too.

How to Get a Cannabis Job

Search on online job boards for a wide range of job openings. Look at general job sites such as Indeed or Glassdoor. You'll find many open positions on cannabis-centric sites.

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These jobs extend beyond tending to the plant and sales. Many companies don't require direct experience in the position. Some experience is preferred, though. You'll get a fair chance if you have the right skills for the job. You can find cannabis work by attending networking events in the state. Trade shows and hiring fairs are good places to find companies that need help.

Skilled cannabis employees are hard to find. In Ohio's new market, talent in some job sectors is lacking. You are encouraged to get cannabis training from a respectable program. Cannabis training gives you a better chance of getting hired. It also boosts your resume. While programs aren't required, they do give you the tools you need to succeed. Online programs allow you to learn from anywhere in the world at your own speed. All you need is a strong internet connection.

Ohio Cannabis College

Enroll in CTU's online cannabis training program to learn your state's pot laws. Knowing the state and local laws is important when getting hired. Employers are looking for applicants who know about the local industry. Get started on your cannabis career today!

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