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April 20 is the golden goose of cannabis holidays: a day universally celebrated by people expressing their love of the herb in the best ways they know how. Anyone who’s been to a community 4/20 celebration where there’s music, dancing, food, and festivities knows this is a big day for the cannabis community.

But for dispensaries and budtenders looking to make the most of 4/20, knowing your strains is a critical component of delivering what your customers are looking for when they come in looking to start off their celebrations right.  Know your strains and be ready for your customers’ tastes – everyone likes something a little different, and they’re all coming to you for advice.

Indica vs. Sativa

Probably the big grand-daddy of cannabis distinctions, the old battle of Indica vs. Sativa wages on without most people even really knowing the difference:


Remember what Snoop Dogg said he was smoking while “rollin’ down the street” and “sippin’ on gin and juice?” It was “indo” – it’s short for indica, and it’s one of the two main subspecies of cannabis plants. Usually short and bushy plants while still growing, indica tends to produce a milder, more relaxed feeling after consumption – perfect for those suffering from pain who are looking to enjoy a nice movie or sit with a warm plate of food. Indica is what patients suffering from anxiety may be looking for, and its most widely-known strains include Northern Lights and Grape Ape.


Just because you’re taking your medicine doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be shut down for the entire day, and those looking for a strain that will keep them engaged, focused, enlightened, and euphoric may want to consider a sativa. Sativa plants tend to be taller and thinner, with distinctly thinner leaves and is more commonly grown outdoors. Customers looking to treat depression or ADD may want to consider a sativa – and with the right know-how, you can guide them to a tasty Sour Diesel or Lemon Haze.


Why settle for just one? Hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds, combining sativa and indica traits to make strains that work for customers of all kinds.

Blue vs. Green Buds

Let’s face it, cannabis and pretty colors go together well. Combine that with the fact that around 9 out of 10 consumers make purchases based on visual appeal and you’ve got one serious market for greens that aren’t all that, well… green.


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Although the color of the bud itself doesn’t change the flavor or potency much, it can be a big selling point to have beautiful hues throughout your buds – and it all has to do with your plant’s acidity level, growth pattern, and genealogy.

Purple and Blue Strains

Strains that produce darker blue and purple colors are some of the most iconic strains on the market, like Purple Urkle or Grandaddy Purple. This is thanks to a relatively high pH balance compared to other plants, as well as a natural tendency to turn blue once temperatures start to drop. Many growers even grow blue strains at lower temperatures to start out, encouraging this color to develop – because few things are cooler than having a bit of blue in your bowl.

Headies vs. Mids

Sland isn’t always universal, and what people mean when they ask for “headies” or “mids” can change from place to place and even person to person. Generally, “headies” are considered higher-quality buds from the more productive part of the plant, while “mids” tend to be mid-range buds that may be a bit less strong and a bit less expensive.


Headies are the strains you’re looking to enjoy like a fine whiskey or an aged wine – delicious on its own, and ready for use at any time. This is the good stuff, and it’s packed full of potent power. Best stick to a few grams before you wake up in a field somewhere.

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Although not as pleasant to smoke directly, mids offer an easy way to deliver medicine without breaking the bank. Mids tend to get used in cannabutter or other culinary preparations to get as much of the THC as possible without sacrificing on flavor – although who’s to say mids won’t do the trick when the usual batch of headies runs out?

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Knowing your strains like the back of your hand is only half the battle when it comes to making the most out of 4/20 – but it is a great place to start. Take on this cannabis holiday with the confidence that you’ve got the best online cannabis training around from CTU, and make 4/20 the day of the year your dispensary can always look forward to.

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