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Fruit Loops Strain

The Fruit Loops strain review covers a strain that is named after a classic cereal brand. Fruit Loops is a stoner snack that has endured in popularity for years. There are so many different strains named after famous foods and snacks that the name of the strain is no surprise.

Fruit Loops can be a perfect strain to start working your way up to stress with massive THC percentages. Below will be all you need to know about this strain that has a famous lineage.

Lineage Of The Fruit Loops Marijuana Strain

Fruit Loops leans slightly to its Indica lineage and is a hybrid of the famous White Widow and Blue Dream. The strain is perfect for talking with friends while being in a relaxed state. The potency makes it a strain that it is wise to take your time with if you are a beginner or smoking with beginners.

White Widow is a famous strain right from the coffee shops of beautiful Amsterdam. The strain is known to smoke quite heavily leading to classic stoner coughing fits. With up to 25 percent THC, there is no wonder why this strain has stood the test of time.

Blue Dream is a classic strain that tastes like blueberries and can really give you some focus. This can be great to pick you up over the course of the day. The THC percentage can reach up to 24 percent so toke with a bit of caution.

Yield To Expert From Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops can be grown but grown very differently whether it is indoors or outdoors. Outdoors a grower can expect around 12 ounces per plant. Indoors you can only expect 12 ounces per square meter.

Figuring out which plants will thrive in your growing environment is crucial. You might have a grow tent that gets a bit too hot so growing a strain used to the heat like Triangle Kush from Florida can be an option. You want to maximize your harvest and potency of each crop.

Flowering Phase Length Of Fruit Loops Weed Strain

The flowering phase can last anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks. 10 weeks is for those growers outdoors that might harvest all the way at the end of October.

Harvest time can be exciting but you do not want to do it too early or late. Waiting too long can lead to a change in the effects of the strain along with potency going down. Harvesting too early can lead to a more energized high which is not something you want with a heavy Indica strain.

THC Content Of Fruit Loops

The THC content of Fruit Loops has a small range of 18 to 20 percent.  The high is relaxing so understand this but it will not sedate you.

Purchasing Seeds For Fruit Loops

Linda Seeds and Crop King Seed both carry these seeds at reasonable prices. You might want to think twice about ordering seeds online though.

You should note that even though some seed banks do ship seeds, this is federally illegal. Opting to head to a dispensary is a far safer option. A grower that you know might also be able to provide you with clones or clippings to start your own plants.

Cost Of Buying Fruit Loops Flower

The price of marijuana differs drastically around the country in dispensaries. The reason behind this is that states tax the sale of marijuana very differently.

You can expect to pay around $30 an 1/8th for Fruit Loops. You will shell out around $170 per ounce for this strain. Keep in mind that who grows the marijuana, where it is sold, and the state you are in can all impact the price of marijuana. Some dispensaries in states like Oregon have immensely cheap marijuana due to the wide availability of the plant.

Taste And Smell Of Fruit Loops Strain

The taste is going to be of sweet fruit and honey with a spicy exhale. The aroma is earthy with a large note of blueberries.

Myrcene is present in so many strains and provides an earthy flavor. The beauty of this terpene is that it can help calm the mind as well as the body making it great for treating insomnia.

Limonene has the flavor of lemons which is unsurprising due to its name. You can expect to feel relaxed along with less anxious when consuming strains high in this terpene. 

The terpene profiles of marijuana products you purchase are something you should pay attention to. You can find that you are brought relief by certain terps so you can make informed decisions in the future.

Medical Conditions This Strain Can Help

Marijuana will continue to be used around the world to bring people relief. Fruit Loops can help alleviate symptoms of the following conditions:

●      Anxiety

●      Chronic Pain

●      Depression

●      Nausea

●      Stress

The CBD content is not going to overwhelm so patients might opt for a strain higher in this compound. Looking at the cannabinoid content can make you an informed marijuana consumer.

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Final Thoughts On The Fruit Loops Weed Strain

Fruit Loops is a strain that any weed consumer should try. Investing in flower is always a wise idea if you are considering growing a strain. You don't want to be stuck with a strain that gives you a different high than you desire.

Growing the strain is relatively easy as the strain is considered very durable. Durable strains mean that growers can make a few mistakes and the plant will be resilient. Some strains are so sensitive that a few mistakes can decimate a yield.

Finding a strain that you can use that helps bring you relief or even makes you more productive is possible. What strains have you found impact your productivity in a positive way? For this author, Sour Diesel is the perfect strain to get the day started.

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