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Medicinal cannabis has gotten popular over the most recent years and months, but there are things you might not know about it. Even though, there is evidence and proof that weed has lots of benefits, there are some people who only see it in a recreational sense and don't see it as the ‘healing herb' of the land. There are so many people who suffer from various medical conditions and have chosen the alternative route to getting better. Many of them are cannabis patients who have been healed by consuming marijuana medically. This is serious stuff people. When you are very sick and the doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs that have so many side effects, you are not really getting better. You are only getting a band aid to cover the real underlying problem. However, medicinal cannabis will get to the root of the problem. It is time to raise awareness and that is why you are reading this article.

The CBD Ingredient

When some people think about medicinal cannabis, they still are of the assumption that they will get high. That is not the case. You can be treated with a high level of CBD and not the psychoactive marijuana strains. You don't have to get high on weed to find healing. Most medicinal cannabis products are higher in CBD than THC. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids and they work best together, but one has to be a lower dosage to not have that intense high and that is why CBD is usually the more overpowering ingredient in any cannabis product that patients consume. The THC helps the CBD to do a proper job of getting the patient better. Bet you did not know this? Many people believe that the THC is opened up, allowing the CBD to pass through the cells much easier. In addition, THC has very significant therapeutic and healing properties and so, it is essential to have even a lower dosage in the product for that reason. And moreover, it acts as an amazing painkiller.

The Edibles Factor

Some people don't like to smoke weed, even if it is medicinal cannabis. They would prefer to consume cannabis edibles. However, if you are a novice, you should consult a budtender or someone who will counsel and educate you on how to consume edibles. There are so many people who have ended up in the hospital due to a bad experience with the consumption of edibles either because they ate too much and their system potentially rejects too much of it. Even experienced marijuana users have had some ‘not so good' experience with consuming edibles because they may have gotten too greedy. When eaten, weed tends to have a stronger effect on the body because it has to be metabolized in the liver and pass through the blood stream. In addition, the effect that it gives could last for several hours because it lingers in the body much longer than when you smoke it. It is best to consume edibles in small doses so you don't have a negative effect by any means, whether you are new to this or not.

The Prescribed Drugs

Medicinal cannabis gives users a better effect than pharmaceutical drugs. For one, pharmaceutical drugs are very addictive and that is why there is an opioid crisis in the United States right now. Medicinal cannabis has no side effects and so cannot be addictive when consumed. In addition, medicinal cannabis acts faster as a depressant and mood stabilizer than pharmaceutical drugs do. If you are suffering from a chronic or even acute medical condition, you might want to consider medicinal cannabis as a viable treatment.

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