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Massachusetts Dispensary To Start Selling Recreational Marijuana. Massachusetts emblem.

Massachusetts Dispensary To Start Selling Recreational Cannabis

It seems logical for Northampton, Massachusetts to be the site for a recreational cannabis dispensary. Why? Well, this little city in Massachusetts has an eclectic culture and youthful vibe where the younger generation has a keen interest in recreational cannabis. Before the end of November 2018, a small Massachusetts dispensary is planning to open its door for people 21 years and older to buy recreational cannabis and other cannabis products such as pre-rolled joints, lotions, creams, and edibles and oils. In the city of Leicester, a second dispensary could open during the same period. As it stays right now, there are also dozens of applications for retail cannabis licensing waiting for approval.

The Opening

The opening of these cannabis dispensaries have made it possible for residents to buy recreational cannabis the legal way. Two years ago, the residents of Massachusetts did back cannabis legalization and so this new development comes at a time when they are ready for it expanding the geographic base so that other residents can indulge in recreational cannabis too. The first cannabis dispensary will be opened by New England Treatment Access located in the city of Northampton. Right now, the dispensary owner is preparing for the opening and is looking forward to selling recreational cannabis for adult use. It is projected and predicted that sales will be up to $1.8 billion and as much as $5 billion each year.

The Long Road

It has been a long and tedious road to get to legal cannabis sales in the state of Massachusetts and so this is a huge accomplishment. Originally, the target date for this was January 1, 2018, but was pushed back by the Massachusetts Legislature. The July 1, 2018 date was the next target, but it came and nothing happened. For that reason, many residents and advocates were frustrated, especially consumers and business entrepreneurs. The majority of residents who voted for recreational cannabis were also frustrated when they did not see any movement. One of the reasons for the delay could be the zoning restrictions. But now, it seems as if the issues were ironed out. It was not until the city of Northampton rolled out its welcome that things started to take a turn.


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The Referendum

In the 2016 referendum, there were 54 percent of residents in Massachusetts that supported recreational cannabis and that was enough to take it seriously. In the grand scheme of things, 73 percent of residents in the city of Northampton were ready to accept the sale and consumption of recreational cannabis. That number was more than enough to make the move and it is no wonder the city of Northampton has become the prime location for the first cannabis dispensary. So, it is safe to say that the city of Northampton already has customers waiting to indulge in recreational cannabis. This move will be excellent for tourism as well.

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What To Look Forward To

The New England Treatment Access dispensary is hoping that they will be set apart from any other dispensary that may come later on. For that reason, the owner is making sure that the level of service is of the highest quality as well as the cannabis products. The dispensary is anticipating that they will have long lines once teh store is opened for the first time. Law enforcement has to work closely with this cannabis dispensary to ensure safety and to control traffic and parking. The safety of the public is also a major concern for law enforcement and the cannabis dispensary owner. The good thing is that the location is in a location where it is easy to access by the public.

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