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Ever wondered about the the working life of a cannabis budtender? The life of a cannabis budtender is quite eventful. He gets to meet a lot of people and help them to feel better by providing information about various cannabis strains. Many people in this job consider it a privilege to do just that.

Working in a cannabis dispensary makes it even more feasible to meet medical patients and give advice and recommendations on different products. If you are from out of town and looking for recreational weed, then a cannabis budtender would be the first person to go to.

The Inside Look

As people, cannabis budtenders are diverse and in most cases, they have received training and worked in retail01 4sales of some kind, which gives them the tenacity, talent, skill and expertise to make recommendations and help. Some cannabis dispensaries in the state of California do not allow their staff to smoke and so you might not find a budtender smoking on the job and of course, it makes sense, since you wouldn't want to be speaking to a staff member who is high, right?

This is especially true during rush hour where there are a lot of customers in the dispensary. There are some California dispensaries that allow staff to consume concentrates and edibles during their break or close to the time when they are going to leave work. In the state of Colorado, smoking on the premises of a marijuana dispensary is deemed illegal. So, you should not believe the stereotype that the cannabis budtender is smoking all day long because that is absolutely not the case.

The Brains Behind Everything

Many people think that the brains of the cannabis budtender is bigger than normal, but while that is not true, it is good for you to be aware that doing this job comes with a lot of responsibility. It also goes without saying that this job must be done by someone who knows a lot about marijuana strains and their effects.

The person has to do a criminal background check and pass it. It is also important to be highly trained in cannabis laws and the makeup of the marijuana plant. Many people in this position are savvy, professional, people-oriented, and take their job responsibility very serious; keeping up with recent marijuana news and development.


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The Cannabis Patient

The cannabis budtender is the person that takes care of patient's product needs. If you walk into a marijuana dispensary, this would be the person that you would want to see. Go straight to the counter and stand in line until your turn comes. When you get to the front of the counter and begin asking questions, you would take out your list of concerns and let it be known.

By the time that you finish up with your order, you will feel satisfied with it and be confident enough to return time and time again. As a patient, the cannabis budtender looks out for you, gives suggestions and asks questions so as to provide the best advice and service to medical patients.

The Compliance

Every cannabis budtender has to be wary of compliance and the law. This person spends almost ten hours on average in a cannabis dispensary; keeping up with their responsibilities to the patient/customer and trying to successfully comply with the laws of the state. For example, in the state of Colorado, dispensaries cannot open until 8AM and cannot close their doors until after midnight.

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For dispensaries that sell recreational marijuana, the opening time has to be after 7PM. The cannabis budtender has to see to it that the building set up meets the health and safety standard.

Cannabis Budtender Training

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