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The American culture has always respected the concept of tipping within service industries.

Gratuity is usually encouraged when you dine in a restaurant, get your hair done, stay in a hotel or even when the worker in the grocery store puts your purchased items into bags for you.

Where cannabis sales are legal, tipping budtenders is permitted; however, policy may differ based on the dispensary and local laws.

What Tip Amount is Customary for Budtenders?

If a staff member takes time to explain to a customer about terpenes or THC, different cannabis strain profiles, marijuana cultivation techniques or edible creations, it's considerate to offer compensation.

This not only shows appreciation for service provided but also for the valuable knowledge shared.

Budtenders can assist you in selecting the perfect strain tailored to your specific needs.

The cannabis industry is service-oriented like the restaurant and hotel industry. So why not consider budtender tipping as you are receiving a service that could be even more valuable?

The amount you tip may vary based on whether you are picking up an online order or purchasing your cannabis in-store.

Generally a 5% tip is ideal for online orders and 10-15% for in-store purchases.

Keep in mind budtenders receive at least the standard minimum wage, unlike servers, bartenders, and hostesses who often earn a lower service wage.

Therefore, a 20% tip is not required but you can use your own discretion when deciding how much to tip.

Budtender Tipping Conclusion

It's always a good idea to check with the dispensary's staff or management to understand their tipping policy. If tipping is permitted, it's a great way to show appreciation for the budtender's expertise and assistance.

Give your tip based on the quality of service that you have received. The budtender will then go out of their way to ensure that you get quality service.

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